Before the Cannon Fodder Eloped Chapter 25

 Chapter 25: Selling land (1)

Er Mazi’s father was the Village Accountant, and his mother has a physical strength that earns 10 work-points a day. Their family has always been more affluent than the others. The sister had married into the town, and his brother, who had taken his father's place, is now the Village Accountant. Afterward, Er Mazi's daughter was introduced to a flourishing family in the city. After his son graduated from high school, his son also became a workman. Now, Er Mazi's family is the richest in the village.

China has thousands of years of farming culture. Farmers' desire for land is engraved in their bones, so when they have money, they want to buy more land because they believe it is better to have more.

Because of everyone's attachment to their lands, no one wants to sell even after Er Mazi had announced it for so long. When he heard Ye Ning's words, Er Mazi's eyes lit up.

"Your family wants to sell it?" When the land was divided, Er Mazi followed along to measure it and knew how good Ye Qingshan's fields were. Two good paddy fields were caught by him. If it were not for fear of reports, he believed the Village Head and Secretary would want to keep those two fields.

Ye Ning mused a little and said the words that had been in her mind several times before, "Who doesn't know about our family affairs in the village? Yesterday, our relatives went to my brother and sister to ask for the fields. As you know, my mother has returned to the city, and it is not clear when she will come back. My father went out to work, where the salary is passable. You know what's going on in our family. I'm about to go to college. My sister is going to high school, and Ye Yu is in primary school. In all respects, we need money. Unfortunately,  our home was thrown into a panic because of the fields. It's not good if we let someone else plant it nor let the old house have it. I talked it over with my father, and we decided to sell the fields."

"Does your father really agree? Er Mazi took out a cigarette and lit it.

Why didn't Ye Qingshan come back personally for such an important matter? Er Mazi suspected that Ye Ning had made the decision of her own. No matter how much she could read, she's still a little girl. Ye Qingshan would not be able to entrust such a big matter to her.

He thought it was because she wanted to sell the land for money. But this was a great opportunity for him. As long as she signed the contract and he gave her the money, there was nothing Ye Qingshan could do once he came back and learned about it. If the worst comes to worst, he would redeem it with money. The question is, does Ye Qingshan have money?

"Don't worry, my father said so himself." Ye Ning had thought about it before she came. She was still young and a girl. Er Mazi certainly does not believe that Ye Qingshan will give her such a big matter to deal with. He must be thinking that she was a black sheep who wanted to sell their land for money to spend. With Er Mazi's character, he must be more anxious than her to complete the deal.

Looking at her slightly guilty expression, Er Mazi was even more convinced that it was Ye Ning's own idea. He must seize this opportunity to buy the fields while Ye Qingshan is not at home.

 "Which land are you going to sell? Let's talk about it first. The fields beyond the pit are not worth much." Er Mazi said unperturbedly.

The fields in Dakeng are good, but they are too far away from their village. It takes three hours to go back and forth. One will take a lot of time on the road just to get to the farm. 

"Yes, I have sorted it out. These are the fields we intend to sell." Ye Ning took out the piece of paper on which the fields were written and handed it to Er Mazi. "There are good and bad, both near and far. You know the fields on the mountain better than I do.  They are not sold separately. You give me a price, and if it suits me, I'll sell it. I will sign it with my brother and sister."

When Er Mazi took the paper, he noticed that the prodigal daughter had sold everything except for a field near the roadside and a few private plots. If Ye Qingshan knew, he would die of anger. But of course, it would be a good thing for him. The five members of Ye Qingshan's family had been allotted many lands, and all of them would become his.

"I can't make any immediate decisions on such a big matter, so I'll talk it over with my family and get back to you tomorrow."Er Mazi mulled it for a while and gave no price.

 "Sure, but could you hurry it up? I took a leave of absence from school, and I have to go back to class. Tell me if you don't want to buy it. I'll ask my father’s uncle instead. His family seems to have said they wanted to buy some land, too."

"Alright. I will come to you after our discussion." Er Mazi hurriedly said after Ye Ning announced she would look for her father’s uncle. 




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