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Before the Cannon Fodder Eloped Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Arrived at last (1)

In 1982, a hundred yuan was a lot of money. His companion helped to find the money together, while the other went directly to the police.

Ye Ning has been observing the expression of the woman on her right. She had been pretending to be asleep, but when the middle-aged woman heard that someone had gone to the police, her body moved. After a closer look, Ye Ning could see that her eyes were moving all the time.

People in the entire train coach checked their own things, afraid that they might lose their valuables. As a result, the young man was the only one who lost his money. After a while, the police came. They first asked the man how much money he had lost, then asked him when he lost it, and next asked the people around him. During this time, the woman on the right has been pretending to sleep, which is even more unreasonable. How can one lie still with all this noise?

Ye Ning raised her hand. "Comrade, when I went to wash my face just now, I came back and found that my bag had also been touched, but I didn't lose anything, so I didn't say anything about it."

Hearing that Ye Ning's bag had also been turned over, the two police officers looked at each other and looked at the middle-aged woman between the man and Ye Ning.

"Comrade, wake up."

The police were even more suspicious because they couldn't wake her up no matter how they called. Given the difference between men and women, the police looked for a female train crew to wake the woman up.

"Oh, you scared me to death! What are you doing? I only got on the train at midnight last night, so I'm so sleepy. What happened for you to wake me up?" Said the woman, clutching her heart.

"Comrade, please cooperate with our investigation. Where were you between seven and seven ten in the morning? Are there any witnesses who can prove your whereabouts?" The police let the woman out of bed.

"I got in the train in the middle of the night. Everyone who was stuck here knew I was sleepy and slept all the time. Everyone in this coach can testify to that. What happened here that the police have been called?" The woman looked upset when she was woken up. She fiddled and pulled but could not get down.

In fact, many people in the carriage doubted her, and no one dropped anything in the entire coach. It happened that the passenger on her left said that her bag had been flipped. While the passenger on her right lost his money, and both were in the upper bunk. So, the first suspect was her.

"I don't know the specific time, but she got up just when the girl went to wash her face." The girl in the middle bunk opposite Ye Ning told what she saw.

No one can rest easy when a thief is around; he must be caught and brought to justice.

"Don't talk nonsense. When did I get up from 7: 00 to 7: 10?" The woman denied it outright.

"I said, I don't know the specific time because I only took a look at her when she went to wash her face. You have been shaking the quilt.  I just told what I saw." The girl was not afraid of her and loudly said.

 "I don't have a watch, so I don't know what time it was when I washed my face, but I came back at the same time with that comrade who lost his money." Ye Ning said truthfully.

This time, the woman's mouth is full of sophistry. The police let her down and prepared to search the bed. The woman not only refused to go down but also plopped down and howled, saying that the police had wronged the good people and she wanted to complain about them.

In the end, she was taken away forcibly. In this era, if you want to fight against law enforcement, you are making trouble!

The man who lost his money and Ye Ning also went with them. At first, the middle-aged woman refused to admit it. She waited for more than half an hour, but no evidence was found from her luggage, so she denied it. A policewoman came and took her to a room and searched her. At last, she found over a hundred yuan hidden in the middle-aged woman’s bra.



Before the Cannon Fodder Eloped Chapter 15

 Chapter 15: Thief (3)

Only a few beds were left empty in the whole train coach. Ye Ning's left was a girl in her twenties, and her right side was vacant. She nodded at the girl first and then placed her luggage in the inside position and lay down with her eyes closed.

She spent the whole morning lying in her own bed. After dinner, she got up to get hot water and went to the bathroom. She ate two boiled tea eggs and a steamed bun with the hot water, and the meal was over.

Apart from going to the restroom in the afternoon, Ye Ning has never left the bed and lay down all the time. As for lying tired for too long, it will never happen. Ye Ning's biggest dream is to lie down quietly. Every weekend, she often spent the day at home and doesn't even bother to get up to eat. Dinner is still boiled tea eggs, steamed buns, and hot water. After eating, she walked twice in the aisle and went back to her bunk to lie down and sleep.

A man and a woman were sitting on the lower bunk opposite Ye Ning. The man was the one who wanted to help Ye Ning carry her luggage in the morning and kept looking up at her bed.

"What, have a crush on her?" The woman asked.

"Don't talk nonsense. I just wonder why she doesn't come down." The man said quickly.

The woman curled her lips. "So it's not because she's beautiful, it's just men have the same virtue."

The man glanced at her, frowned, and said: "Don't talk nonsense. Let's get some rest."

Ye Ning didn't know that she had become the subject of other people's discussions. She sleeps a little too much during the day and couldn't sleep at night. Ye Ning tossed and turned around. Now that she has no mobile phone nor computer, she suddenly felt that the night was particularly long and challenging.

Around one o'clock in the morning, a person came to the bed next to Ye Ning. A middle-aged woman in her 40s. At first glance, Ye Ning could tell she's the kind of woman not to be trifled with. Sure enough, she quarreled with the people in the lower berth in a short time. The reason was that the person in the lower bunk moved too much, which disturb her sleep. Ye Ning, who had a hard time falling asleep, was a little angry. Others didn't know it, but she knew very well that the woman next to her was tossing more, and her voice was louder.

On the lower berth is an old woman in her sixties. After listening to the woman's words, she apologized very kindly. However, the middle-aged woman was reluctant and kept making noises, making the whole coach unable to sleep.

The man in the middle bunk couldn't help but stand up and say something fair. "Auntie in the lower bunk didn't move much, but you were up there doing that, waking us up and making us unable to sleep."

The woman was not happy. She rolled up her sleeves and quarreled with the man in the middle bunk. It didn't end until the train crew walked over.

Finally, in the morning, Ye Ning got up and went to wash up. When she came back, she found that her luggage seemed to have been moved. She was in the upper bunk, and if anyone climbed up and flipped something, it would be obvious to everyone. No thief would be so bold to do that, and it's impossible for the young girl on the left since they are foot to foot. She would not come to her bed in front of so many people. That leaves the middle-aged woman on her right. Ye Ning didn't say anything. She opened the luggage first, and the things inside weren't touched. The food that was given by Uncle Liu is fine, and nothing was taken. It's hard to speak up if nothing was lost, or else she'll be making bogus accusations. 

"Oh dear, my money is gone." "Cried the man on the other side of the woman.

"How much was it? Did you forget where you put it? Look for it again." The man's companion said.

"I've searched all over, haven't I? It's more than 100 yuan, the cost of my business trip. I put it in my bag. It was there before I went to the restroom. It was gone when I came back." Said the man anxiously.


Before the Cannon Fodder Eloped Chapter 14

 Chapter 14: Thief (2) 

The coat she was wearing was lent to her by the old police officer. It was too cold yesterday. She had to wear it first, but now she must return it. She had planned to buy some fruit for him, and after a turn round, she didn't find any. Once again, she realized the scarcity of goods and supplies. Ye Ning bought two packs of cigars in a store nearby, and the tobacco tickets she just got yesterday were used up.

"Is Uncle Liu here?" Yesterday, in the rear, the old police officer let Ye Ning call him uncle.

"Yes, I'll call him for you." Seeing Ye Ning, the young policeman quickly got up and said.

"No, it's too early. Don't disturb his sleep. I'm here to return the coat." Ye Ning put the folded coat on the table. "Thank you, otherwise I may not be able to go back."

"Wait a minute, the Master told me last night that you must call him when you come." The young policeman stopped Ye Ning and then went to the lounge to call for someone. 

As he walked and dressed, Old Liu saw Ye Ning and said, "Why are you here so early? Isn't the train scheduled for 7 o'clock?

"I'm afraid of missing the train." When Ye Ning saw Uncle Liu, she was not as scared as yesterday. She said with a smile: "I came to return the coat. Besides, I wanted to thank you once again."

Old Liu nodded and took out two bags from under his desk. "It's very cold in Dongshan city. You just had a fever. Don't catch a cold again. These are my daughter's clothes. If you don't dislike it, just take them and put them on."

"No, I don't dislike them. Thank you so much." To be honest, when she took off the coat lent to her by the old police officer. She shivered from the cold and has been holding it up. These clothes undoubtedly render timely help.

"The other bag is packed by your aunt, saying that it is for you to eat on the road. You're a young girl and alone. Don't talk to people after getting on the train. Don't bother with someone close to you. Hide your money. Don't ask the thief to steal it.

It's better to pack it separately, just leave a few for an emergency, and hide the rest. Don't let people see it, so as not to attract people's attention." The old police saw her as a delicate and weak girl and couldn't help but instruct her.

Ye Ning kept nodding and said: "Got it. Thank you."

Once out of the police room, Ye Ning turned around and bowed to the old policeman before running to the waiting room with her luggage.

When she first arrived in the waiting room, Ye Ning hurriedly opened the bag of clothes. There was a sweater and a thick coat inside. The clothes were still very new and had a faint soapy smell. She didn't care much, so Ye Ning put on the sweater and put on the thick coat and thin coat over her legs. Her whole person instantly warmed up, and her hands and feet that had been trembling had stopped shaking.

With a sigh of relief, she opened another bag of food. There were biscuits and soft sweets on top and a whole bale of dried meat below. Ye Ling smelled it and found out that it was Beef Jerky. Such a big bag must have cost a lot of money. It was too expensive that Ye Ning planned to take it back to Uncle Liu.

At this time, the train began to check the tickets. Ye Ning pressed her lower lip. She will instead keep their kindness in mind and would come to see Uncle Liu in the future.

At the same time, Old Liu found two packs of cigars in his pocket when he was sorting out his coat. He took it out and looked at it. It was floriculture tobacco, a pack of twenty, and one couldn't buy it with money. He was sure that he had never bought these cigars. The coat was returned by the little girl Ye Ning. She must have purchased them and put them in his pocket.

"The kid is spending her money foolishly." Old Liu rushed to the railway station with cigars, but the train for Lishan had just left.

"Master, what's the matter?" The young policeman chased after him.

Old Liu waved his hand, "It's nothing. Let's go back."

Ye Ning searched for a long time before finding her bed, which was in the upper bunk. It would be safer for her to sleep on the upper bunk, considering she's a young girl and alone.

After saying hello to the people in the lower and middle bunks, she was about to put her luggage into her own bed. The young man opposite the bed was very enthusiastic and wanted to help her take it up, but he was turned down by Ye Ning. She didn't have much stuff, and her belongings were not too heavy to carry.


Before the Cannon Fodder Eloped Chapter 13

 Chapter 13: Thief (1)

Ye Qingshan's clothes are all packed in a cloth bag. She placed it on the left side of the luggage, and on the right side were her own dirty clothes and nothing else.

Ye Ning was worried when she took out the small bag she had been carrying. She was with Sun Yaojun before so they could take care of each other's belongings. But this time, Ye Ning is going back alone. She was still a young girl, so she had to be more careful. She sewed the passbook and jewelry inside her underwear and put them close to her chest. When the jacket is worn and the buttons are buttoned, even the thief has no way to reach it. But if one did manage to, then he's not a thief, but a rogue.

Also, there was the stack of food stamps that Sun Yaojun had given her. She was not able to check it before, so Ye Ning took it out and counted them. It was quite a lot. There are five tickets for 20 jin, four tickets for 10 jin, four tickets for 5 jin. There are also sugar tickets, tobacco and alcohol tickets. It seemed that Sun Yaojun's father prepared the tobacco and alcohol tickets for him to use as a gift to his relatives. But he gave it to her instantly without looking at it.

She has more than 10 jin of food tickets herself, which is definitely enough for her to go back to Nanjiang Province. All the coupons given by Sun Yaojun are folded and hidden in the pocket. Sugar coupons, cigarettes, and wine coupons are also carefully hidden. She will buy sweets for her younger siblings to eat. As for Tobacco and Alcohol tickets, she's not sure when they will be used. If she can't use it, she could sell or trade it with others. 

It was already past four o'clock when she finished packing. She had only eaten a bowl of porridge and a pancake in the morning. She was now hungry and went out to eat while it was not dark. She didn't dare to go out alone when it was late.

She took the thermos back to the front desk and asked about the place where she can eat.

"There are several food stores across the street. Go and have a look."

Actually, it's not many, just three small shops, but it's not bad. Two years ago, there were no restaurants outside except for state-run hotels.

There is a small fry shop, a steamed bun seller, and a noodle house. She just had a fever, and now her mouth felt bitter, so she wanted to have something with soup. Ye Ning went into the noodle house, and there were two tables inside, which was clean. She ordered a bowl of green vegetable noodles and spent money directly without food stamps.

Dongshan City is a big city, and you can buy a lot of things without food stamps. Most people in her hometown still need to use tickets, so she saved them. When the time comes, she can use them in exchange for food. 

After eating a bowl of hot noodles, her whole person was warm, and it was getting dark outside. Ye Ning stood at the entrance of the noodle house for a moment to have a look. Then she went back to her room to have a rest.

This was not a very peaceful time. Ye Ning is alone, a young girl with a good appearance, so she must be careful. 

The sound insulation of the hostel is not very good. The people next door can still be heard talking faintly. If it was before, she definitely wouldn't be able to sleep well. Today, she was too tired and maybe it was because she took some medicine, she fell asleep soon but didn't dare to sleep very deeply. Without a watch and alarm clock, she was afraid that she would oversleep and miss the train. She woke up at dawn in the morning.

She dared not continue to lie down. She obtained the return ticket with great difficulty. If she misses the train later, then she can only slap herself.  In the future, she will have more time to sleep in. It's not bad to endure it for today.

She went downstairs with her luggage and asked about the time. It was only 5:30, and Ye Ning didn't go back to the room to rest. She went to the train station early and waited to feel relieved.

She had breakfast on the opposite side of the street and bought ten boiled tea eggs and five steamed buns. These are her rations on her journey back to her hometown. 


Before the Cannon Fodder Eloped Chapter 12

 Chapter 12: Buying ticket (3)

Sun Yaojun bought some food and finally returned to the train. There was no Ye Ning in the lounge, and her luggage was also not there. He thought that she might have gone to the toilet. After waiting for a long time, the train started, and no one came back. Only then did he panic. The restrooms at both ends were found empty, and all passengers went back to their hard seats, but there was still no Ye Ning. There was no one in the dining room. He was afraid Ye Ning went back to the lounge, so he went back to check, but still,  no one was there. When he was about to find the train crew, a train crew came to find him.

"Are you Comrade Ye Ning's companion? Comrade Ye Ning sent someone and left two letters to me. One is for me, thanking me for taking care of her. She asked me to hand the other letter to you." Then she took out a letter and handed it to Sun Yaojun. She looked at him suspiciously. "Did you two quarrel? She's still sick. Why did she suddenly get off the train and leave? "

"We..." At first, Sun Yaojun wanted to say that there was no quarrel but suddenly thought that the current situation between him and Ye Ning could not be exposed, so he immediately said, "It's just a little conflict."

Before Lin Zhi could ask any more questions, Sun Yaojun received the letter and respectfully thanked the train chief for lending his lounge. Then he took his luggage back to his hard seat. The room was basically lent to Ye Ning, who was sick. He was not ill, so there was no reason for him to occupy it.

Back at his seat, Sun Yaojun couldn't wait to open the envelope.

 'Sun Yaojun, I've thought about this for a long time but I can't leave my younger brother and sister behind, so I plan to go back to Nanjiang Province. I know something happened to your parents. Don't worry. If someone comes to inquire about you, I won't tell them that you have gone to Yangcheng. At this point, we are far apart. I don't think we will have a chance to see each other again. Let's break up. You will definitely meet someone better than me in Yangcheng. By the way, if the situation permits, I will help you to visit your parents. After all, Uncle and Auntie used to treat me very well.'

Sun Yaojun put away the letter and pulled his fist tight. 

He had never expected that Ye Ning would dare to get off the train halfway through. When he thought about it carefully, it was clear that she had premeditated it. She tricked him to get back to the train first and then left a letter for him. She had long wanted to abandon him.

But why? He took great care of the sick her the night before. If she was really concerned about her younger siblings, she would not leave with him in the first place.

Sun Yaojun read the letter again, and he couldn’t believe that it was written by Ye Ning. It seemed to be for his sake, but in fact, it was all threats. He didn't dare to go back to Nanjiang Province, let alone let others know that he had gone to Yangcheng. Sun Yaojun angrily crumpled the letter into a ball and only felt full of anger.

Of course, a man like him would not give his heart sincerely. He was angry that he had been tricked by Ye Ning, and even more angry that he had not taken the money sooner.

Ye Ning had already guessed what would happen if Sun Yaojun read the letter. She had now settled in the hostel.

It used to be a bunk, a room with more than a dozen people in it. But the leader took special care of her and gave her a single room and a separate bathroom. Now, this condition is absolutely high-level treatment.

There was a thermos bottle in the room. Ye Ning shook, and it was empty. She took the thermos bottle to the first floor to get some water. She asked for an extra pot and simply wiped herself in the morning. After all this torment, Ye Ning felt sweaty and sticky. She was very uncomfortable. Since she has her own separate bathroom, of course, she has to take a bath.

After taking a shower, Ye Ning felt at least three pounds lighter and much better. She went to the front desk to get two pots of boiling water and paid an extra dime. Ye Ning felt that it didn’t matter. She went back to the room and washed her head with a pot of boiling water. Unfortunately, she didn't have a hairdryer, so she had to wipe it slowly with a towel.

After all the work, she began to pack up. She didn't have much luggage. She had a change of clothes, a small bag with a passbook and jewelry inside, and another package with Ye Qingshan's clothes. Seeing these, Ye Ning instantly felt a tightness in her chest and her eyes were red.

After receiving the memory of the 19-year-old Ye Ning and some part of her feelings, it is normal to be sad. Ye Ning packed the package and carefully put it aside. She didn't lie back in the police office, she really planned to go back and set up a cenotaph for Ye Qingshan. The former Ye Ning not only failed and shamed her younger siblings but also let down their father. Her father's body wasn't found. She should at least go home to set up a cenotaph. But she actually eloped with her lover with the compensation and her father's remnants. Ye Ning didn't know what to say.


Before the Cannon Fodder Eloped Chapter 11

 Chapter 11: Buying ticket (2) 

As an old police officer who had been working for several decades and had seen everyone, he could tell that Ye Ning is not lying. If her father had just died unexpectedly, it would have been a disaster for such a young girl and it would be plausible for her to take the wrong train.

The skeptical heart has disappeared, and the old police officer comforted Ye Ning. "The dead cannot be resurrected and your father is gone. As the eldest sister, you should be stronger."

Ye Ning sniffed, cried, and felt much more comfortable. She looked at the old policeman and continued, "Yes sir, I know. I packed up my father's clothes in Anqing and planned to go back to my hometown and set up a burial mound for him. My father had a good Chinese New Year. He said he was going out to earn tuition for us siblings. Only three months later, he was gone. My hometown didn’t have a phone, and my younger siblings didn’t even know. I was so sad that I bought the wrong train ticket and when I recovered, I found myself sitting on the wrong train. Comrade Police, I did not steal a ride. I gave all the money for the train ticket. I just found out that I was on the wrong train, so I got off at this station and wanted to buy a train ticket for Nanjiang province to go back home. My younger sister is 15 years old, and my younger brother is only 8 years old. My family has already separated. I have to go home. My parents are gone. If something happens to my younger brother and sister, how can I explain it to my father?"

Although it's not good to take advantage of other people's sympathy, she must have a good story as to why she suddenly got off the train and went to buy a ticket back to Nanjiang province. Otherwise, she would be arrested as a suspicious person. Once she's judged to be a spy, her life would really be over.

The old police officer nodded, and Ye Ning was still there crying, so he stopped asking.

In fact, there are still many doubts. For example, how did she buy a train ticket from Anqing to Yangcheng? Besides, it took so long for her to find out that she has taken the wrong train after so many stops day and night?

But she doesn't look like a fake. Still, she needs to be verified.

He made a phone call to Ye Ning's school and confirmed that there is indeed a Ye Ning in that school. The teacher thought about what happened to Ye Ning and heard that she had taken the wrong train to Yancheng. The teacher sighed.

"It may be to find her mother."

It turned out that her sent-down youth mother was in Yangcheng. The old policeman said a few words and hung up. 

"We have already contacted your school. There is no problem. I will give you a certificate later. Use this certificate to buy train tickets and go home first." Faced with a little girl whose father died suddenly, everyone would be tolerant a bit.

"Thank you. The ticket agent said that the earliest train to set off is in the morning after tomorrow. Is there any earlier one? I came out in a hurry. Now I don't know what happened to my brother and sister at home." Ye Ning said anxiously.

"I'll ask for you." The old policeman saw that her face was flushed and somewhat abnormal. "Are you sick?"

Ye Ning looked up. Feeling dizzy, she raised her hand and touched her forehead. Then she frowned and said: "I had a high fever last night, but I have taken the medicine, and the fever has gone this morning."

The old policeman noticed that she was wearing thin clothes,  so she was brought a clean coat, and then she was taken to a nearby clinic.

Last night, she took a pill and ran around in the morning. She spent so much attention on how to escape that she had a fever again.

At 39.2, Ye Ning felt uncomfortable after realizing it later and had just been thinking about dealing with the police.

She got a butt shot, and Ye Ning put on her pants shyly. She hasn't had this shot for a long time.

"You go to the office first and wait. It's said that we can accommodate you. They'll give you a train ticket for tomorrow morning." The young policeman who initially interrogated Ye Ning said gently.

 "Thank you, Comrade Police." Ye Ning said with sincere gratitude.

After an injection and taking medicine, Ye Ning only felt groggy and wanted to sleep. After a while, she saw the old policeman coming with a staff member of the railway station.

"The kid's still got a fever. Do you want a ticket for a hard sleeper?" The old policeman saw Ye Ning sitting alone in the office, drooping and looked pitiful.

"Old Xu has spoken, you have to have it if you don't have it."

Knowing that there was a Hard Sleeper, Ye Ning was in high spirits. It would be hard to go back standing on a nearly 30-hour train ride. Ye Ning was grateful to the Old Police Officer for his good words. Although he looked serious, he's got a good heart.

"As you are still ill, I'll give you a letter of introduction to spend the night in a hostel at the railway station and come over tomorrow morning." The staff of the railway station sent Buddha to the West. Even the place where she could stay was solved.

[T/N: Send Buddha to the West 送佛送到西 - is a proverb, explaining: it is a metaphor to do good deeds to the end]

Ye Ling watched them help her so much that her eyes were hot, and her tears came down again. She suddenly came to this world. Faced with a new body and a new life, Ye Ning was actually very scared. However, when she met so many kind-hearted people along the way, she suddenly became less afraid.

"Thank you." Ye Ning thanked the staff first, then turned and bowed deeply to the old policeman. "Thank you too."

 "We should go."

When Ye Ning left the railway station with an older sister, she looked back and wondered if Sun Yaojun had noticed that she was missing.


Before the Cannon Fodder Eloped Chapter 10

 Chapter 10: Buying ticket (1)

Ye Ning followed the people out of the platform and waited quietly at the exit. After about 10 minutes, the train for Yangcheng set off. After waiting for a while, several working personnel came out. It seemed that Sun Yaojun got on the train and left.

With a sigh of relief, she turned around to ask people about the ticket office. She first asked if there was a train to Nanjiang province. A long delay means trouble, so the sooner she went back, the better.

After waiting in line for a while, it was her turn. She took out her household registration book and letter of introduction. Ye Ning asked, "Do you have a train ticket to Lishan City, Nanjiang Province? What's the earliest time?"

"There's no train to Lishan City. There's one from Haidong City to Lishan City. It's 7 a.m, the day after tomorrow. Do you want it?" The ticket agent asked Ye Ning.

"The day after tomorrow? Isn't there any earlier than that?" Ye Ning was a little anxious. This time will not be the same as 20 years later, with hotels and guest houses all around the railway station and no letter of introductions.

"No, this is the only one that goes through Lishan City."

There's no other way. She must go back, even the day after tomorrow.

"Yes, do you have a Hard Sleeper?" She doesn't want to have a Soft Sleeper. It is a treatment that can only be enjoyed by senior cadres. And it takes nearly 30 hours to reach Lishan City, so it would be nice to have a hard sleeper.

The ticket agent glanced at Ye Ning, "No, this is not the departure station. We only have station tickets. So hurry up if you want it. There are still people waiting behind."

Ye Ning was taken aback. She can't even have a hard seat? Seeing the ticket agent's impatient expression, she nodded quickly, "Yes, I want it." 

The ticket agent took the household registration book and the letter of introduction. He focused on the letter of introduction, and then looked up at Ye Ning, "Comrade, your letter of introduction is wrong!"

"What's wrong?" Ye Ningxin was surprised. At this time, the letter of introduction is equivalent to an ID card. This letter of introduction was issued by the school, so it should be fine.

"It says Lishan City to Anqing City. How did you get to Dongshan City?" The ticket agent informed his colleague, withheld Ye Ning's household registration book and letter of introduction, and said he would wait for the police to deal with it.

Ye Ning was dumbfounded. She thought it would be fine if she had that letter of introduction. Did it specify the specific address? No, didn't Sun Yaojun buy a train ticket?

No, in former Ye Ning's memory, Sun Yaojun seems to have asked someone to help them buy train tickets. She was careless. She won't be labeled as a Blind Flow, will she?
[T/N: Blind Flow 盲流 - people who migrate from rural areas to cities without stable occupations and permanent residences to escape famine, asylum, or make a living, are called blind influxes, or "blind flow" The term "blind flow" is a discriminatory term for migrant workers and peasants under the dual urban-rural system in China.]

"Comrade, please follow me." The Police came quickly, took the stunned Ye Ning to the police room not far away, "Well, what is going on?"

When she heard the question, Ye Ning looked up at the Police Officer with a frightened face. "I... I went to Anqing. No, I am going back to Lishan from Anqing but I took the wrong train."

At first, she wanted to squeeze out some tears and pretend to be miserable. As a result, her eyes turned red, and her tears fell down. The former Ye Ning's body is made of water. As long as she deliberately thought of grieving or sad things, its tears would come down in a flash.

"Hey! Comrade, don't cry." The Policeman who asked the question was only in his twenties and has just started working. When he saw such a soft and weak girl crying, he immediately panicked.

At this time, an Old Police Officer in his forties came over with a teacup, stared at the young policeman, and motioned for him to give way. Putting down his teacup, he opened Ye Ning's household registration book and the letter of introduction. "This letter of introduction was issued by your school?"

"Yes, our School Principal issued it. I have the school phone number. You can call to verify it." Ye Ning choked up. "I really didn't mean it. I am a villager from Anren Township in Lisan City, Nanjiang Province. And I am currently attending high school in the county. A few days ago, I received a call from my father's worksite, saying that my father had an accident. I...'' Ye Ning couldn't help sobbing. "I asked for leave from our teacher and was issued this introduction letter. I didn't know until Anqing City that my father went to work in a mine to make more money. He went in but never got out, and his body couldn't be found. My mother is a sent-down youth and hasn't come back after returning to the city. Now my father is dead, and I was left alone with a younger brother and sister back home. What should I do? What will happen to us now?"

Ye Ning buried her face and wept bitterly, which was fake at first. But when she thought of her sudden death from overworking at such a young age and although she had picked up 19-year-old Ye Ning’s life, she came to this completely strange world and era. Suddenly, her fake cry turned into a genuine cry. The more she cried, the sadder she was. She let out all her grievances, uneasiness, and fears.


Before the Cannon Fodder Eloped Chapter 9

 Chapter 9: Leaving (3)

"As you know, my family's condition is not bad. My family is in trouble this time, but my father still left some money for me. Besides the cash and food stamps, my father also gave me..." Sun Yaojun glanced around and whispered close to Ye Ning. "Two small yellow croakers, so you don't have to worry about our livelihood when we get to Yangcheng. We'll stay with my relatives for a few days. When we get to know the place well, I'll find a house outside. I'll never let you depend on others. "

[T/N: 两根小黄鱼 Two small yellow croakers means gold bars here]

Sun Yaojun not only wanted to appease Ye Ning's heart but also wanted to tell her that he had absolutely no intention of coveting her money.

The former Ye Ning may not have known and may have been moved by Sun Yaojun's, but how can the 29-years-old Ye Ning not understand his little thoughts? She sneered at him in her heart but her face showed a lot of anticipation for their future. 

 "I know. It doesn't matter if I suffer a little, so long as I'm with you." She said, revealing a shy smile.


Isn't it just acting? Although she is not Cobain trained, it is still easy to deal with Sun Yaojun, who is only 20 years old now.


[T/N: 科班 Cobain/Coban/Keban, the old place where Chinese opera actors were trained. Keban is a group similar to a theater troupe. It also cultivates new talents and inherits the art of opera. ]

"Fool, how could I let you suffer hardship with me?" As he said, he took out a small stack of food stamps without even looking at them. "You take this first, mainly because it's not safe on this train. When we get to Yangcheng, I'll give everything to you."


Ye Ning hurriedly declined, "I can't take this, I have it myself."


Sun Yaojun simply gave them to Ye Ning and made all kinds of promises to her. The sweet words even flowed out like free money.

"What you said sounds good. Who knows if you can do it in the future." Ye Ning squinted at him.


"Don't you believe my words?" Sun Yaojun's face was full of sincerity, but he didn't swear by heaven.

There are few descriptions about Sun Yaojun and the former Ye Ning in the book. But Sun Yaojun was certainly busy going out early and returning late at the beginning of his business. Moreover, his business was not always smooth sailing. He was down and out at first. During those times, he was accompanied by the former Ye Ning. There seemed to be a paragraph where Sun Yaojun recalled his difficulties at that time. He couldn't even afford meat, and every day were green vegetables and bean sprouts.

Since he has eaten green vegetables and bean sprouts, she must have eaten them too. Her suffering possibly was more difficult than this. The former Ye Ning was absolutely the ruined wife of Sun Yaojun. Unfortunately, in the end, she couldn't even be a wife and tragically died.

 At this time, they heard the broadcast saying they had arrived in Dongshan city. Ye Ning simply packed her things and followed Sun Yaojun to the door to get off the train.

"After a while, you should hold my clothes and follow me closely. It's very dangerous to get lost here." Sun Yaojun scared Ye Ning.

"Don't worry, I will follow you closely." Ye Ning's eyes glistened, thinking about how to get rid of Sun Yaojun.


She followed Sun Yaojun and got off the train. There was a large crowd of people standing outside. At this time, the main means of transportation was the train. Even if it was not a holiday, there were still many people taking the train.


Ye Ning, holding a hot pancake, deliberately separated from sun Yaojun when she was hit by someone. There were many people between them. Ye Ning shouted at Sun Yaojun, "There are too many people here. I will go back and wait for you on the train. "


When Sun Yaojun wanted to pass by, he was separated by a huge number of people who came to catch the train. He could only wave his hand and say, "Then go back to the train and wait for me. I'll buy some food and be back."

Ye Ning nodded and handed a written letter to the train crew at the door. "Hello, Comrade, please give this letter to Comrade Lin Zhi. She will understand after reading it."

When she mentioned the name and told him to send the letter to Comrade Lin Zhi, the train crew at the door did not suspect her. He accepted the letter, turned around, indicating that he would hand it over.


There is a wall in the lounge, on which the pictures of the train crews and the shift schedule are hung, so Ye Ning knew Comrade Lin's name. Otherwise, she'd have to talk more about it. When the letter was delivered, Ye Ning glanced back in Sun Yaojun's direction and walked away quickly with the passengers who had got off the train.