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Small Medicine Packet Chapter 17 Part2

"I want to ask, how do you design your final scores?" Yan Luji pointed to the computer and said, "How many points represent that they are not healthy?"

Lin Yao leaned over to Yan Luji and pointed to the computer to start explaining. But at the moment when Lin Yao leaned over, Yan Luji frowned imperceptibly. Doctor Lin used to smell like traditional Chinese medicine, which smells quite comfortable. Why does the makeup smell so strong today?

"I designed it on a 100-point scale. A score above 80 points indicates very good health. A score of 60-80 means you are in good health and just pay attention to exercise. A score of 50-60 means you have some problems and need to pay attention to your habits. A score of 40-50 means you may need to take care of your body. Anything under forty must call me in the infirmary." Lin Yao said.

"What about 30 points or less?" Yan luji asked curiously.

"You may need to be taken to hospital for emergency treatment." Lin Yao replied.

"Oh, I see, thank you." Yan Luji said.

"You're welcome." Lin Yao replied with a smile.

Yan Li Ji looked up and smiled at Lin Yao, and in his mind was: We're already done here. Why is Doctor Lin still not leaving?

Lin Yao also smiled back at Yan Luji, and in her mind was: I don't know if I look good when I smile, is it beautiful or not?

"Is there anything else?" He asked unscrupulously.

"Oh, oh, then...then I'm leaving." After observing him for so long, she didn't notice any difference in the way he looked at her.

Lin Yao was depressed. As she walked out, she carelessly bumped her head against the glass wall, accompanied by a loud bang.

"Are you all right?" When Yan Luji heard the noise, he came up and asked.

 "It's nothing. I'm okay." Lin Yao said embarrassedly, covering her forehead.

Yan Luji inadvertently glanced at the glass that had just been hit, and then his facial muscles trembled uncontrollably.

"I'm really fine." Lin Yao raised her head and found that Yan Luji was staring at the glass in a daze, so she followed the other's line of sight, which made her want to find a hole in the ground.

"Cough... Don't put on too much foundation in the future." The poisonous tongue couldn't hold back in the end.

Lin Yao looked at the visible mark of foundation on the glass, which had her facial features. She suddenly wanted to die. This is the day I die!!

Yan Luji looked at Lin Yao, who had fled and couldn't help but let out a low laugh. Then he pulled out a few paper towels and carefully wiped the marks off the glass.

Yan Liji looked at the thick layer of foundation on the paper towel and sighed again: "It's really thick."

The first thing Lin Yao did when she ran out of the office was to go to the washroom and remove all the makeup on her face.

 "It's so embarrassing! I will never face him again today." Lin Yao cried and said, "How can I show myself in front of him with makeup on in the future?"


After Yan Luji got the data of Lin Yao and Dr. Liang, he put all the data into the finished APP system that afternoon. He also set up a compulsory operation to fill in the survey report once a week.

Once done, Yan Luji took out his mobile phone and downloaded the latest APP to test himself first.

He logged into the system and registered his account. Then the first thing to do is to fill out the survey report. Yan Luji answered one question after another carefully. When he reached the tenth question, the APP started to alarm, and an emotionless electronic voice prompts: "Hello, you have insomnia."

Well, it's pretty accurate. Yan Luji continued.

Question 16.

"Hello, you may have an upset stomach."

Question 30.

"Hello, there may be something wrong with your liver."

 Question 42.

"Hello, there may be something wrong with your kidney."

 Question 56.

 "Hello, your body's immunity is weak." 

The last question.

"Hello, your total score is 28 points. Please get hospital treatment in time. Please get hospital treatment in time. 

Yan Luji looked at the black skull alert sign on his mobile phone, and his face was as black as the bottom of a pot.

"Are these things accurate? Do I look like someone who needs to be hospitalized?" Yan Luji angrily said.

"What's that noise?" Xiao Dong, who came to invite Yan Luji for a drink after getting off work, heard a sharp alarm as soon as he entered his office.

"Nothing?" Yanluji wanted to leave the APP interface, but he created a limit that one can't quit with a score lower than 40. It was really self-inflicted, and Yan Luji can only force it to shutdown.

"Is it done? Let's grab a drink?" Xiao Dong said.

"Drink?" The lively beating black skull emerged in his mind.

"Didn't you agree yesterday?"

 "Um...I'm a little tired today. I want to go home and rest."

"Are you okay?" Xiao Dong was concerned.

 "It's nothing. I'm okay. I'll go first." Yan Luji left in a flurry with his mobile phone and car key, leaving Xiao Dong with an inexplicable look.



Small Medicine Packet Chapter 17

The next day, the first thing Lin Yao did when she arrived at the company was to recheck the materials she had already sorted out. She even tried to perfect the typesetting and punctuation marks.

"Not right." Halfway through the check, Lin Yao soliloquized, "Should I leave some mistakes, so that Yan Luji has an excuse to find me?"

"No way." Lin Yao immediately denied herself. "He already disliked me for being stupid. If I make low-level mistakes again, wouldn't he hate me more?"

"What should I do to create more contact opportunities?" Lin Yao scratched his head and shouted, "It's so hard to pursue a man. How should I chase him?"

Lin Yao struggled for a long time and could not think of a suitable method, so she could only call for off-site support.

(Xiao Ming, help me.) With a desperate emoji.

(The confession was rejected?) Yue Mingyuan sent the reply with happy emoji.

 Lin Yao returned with a beating emoji.

(What's up?) Yue Mingyuan said seriously.

(I do not know how to pursue him.) Lin Yao hates typing too slowly, so she simply deleted it and immediately voice messaged: "Xiao Ming, ah! How do I chase him? I've never chased anyone."

"Is that all?"

"Answer me quickly, how do I chase him?"

"It's simple. Chasing people is to let them know that you like them. There is a simple, direct and effective way."

"What method? Say it quickly." Lin Yao said anxiously.


"That's too direct. What if he refuses?" Lin Yao asked.

"Then I can only send you six more words. Don't give up. Don't give up."

"What a cheek I must have!" Lin Yao said anxiously, "Is there a way to make my confession more successful?"

"You have to rely on ambiguity." Yue Mingyuan pointed, "Dress up prettily and show yourself in front of him more. If you think he likes you a little, then you can confess."

Be prettier? Lin Yao quickly opened her bag and took out the cosmetic mirror inside. She glanced at herself in the mirror and immediately gasped: "Shoot! When did my hair get so messed up?"

After doing her hair for a long time, Lin Yao took out her foundation and added a layer of makeup to herself, which seemed a little too white. Then she had some blush, her lips were too light, and put on a little lipstick, too.

Lin Yao used the cosmetics in turn. After more than half an hour's dallying, she picked up the USB flash disk containing the data and went to the 12th floor.

"Dr. Lin is so beautiful today." Code Farmer No. 1.

"Dr. Lin must have a date today." Code Farmer No. 2.


Receiving countless cordial compliments from the lovely code farmers along the way, Lin Yao confidently came to Yan Luji's office door and with a burst of energy, she raised her hand and knocked.

"Please come in." The voice of Yan Luji came from inside.

Lin Yao took a deep breath and then walked in carefully: "Director Yan."

"Doctor Lin? What can I do for you?" Yan Luji asked in surprise when he saw that it was Lin Yao.

 "I... I'm here to give you the health survey report." Lin Yao showed a USB flash drive in her hand.


"Thank you, but you don't need to come and deliver it here, just send it to my email address."

How does direct email create an opportunity to meet?

Lin Yao smiled and said: "I just thought you might not understand some areas. I personally sent it over, so you can directly ask me."

 "I see, you are so thoughtful. Then I'll take a look now." Yan Luji took the flash drive in Lin Yao's hand and directly connected it to the computer.

Yan Luji carefully read the investigation report compiled by Lin Yao. While Lin Yao stood by and stared thoughtfully at Yan Luji, her mind slowly flew to the clouds.

My male god's ears are so beautiful, it's pinkish, and their shape is as attractive as the Arobo number three.

His eyebrows and eyes are good-looking. Is this the Sword eyebrows-Star eyes often mentioned in wuxia novels?

[T/N: Sword eyebrows Star eyes  剑眉星目 adjectives, generally describe the appearance and grace, full of righteousness, very heroic.]

And his lips, when will I be able to kiss them? It's a bit dark, but once I get them back in shape, I'm sure they'll be pretty pink, too.

He has a handsome face, sharp and angular. Although the skin is a little dark, I can recuperate it. It must be white and tender after conditioning. No, it's too feminine to be white and soft, but it doesn't matter. He looks good at everything.

And his hands. Xiao Dong said that he can play the piano and guitar. No wonder his hands are so beautiful...

"Doctor Lin? Doctor Lin?" Yan Luji noticed that Lin Yao was staring at his hand in a daze. He couldn't help shaking his hand in front of Lin Yao and shouted, "Doctor Lin."

"Ah?" Lin Yao woke up from her dream, "Are you calling me?"

 "I have a few questions to ask." Yan Luji said.



Small Medicine Packet Chapter 16 Part 2

After a while, Yan Luji opened his laptop, clicked on a PPT, and began to continue the meeting.

"When the physical examination report came over, the advice given by the hospital was to let the company employees exercise more." Yan Luji said, 

"So I made this APP, the Running APP, which has a very simple function. It records the kilometers you run and walk every day. I plan to take 5,000 CNY out of the department's funds every month as a reward fund. In other words, the person who runs the most kilometers every month can get an extra 5000 CNY." 


Lin Yao looked up. Five thousand CNY just for running? Just how good was the benefit of these people?

"I thought that this would improve everyone's physical condition. But it doesn't seem to be enough because many of you don't seem to know much about your health." Yan Luji looked at Lin Yao and Doctor Liang sitting in the back of the meeting room and said, "So I want to add some physical self-assessment tips to the APP. I wonder if Dr. Lin and Dr. Liang can provide some support."

"Ah?" Lin Yao was still immersed in the monthly running bonus and didn't react for a short while.

Doctor Liang pondered for a while and said: "I can sort out some of the usual health concerns. Including some lifestyle habits, so our colleagues can take a look at it from time to time. It will be helpful to them."


"Thank you, Doctor Liang." Yan Luji looked at Lin Yao again.


"I have a health survey report. I originally planned to post it in the TOS

system." Lin Yao introduced, "The health report is made up of 60 questions. If all the questions are answered, a simple health report will be produced, which will cover some common sub-health conditions, such as insomnia, excessive fatigue, gastrointestinal disorders and so on."


"That's good. I will put that in the APP and force them to fill it out every day."Yan Luji immediately had an idea.

 "It doesn't have to be so frequent, just once a week." Lin Yao was sweating


"When can I have it?" Yan Luji's style of doing things has always been vigorous.

Fortunately, Lin Yao has been reorganizing it for a long time, so she answered, "I'll sort it out again later. It should be ready tomorrow morning."

Dr. Liang also replied: "Then I will also find a way to organize mine tomorrow morning."


"Thank you both." Yan Luji looked at the rest of the group and announced, "When you get back, you pass this message to your team members. Everyone must download this APP. Anyone who runs no more than 15 kilometers a week...will be fired. "

After speaking, he closed his laptop, pushed the door, and left without waiting for them to respond.

Fifteen kilometers a week? That's two kilometers a day. Well, it's not bad. Lin Yao secretly calculated.


"Assistant Zhang, how can I run 15 kilometers a week?" The team leader complained, "My highest record was an average of 1,000 steps."

 "It's the same for all of us." The people on the same boat supported each other out of the meeting room.


Lin Yao silently scanned the faces of the remaining people. They all showed unhappy expressions on their faces. Lin Yao suddenly felt her life was all unreal. How could there be such people in the world?

"I have seen it for a long time." Dr. Liang is a man who has seen the world.


Lin Yao nodded.


"When I first came, I was also surprised and slowly got used to it. People from the medical circle won't understand the world of programmers."

"But it's five thousand CNY." Big money makes a brave man.


"They all have above average wages, so they don't care about such a small amount of money." Dr. Liang said, "The last time they completed a project, they

each got a bonus of 100,000."


"Their salary is that high? What about the Director?" Lin Yao could hardly imagine.

"He's a shareholder..." Dr. Liang sighed, "If I didn't see them all so miserable, I would like to change my career as a programmer."

My... My future boyfriend... Yan Luji is more expensive than I thought. 


(Xiao Ming, granted that I am a woman that chases a man, but Yan Luji and I have poor-rich disparities. Do you think I still have hope?) Lin Yao was vexed and sent Xiao Ming a WeChat message.


(Are you after his money?)


(Am I that kind of person?)


(Then you don't care whether he has money or not.)


(That's right. No, I have to work hard to make money, too.) Lin Yao clenched her fist. Chasing a man is a very expensive thing, let alone chasing a rich man. Well, I'll put a new shop in Taobao tomorrow, and try to save more money.


Small Medicine Packet Chapter 16



Lin Yao just returned to the health care room and saw Xiao Dong sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed.


"The employee who passed out was sent to Dr. Liang." Lin Yao thought he was visiting the employee who had fainted.

"I just went to see him, and Dr. Liang said it was nothing serious." Xiao Dong put his foot down and said, "So, I came here and waited for you."

He intentionally came here?


"What's the urgent matter that Director Xiao came looking for me?" The day before yesterday, she sent his cousin over to get Yan Luji's information. Today, he came to see her. What else can she do besides pretending to be confused?

"You're treating me like a stranger now?" Xiao Dong smiled cheerfully, "You and Xiao Ming are good friends, so just call me Brother Dong."


"Brother Dong." Lin Yao smiled.


"Yao Bao, I heard Xiao Ming call you that, so I will call you that, too."


"Whatever you like." How dare Lin Yao object? Her future boyfriend's best buddies, their girlfriends, and their girlfriend's best friend, they all can't be offended.

"I heard that you like our Lao Yan?" Xiao Dong smiled secretly.


 "Ah, ha ha ha..." Lin Yao giggled.


 "Good taste." Xiao Dong slapped Lin Yao on the shoulder, "Tell me what you like about him."


Lin Yao slightly stumbled, and said slowly, stabilizing her figure: "This... How do you say this, just... I suddenly thought he was pretty, ha ha ha..."


"Superficial." Xiao Dong finished the evaluation, and then laughed, "But... I really can't blame you."


"Yao Bao, Ah! When that brat Xiao Ming came over the day before yesterday, I was busy as I had to go to Hangzhou and simply said something about Lao Yan. In fact, the Lao Yan has many strong points." Xiao Dong sat down with Lin Yao. He shockingly chatted about Yan Luji and finally summed up, "Don't regard Lao Yan as a cold person and a cruel tongue. Actually, he was considerate and protective of his girlfriend. So... "

Xiao Dong held Lin Yao's hand and encouraged her: "You must hold on and marry Lao Yan... No, get a hold of him first, understand?"


"Oh." Lin Yao blinked. Something doesn't feel right. Did she do something that made Xiao Dong look at her differently? Why does he seem more concerned about making Yan Luji her boyfriend than herself?

When Xiao Dong left, Lin Yao quietly pulled out her mobile phone and sent Yue Mingyuan a WeChat message: (Is there something wrong with your cousin?)

(He has always been out of his mind.)


Lin Yao saw his response and nodded thoughtfully, feeling more relieved.


Three o'clock in the afternoon.


Lin Yao appeared in the conference room on time with a notebook, pen, and paper. Doctor Liang from the Western Health Clinic went in with her. They smiled and sequentially sat down.

After a while, a dozen people came into the meeting room one after another, half of them wearing rumpled shirts. At a glance, she could tell that they had not been home for several days.


Finally, Yan Luji came in with a laptop.


Yan Luji put the laptop on the conference table, pulled the chair open, and started the meeting without warning.

"There has been a fainting incident in the office today. I don't want that to happen again." Yan Luji glanced at the subordinates on both sides of the conference table. "Employees trading their health for the company’s performance. Such a selfless dedication. You guys should have gone to the Red Cross. Why come and work here?"

Lin Yao covered her mouth, trying not to laugh.

"Two months ago, the administration department showed me your physical examination report. All employees who have been working for more than one year were compared with the physical examination report of the same period last year. Congratulations, everyone's got something." Yan Luji's voice was so cold that they felt a chill in the air. "It's either a stomach problem or a liver problem."

"Is my R & D department an organ trading organization? You sell your livers and your kidneys in monthly installments?" He flung the papers on the table with a bang, and the group leaders in the second seat all shuddered.


It sounded so funny when the "poisonous tongue" didn't point at himself, and Lin Yao tried to keep her head down.


Small Medicine Packet Chapter 15 Part 2


 Ding Dong

Yan Luji picked up his mobile phone again with some doubts and found that Xiao Dong had sent him a WeChat.

(I'm walking around Hangzhou West Lake. I'm feeling it. Lao Yan, your peach blossom is about to bloom.)

(Psycho.) Yan Luji responded. 

Xiao Dong stood on the broken bridge and saw his friend's response. He gritted his teeth angrily and secretly decided: "I will go see Dr. Lin on Monday. I will serve her as a strategist throughout the whole process. I don’t believe we can’t get you."

On Monday, Xiao Dong arrived in a hurry to watch the excitement.

It's a pity that there are too many things to deal with on Monday. When Xiao Dong finished his work, he went to the health care room to look for Lin Yao for further discussion, but Lin Yao went to the 12th floor to see a patient.

Feifei pulled Lin Yao all the way from the eighth-floor health care room to the twelfth floor, squeezed out the crowd, and took her directly to a desk.

"Dr. Lin, take a look. Xiao Fang suddenly fainted." Feifei anxiously pointed to the unconscious man lying on the table.

"You all give way, don't surround him." When Lin Yao saw the patient, his face looked just. She first explored Xiao Fang's neck with her hand. She then grasped Xiao Fang's hand and began to feel his pulse.

"When I came in this morning, I found that Xiao Fang didn't look well. I asked him what was wrong. He said it didn't matter that he didn't sleep well because he was busy with the program over the weekend. I wanted to get him something to eat, but as soon as I brought it over, he suddenly fainted." Feifei took advantage of Lin Yao's pulse diagnosis and explained the cause and effect.

Lin Yao nodded and continued to check his pulse carefully. Xiao Fang's pulse was deep and weak, accompanied by regular stops. His face was sallow, and his eyes were dark, but his breath was long, and his heartbeat was almost flat.

"What's the matter?" Yan Luji ran over when he heard the news, "What happened to him?"

"He's okay." Lin Yao withdrew her hand, stood up, and said, "He was just too tired and fell asleep."

"Asleep?" Yan Luji said in disbelief.

"He seemed to be mentally stressed, plus he hasn't slept for a long time. But for some reason, he suddenly felt relaxed so he fell asleep at once." Lin Yao explained: "There is no serious problem. Help him sleep in the clinic and hang a bottle of glucose."

"Where is the patient?" At this time, Dr. Liang of the Western Medicine Health Care Department rushed over and greeted Lin Yao. "Dr. Lin, you are here. Have you seen the patient?"

"Yes, he is overfatigued." Lin Yao said.

Doctor Liang went to check again and found that there was no serious problem. He asked two people to help him carry Xiao Fang to the infirmary.

Before she left, Lin Yao thought about it, turned around, and said, "When I was taking his pulse, I found that Xiao Fang had some problems with his stomach and liver. He is still young and he may be able to take care of himself. But if the work pressure is always so heavy and there is no good rest, one will easily collapse."

Yan Luji was stunned and did not speak.

"I know it is a common thing in the IT industry to work overtime, but we can't consume our health endlessly. It's not something you can fix by having a couple of doctors repair it."

Yan Luji looked at Lin Yao who turned and left. He was silent for a while and called the team leader and asked: "What the hell is going on?"

"I asked Xiao Fang to design a front-end server. When I checked it last Friday, I found that there were many mistakes. I asked him to fix it and give it to me this Monday. Who knew when he gave it to me, he..." The team leader just wanted to finish the project on time and didn't expect this to happen.

He glanced at the employees in the office. Most of them had chicken nest heads and greasy faces. It's obvious that they had not gone home for several days.

"What project are you working on?" Yan Luji asked.

"Flying Fox's mobile App." Said the team leader.

"When will it be delivered?"

"Next week," The team leader said.

"How long have you been working overtime?"

"Half a month." The team leader whispered.

"I will ask three teams to come and help you, and for working overtime in the future..." Yan Luji saw their tired eyes and said: "It can't exceed 10: 30."

"Yes, thank you, Director." The team leader who hadn't been home in four or five days was excited.

Yan Luji went back to his office and called his assistant.

 "Director." Assistant Zhang knocked at the door and came in.

"Put off everything in the afternoon, and inform the heads of all departments, as well as the doctors of TCM Clinic and Western Medicine Clinic, to have a meeting in the conference room at three in the afternoon."


Small Medicine Packet Chapter 15

Early on Saturday morning, Yue Mingyuan appeared at Xiao Dong's door with a bright sunny face carrying a bunch of breakfast.

"Go ahead. Say it." Xiao Dong took a sip of soya-bean milk and asked, "What's the matter?"

Xiao Dong was also curious. Last night, this kid suddenly called to offer him a drink. When he heard that he was not free, he unexpectedly went to his door this early morning.

"I want to ask you something." Yue Mingyuan said with a smile.

"If you have something to say, say it quickly!" Xiao Dong glared at Yue Mingyuan, "I have to go to Hangzhou in a while."

"Then I will be direct. Are you familiar with the Director named Yan Luji in your company?" Yue Mingyuan asked directly.

"Lao Yan? Yes, he was my classmate back in high school. Why are you asking about him?" Xiao Dong was puzzled.

"Then, is he single?" Yue Mingyuan asked again.

"He... You..." The soya-bean milk in the horrified Xiao Dong's hand dropped.  "Aunt said that you've been looking for girlfriends every day, but none of them have been taken home. It turns out that you..."

"Guess what?" Yue Mingyuan interrupted his cousin's paranoia and said straight to the point, "Well, I have a friend who has a crush on your classmate and she asked me to inquire about his circumstances."

"Someone has a crush on Lao Yan?" Xiao Dong looked at his cousin and thought about it. He dared not believe his speculation. "It's your friend again. You're not referring to Doctor Lin, right?"

"Hmm." Yue Mingyuan nodded.

"Really? Dr. Lin?" Xiao Dong's eyes widened.

 "So cousin, can you answer my questions now?"

"Of course!" Xiao Dong slapped the table excitedly, "If there's anything you want to know, just ask me."

Therefore, the great battle of enquiring Yan Luji's details achieved complete success. Of course, with the help and full cooperation of the enemy and friendly forces. 


Lin Yao was sorting out anti-mosquito medicine in the living room while listening to Yue Mingyuan's relay of the information he had heard.

"According to my cousin, he has a clean family background, and his parents are senior intellectuals. He has great ability. You can see that as he graduated from university and took the position of Teng Feng R&D Director in just a few years." Yue Mingyuan added, "He's also versatile. It is said that he can play piano and guitar."

"He can play the piano? He doesn't look like one." Lin Yao was surprised.

"The most important thing is that he is single at the moment." Yue Mingyuan pointed out.

Lin Yao's hand holding the herbal medicine loosened. She turned around and said excitedly, "Then, can I start striking?"

"Didn't you say you want to observe first?" Yue Mingyuan said disgustedly. Yesterday she said she wanted to observe, but today she's saying she wanted to get to work.

"What's the harm?" Lin Yao choked embarrassedly.

"I haven't finished speaking yet." Yue Mingyuan continued, "The Director once had a girlfriend, a childhood sweetheart. It is said that they had a good relationship before."

"So what? They've broken up and over. So I don't CARE." Lin Yao added, “Who doesn’t have a few predecessors ah!”

"Then how many exes do you have?" Yue Mingyuan asked curiously.

Lin Yao's eyes dodged and her voice unconsciously became louder: "Why would I tell you? "

"When you are guilty, you tend to speak out loudly. Seeing you this way, I could tell that you haven't been in a relationship." Yue Mingyuan made a precise guess.

"Nonsense, I received a love letter when I was in the third grade of primary school."

"You still can't forget your third-grade stuff? I see you've been empty for a long time."

"It’s because I have high standards. I would rather go without than make do with a substandard substitute."

"Excuses. No need to explain."

"Yue Xiaoming, are you tired of living?" Lin Yao was so angry that she rushed to pick up the pillow and smashed it on Yue Mingyuan.

Yue Mingyuan finished his information and went on a date. Lin Yao worked hard to make 300 anti-mosquito packets at home.

Then she took out her mobile phone and clicked on YanYuLuJi's Taobao ID message (The medicine packet has been made and can be delivered this afternoon.)

(Thank you.) The other party was unexpectedly online.

(Can I take the liberty of asking you a question?) Perhaps it is because the ID of the other party is somewhat similar to Yan Luji's name, so by a curious coincidence, Lin Yao wanted to consult the other party about some things.

(Go ahead.)

(Well, I've recently fallen in love with a guy. Do you think it's too cheap for me to take the initiative to pursue this guy as a girl?) Lin Yao was perturbed.

(It's a good thing to be brave in pursuing your own happiness. Besides, the shop owner is so lovely, and the person you like must be very lucky. Come on.)

(I'm relieved to hear you say so. I'll send you an extra medicine package later. Take it as my thank you. It's a small gift, but it's the thought that counts.)

 (I wish you success.)

Yan Luji put down the phone, smiled, and shook his head, suddenly a little envious of those boys and girls who dared to chase love.