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Small Medicine Packet Chapter 14 Part 2

Yan Luji couldn't say he had slept very well, but he really hasn't slept so peacefully for a long time. He woke up in a daze and raised his hand to see the time. It turned out that it was already half past one in the afternoon.

Did he sleep for three and a half hours? Yan Luji couldn't believe it.

There was a meeting at two, so he got up, straightened his messy hair and collar, and exited the screen. The man who was going to say hello to Lin Yao saw someone sleeping soundly on the desk.

The man raised his hand to confirm the time again, then turned back to the screen, took the blanket from the bed, and went to someone, carefully draped the blanket over the sleeping Lin Yao.

It's really enviable to sleep and drool.

Yan Luji moved the teacup out of Lin Yao's hand to prevent her from accidentally touching it. He picked up the post-it paper on the table and left a line of words. He got up, but before leaving the clinic, he adjusted the temperature of the air conditioning.

"BOSS." On his way back, Yan Luji happened to meet Assistant Zhang, who was looking for him.

"The person from the Orange Hotel is here?" Yan Luji asked.

"Already in the conference room." Assistant Zhang said.

"Bring the materials to the conference room." Yan Luji gave an order and turned to the conference room.


Lin Yao, who was full of sleep, woke up in a daze. As soon as she sat up straight, the blanket on her back snapped and fell to the ground. Lin Yao picked it up blankly. She obviously couldn’t remember putting it on.

"Huh?" Lin Yao saw the eye-catching note on the computer screen.

(The working time in the afternoon is 13:00.)

"How dare you talk about me?" Lin Yao tore off the note. "You come to bed at 10:00 in the morning, and I haven't gone to HR to complain yet."

After she had finished, Lin Yao glanced at the blanket in her hand and said unbelievably: "Could it be..."

"He didn't wake me up, knowing I'd overslept. But instead covered me with a blanket?" Lin Yao seems to have discovered the New World. "This typical duplicity and warm male style ah!"

Lin Yao laughed, folded the blanket, and put it back on the folding bed. Then she wrapped the tranquilizer bag on the bedside table and put it away.

 "It's not a waste of my packet medicine."


It was Monday when he slept well in the clinic. Since Yan Luji wanted to try it again after experiencing it once, he would run to the TCM Clinic at noon every day to check-in. Lin Yao knew that he doesn't sleep well, so naturally, she didn't stop him. And the relationship between them had eased during this period.

It's just that the two people see more and interact more. While the relationship between the two eased, Lin Yao's young girl's heart, which fell in love with the male god in the park, at first sight, began to beat restlessly again.

Today, when Lin Yao went back to work after her afternoon nap, Lin Yao couldn't bear it anymore and called her best friend, Xiao Ming.

"Do you think he was trying to seduce me?" Lin Yao asked, clutching her chest.

"Don't make excuses for your lewdness." Yue Mingyuan said without hesitation. 

"So he didn't seduce me by running to sleep here at noon every day..."

"It's obviously a sleep disorder. He wanted to have some sleep so he went to the clinic to rest. Don't turn the black and white upside down. If those people who were coming there just to sleep knew that you were thinking about them that way, they would be scared to death..."

 "Which side are you on?" Lin Yao questioned.

 "Alright, alright. Go on..."

"I thought about it recently. In fact, he is actually a good person. Look, when I fell asleep, he even covered me with a blanket, and he would smile at me and stop embarrassing me." Lin Yao counted them one by one. "And the last time I was hit by a delivery bike, he ran down from his car and took me to the side of the road. After sending me back, he carefully helped me with the medicine."

"Did you forget that he kicked you out of bed?"

"Isn't that a misunderstanding?" Lin Yao said.

"So, what do you mean?"

"Xiao Ming, I feel that I am about to lose control." Lin Yao wailed.

"No one will let you control either." Yue Mingyuan laughed loudly.

"Ask your cousin about his personal details." Lin Yao said while scratching the table.

"Is that why you're calling?" Yue Mingyuan rolled his eyes at the other end.

"Will you help me? Lin Yao asked.

"Do you really like him?" Yue Mingyuan asked in disbelief.

"You first ask your cousin for me, and then I'll see." Lin Yao said.


"Alright. I will make an appointment with my cousin tomorrow weekend, and then I will dig out all 18 generations of his ancestors for you." Yue Mingyuan said outright.

 "Xiao Ming, loyal enough!"


Small Medicine Packet Chapter 14

For three consecutive nights, Yan Luji had not slept well. His temple hurt as if someone was pricking him with needles. His brain reaction slowed down, and he didn't even have much strength to speak.

"Director Yan, the General Manager of Orange Hotel, Mr. Li Qiu, would like to discuss the design of their hotel's independently developed pub system with you." Assistant Zhang started the day's itinerary report. "I'll arrange it for you at two o'clock in the afternoon. When the time comes, General Manager Li will come to our company in person."

 "Got it." Yan Luji nodded.

"At 3:30, you'll have to talk to the head of the Game Department about the public test time of the new game."

"Anything else?" Yan Luji asked with a headache.

"Apart from the documents on the table that you need to deal with, there is nothing else to do today." Assistant Zhang said.

"Alright. Don't answer any phone calls today, and don't let anyone enter my office." Yan Luji ordered.

"Director Yan, are you feeling sick again?" Assistant Zhang asked tentatively.

"I'm fine." Yan Luji waved his hand, "Just leave and do your work."

Assistant Zhang looked at his BOSS with some concern. He eventually turned around and walked out of the office without saying anything, and closed the door.

He insisted on signing three-point of the document, but he couldn't stand it. If he doesn't get some sleep, he won't have the energy to meet the General Manager of Orange Hotel this afternoon.

Yan Luji pushed open the door of his office and said to assistant Zhang outside: "If you need anything, come to the clinic and see me."

"Yes." Assistant Zhang stood up and answered.

Yan Luji rubbed his sore temples and frowned tightly. When he reached the eighth floor, he should have walked towards the Western Medicine Health room. Yet, he was attracted by the scent of Chinese Medicine and unconsciously walked towards the TCM Clinic.

"Is there... something wrong?" Lin Yao suddenly saw Yan Luji, thinking that this man was the park male god she had been obsessed with for more than a month. She slightly felt a little embarrassed.

He doesn't know if he's under an illusion. But his headache seems to have eased somewhat after being fumigated by this room full of medicinal incense.

 "Are you not feeling well?" Lin Yao noticed that Yan Lu Ji's face was not right, so he stood up and went over.

"I'm sorry but can I borrow a place to sleep?" He asked suddenly.

"Let me take a look at you first." Lin Yao saw that Yan's complexion was too bad, so she couldn't help worrying.

 "No, thank you." Yan Luji took it as an agreement. He went straight across Lin Yao, walked to the folding bed behind the screen, lifted the blanket, and lay down.

From the first day she saw Yan Luji, Lin Yao knew that the man's sleep was not good. She reminded him several times, but maybe because their first impression was too bad. Yan Luji didn't seem to trust her.

People who sleep lightly should not be disturbed by even a faint sound. Fortunately, the TCM health room has always been deserted. Lin Yao quietly closed the door of the clinic. She then deliberately took a gentle step back to her seat.

He smelled the medicine, and after tossing and turning in bed for half an hour, he gradually fell asleep.

Lin Yao noticed the movement behind the screen had finally calmed down. She frowned unconsciously. He seemed to be extremely exhausted when he came in. He was obviously trapped to the extreme, but he had to wait half an hour before he could fall asleep.

"You're just too soft-hearted." Lin Yao stood up as if she had accepted her fate and quietly walked behind the screen, intending to check his complexion.

Sleep-deprived people are very likely to wake up again when they fall asleep. So Lin Yao did not check his complexion for too long. She only looked at him for a moment then exited the screen.

Lin Yao went to the medicine cabinet, took out a piece of medicine wrapping paper, and spread it on the table. Then she reached out and picked about twenty kinds of herbs from the medicine cabinet and put them on the medicine wrapping paper.

This is a simple tranquilizer. It can be decocted with water for sleeping. Its own fragrance can also soothe the mind, but the effect is not so good. Lin Yao noticed Yan Luji's sleep was not stable. Feeling softened for a while, she grabbed a pair of medicines, hoping to help him sleep well.

Lin medicine carefully walked to the screen, opened the medicine wrapping paper in her hand, and put it on the mobile cabinet of the man's bedside. The faint scent of medicine drifted away, and the man's locked brows loosened slightly. Noticing that the medicine pack was useful, Lin Yao curled her mouth unconsciously.


Small Medicine Packet Chapter 13 Part 2


"You deserve to be called a true friend." Lin Yao thumbs up.


"Here he comes, get ready." Yue Mingyuan saw a figure running over from a distance, and immediately turned around to remind Lin Yao, and then threw the lighter on the ground.


Yue Mingyuan and others ran past him and he immediately picked up the lighter on the ground and shouted, "Hey, buddy! Wait a minute."


Yan Luji heard someone calling him, he stopped and turned around doubtfully. He saw a fashionably dressed man chasing after him with a lighter and said: "You dropped your lighter."

Yan Luji shook his head and said, "I didn't drop it."


When Lin Yao saw Yue Mingyuan stopped someone, she immediately limped to the two men. As she walked, she pretended and asked, "Xiao Ming, what's the matter?"

Yan Luji heard a familiar voice, and unconsciously frowned when he saw a woman limping towards them.


Lin Yao, who walked closer, looked up and saw the other person's face. She immediately took a cold breath, covered her mouth with her hands, and her face was full of panic. "What the hell..." 


"Be reserved." Xiao Ming, who thought that she was just amazed by the male god's appearance, whispered in Lin Yao's ear.


"Is your foot better?" Although Lin Yao staggered, it was better than it was at noon.


"Y-Yeah... Much better." Lin Yao hasn't reacted.


"You ... know each other?" Yue Mingyuan asked in confusion.

"You are Xiao Dong's cousin." Seeing Lin Yao, Yan Luji immediately guessed Xiao Ming's identity.


"Yeah." Yue Mingyuan nodded blankly.


"The lighter is not mine, you can ask someone else." Yan Luji nodded, put on the earphones, and continued running.


"What the hell is going on?" Yue Mingyuan can't help but ask when Yan Luji ran away.


"Don't ask, hurry." Lin Yao urged Yue Mingyuan to escape from the park.

Thirty minutes later, Lin Yao's living room.


"In other words, the male god of the park is the director of the R&D Department who has always been looking down on you." Yue Mingyuan, who understood the cause and effect, concluded.


 "That's right." Lin Yao nodded.


"Dog blood." Yue Mingyuan commented.

 [T/N: Dog blood 狗血啊 Guo Xue means nonsense, exaggeration, and incredible. The so-called "dog blood" refers to the plots that are constantly remakes and imitated in TV dramas, to describe those similar plots, poor imitations, or very exaggerated and fake performances that often appear.]

Lin Yao pulled the pillow on the sofa and smashed it.


"But your preferences are consistent." Yue Mingyuan still remembers that Lin Yao told him that Yan Luji is her favorite type.

"What should I do now?" Lin Yao cried and collapsed on the sofa.


"What's so tangled about this?" Yue Mingyuan saw Lin Yao's expression as if she was bereaved and asked.


"The male god I fell in love with at first sight is actually Yan Luji." Lin Yao still couldn’t believe it.


"If you like him, then go after him." Yue Mingyuan encouraged, "It doesn't matter who he is..."


"But  a few days ago, I scolded and told him he can't find a girlfriend due to kidney deficiency." Lin Yao grimaced.


[T/N: Kidney Deficiency - sex function loss or impotence. Mentioned chapter 11 part2]

"Hahaha..." Yue Mingyuan's stomach ached from laughter. "The evils we bring on ourselves are the hardest to bear." 

"Get lost!" Lin Yao threw another pillow over.


"But you can take it yourself too so that you can save others from harm." Yue Mingyuan catches the pillow.

"Don't gloat and take pleasure in other people's misfortune." 

"Well, work on it yourself." Yue Mingyuan stood up and said, "I'll go back first. Tomorrow weekend, you will stay at home to recover and I will pick you up to work on Monday."


Lin Yao waved unbearably.


Sigh, why is it Yan Luji of all people? My budding love root died just like this?




Two o'clock late at night.


After tossing and turning in bed, Yan Luji got out, went to the kitchen, and poured a cup of cold water. After taking a drink, he picked up his mobile phone and clicked Taobao.

From his Favorites page, he found the store of mosquito repellent packs. He placed an order and purchased it.


 Ding! Ding!


(Sorry, the mosquito repellent packs are sold out and are out of stock for now.)


Yan Luji frowned and replied: (When will it be available?)


(It's going to take a week.)


(Can you speed it up? I need it urgently.)


(I'm so sorry. The owner's foot is injured and can't go out for a while. )


(Please deliver some to me as soon as you have them. I wish you a speedy recovery.)


 (Okay, thank you.) 

He put down his phone and felt the pain in his head worsen. His insomnia is getting worse and worse. Now he's out of stock of the only medicine that could improve his sleep. What will he do next week?


Small Medicine Packet Chapter 13



 "Why are you here?" Yan Luji glanced and saw Xiao Dong standing at the doorway with a mean expression on his face.


"To verify the authenticity of the gossip." Xiao Dong cut to the chase.


"What gossip?" He kept his hands on the keyboard.


"The company forums are full of gossip about you. They said Director Yan whom they should never approach was taken by the new TCM Doctor." Xiao Dong asked, "Tell me, is it true?


"Isn't she your cousin's girlfriend? You shouldn't be indignant when you hear such rumors." He cast a glance at his friend.


"My cousin's girlfriend changes every three months, but you move once in a thousand years. If you like Dr. Lin, I will firmly stand on your side." Xiao Dong, the good brother, looked at Yan Luji with a righteous expression.

He gave his friend a glimpse: "Dr. Lin was hit by a delivery bike and twisted her foot. I happened to run into her , so I sent her back."


"Instead of gossiping here, it is better to call your cousin and ask him to pick up his girlfriend from work."


"Tsk. What a pity..." Xiao Dong shook his head disappointedly.



 Lin Yao massaged her ankle with her self-made medicinal wine. The afternoon passed, and although her ankle looked a little red and swollen, it didn't hurt much.


The subway is certainly not crowded, but Lin Yao went downstairs and still planned to take a taxi home.


"Yao Bao!" Yue Mingyuan, who had been waiting downstairs for a long time, saw Lin Yao limping out, hurriedly ran to support her.


 "Why are you here?" Lin Yao asked in surprise.


 "My cousin called and said that you were hit by a delivery bike and asked me to come and pick you up from work."


 "Director Xiao? How did he know?" Lin Yao wondered.


"Never mind how he knew. How could a grown up like you be hit by a delivery bike?" Yue Mingyuan couldn't help but scold while looking at Lin Yao's red and swollen right foot.


 "You stood outside the safety line first."


 Lin Yao thought of Yan Luji's words, biting back with some guilty conscience, she said: "Isn't it all because you left me alone in the coffee shop? Otherwise, would I have been hit?"


 "I just especially gave the lipstick to you. How come it's because of me? Was it delivered the wrong way?"

 "Lipstick??!!" Lin Yao remembered her lipstick, and suddenly wailed, "Oh, no! My lipstick..."


 "What? You lost it?"


"My precious lipstick!... I haven't even unwrapped it yet." Lin Yao wailed like she couldn't bear to live anymore.


"All right, all right. A colleague of mine is going to France next week. I'll ask him to bring you another one." Yue Mingyuan appeased and reassured.

In order to comfort his friend who suffered a double misfortune, Yue Mingyuan took Lin Yao to eat a good meal and then sent her home by car.

When approaching the entrance of Lin Yao's community, Yue Mingyuan glanced out the window and saw a small park and asked, "Is that where you met the male god?"


 "That's it." Lin Yao nodded.


 Yue Mingyuan raised his eyebrows and smiled without speaking.


 "Turn right ahead." Lin Yao said suddenly when she saw Yue Mingyuan's expression of disbelief.




 "To wait for my male god." Lin Yao said, "It's about this time that I met him last time. Maybe he's here today."


 "Stop making trouble, your leg is still hurting."


 "No, turn right. Turn right." Lin Yao forced Yue Mingyuan to turn right and drove to the small park.


Yue Mingyuan helped Lin Yao to her designated position, and then two people sat on the bench like a pair of fools, watching uncles and aunts walking back and forth.


 "We will have to wait until when?" Yue Mingyuan asked.


 Lin Yao looked at her watch: "Let's wait till the next half hour."


 "Half hour?!" Yue Mingyuan screamed.


 Lin Yao's eye-knife flew past, and Yue Mingyuan immediately yanked.


Just as Yue Mingyuan was feeding mosquitoes and waiting for half an hour to pass, Lin Yao on the side suddenly became excited and pointed incoherently at the front and shouted: "There... Look!"

"What's wrong?" Yue Mingyuan raised his head and looked forward, but found nothing.


 "That was him. He just ran past." Lin Yao said, annoyed.


 "Who? Your male god?" Yue Mingyuan said in disbelief.


 Lin Yao nodded desperately with excitement.


 "Such a coincidence?" Yue Mingyuan couldn't believe it.


 "It's him! quickly think of a way." Lin Yao grabbed Yue Mingyuan's hand anxiously.


"Fine, fine."

Three minutes later, Yue Mingyuan stood on the edge of the track, waiting for Lin Yao's park male god to pass again: "This is for your happiness."