Small Medicine Packet Chapter 17

The next day, the first thing Lin Yao did when she arrived at the company was to recheck the materials she had already sorted out. She even tried to perfect the typesetting and punctuation marks.

"Not right." Halfway through the check, Lin Yao soliloquized, "Should I leave some mistakes, so that Yan Luji has an excuse to find me?"

"No way." Lin Yao immediately denied herself. "He already disliked me for being stupid. If I make low-level mistakes again, wouldn't he hate me more?"

"What should I do to create more contact opportunities?" Lin Yao scratched his head and shouted, "It's so hard to pursue a man. How should I chase him?"

Lin Yao struggled for a long time and could not think of a suitable method, so she could only call for off-site support.

(Xiao Ming, help me.) With a desperate emoji.

(The confession was rejected?) Yue Mingyuan sent the reply with happy emoji.

 Lin Yao returned with a beating emoji.

(What's up?) Yue Mingyuan said seriously.

(I do not know how to pursue him.) Lin Yao hates typing too slowly, so she simply deleted it and immediately voice messaged: "Xiao Ming, ah! How do I chase him? I've never chased anyone."

"Is that all?"

"Answer me quickly, how do I chase him?"

"It's simple. Chasing people is to let them know that you like them. There is a simple, direct and effective way."

"What method? Say it quickly." Lin Yao said anxiously.


"That's too direct. What if he refuses?" Lin Yao asked.

"Then I can only send you six more words. Don't give up. Don't give up."

"What a cheek I must have!" Lin Yao said anxiously, "Is there a way to make my confession more successful?"

"You have to rely on ambiguity." Yue Mingyuan pointed, "Dress up prettily and show yourself in front of him more. If you think he likes you a little, then you can confess."

Be prettier? Lin Yao quickly opened her bag and took out the cosmetic mirror inside. She glanced at herself in the mirror and immediately gasped: "Shoot! When did my hair get so messed up?"

After doing her hair for a long time, Lin Yao took out her foundation and added a layer of makeup to herself, which seemed a little too white. Then she had some blush, her lips were too light, and put on a little lipstick, too.

Lin Yao used the cosmetics in turn. After more than half an hour's dallying, she picked up the USB flash disk containing the data and went to the 12th floor.

"Dr. Lin is so beautiful today." Code Farmer No. 1.

"Dr. Lin must have a date today." Code Farmer No. 2.


Receiving countless cordial compliments from the lovely code farmers along the way, Lin Yao confidently came to Yan Luji's office door and with a burst of energy, she raised her hand and knocked.

"Please come in." The voice of Yan Luji came from inside.

Lin Yao took a deep breath and then walked in carefully: "Director Yan."

"Doctor Lin? What can I do for you?" Yan Luji asked in surprise when he saw that it was Lin Yao.

 "I... I'm here to give you the health survey report." Lin Yao showed a USB flash drive in her hand.


"Thank you, but you don't need to come and deliver it here, just send it to my email address."

How does direct email create an opportunity to meet?

Lin Yao smiled and said: "I just thought you might not understand some areas. I personally sent it over, so you can directly ask me."

 "I see, you are so thoughtful. Then I'll take a look now." Yan Luji took the flash drive in Lin Yao's hand and directly connected it to the computer.

Yan Luji carefully read the investigation report compiled by Lin Yao. While Lin Yao stood by and stared thoughtfully at Yan Luji, her mind slowly flew to the clouds.

My male god's ears are so beautiful, it's pinkish, and their shape is as attractive as the Arobo number three.

His eyebrows and eyes are good-looking. Is this the Sword eyebrows-Star eyes often mentioned in wuxia novels?

[T/N: Sword eyebrows Star eyes  剑眉星目 adjectives, generally describe the appearance and grace, full of righteousness, very heroic.]

And his lips, when will I be able to kiss them? It's a bit dark, but once I get them back in shape, I'm sure they'll be pretty pink, too.

He has a handsome face, sharp and angular. Although the skin is a little dark, I can recuperate it. It must be white and tender after conditioning. No, it's too feminine to be white and soft, but it doesn't matter. He looks good at everything.

And his hands. Xiao Dong said that he can play the piano and guitar. No wonder his hands are so beautiful...

"Doctor Lin? Doctor Lin?" Yan Luji noticed that Lin Yao was staring at his hand in a daze. He couldn't help shaking his hand in front of Lin Yao and shouted, "Doctor Lin."

"Ah?" Lin Yao woke up from her dream, "Are you calling me?"

 "I have a few questions to ask." Yan Luji said.



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