Small Medicine Packet Chapter 17 Part2

"I want to ask, how do you design your final scores?" Yan Luji pointed to the computer and said, "How many points represent that they are not healthy?"

Lin Yao leaned over to Yan Luji and pointed to the computer to start explaining. But at the moment when Lin Yao leaned over, Yan Luji frowned imperceptibly. Doctor Lin used to smell like traditional Chinese medicine, which smells quite comfortable. Why does the makeup smell so strong today?

"I designed it on a 100-point scale. A score above 80 points indicates very good health. A score of 60-80 means you are in good health and just pay attention to exercise. A score of 50-60 means you have some problems and need to pay attention to your habits. A score of 40-50 means you may need to take care of your body. Anything under forty must call me in the infirmary." Lin Yao said.

"What about 30 points or less?" Yan luji asked curiously.

"You may need to be taken to hospital for emergency treatment." Lin Yao replied.

"Oh, I see, thank you." Yan Luji said.

"You're welcome." Lin Yao replied with a smile.

Yan Li Ji looked up and smiled at Lin Yao, and in his mind was: We're already done here. Why is Doctor Lin still not leaving?

Lin Yao also smiled back at Yan Luji, and in her mind was: I don't know if I look good when I smile, is it beautiful or not?

"Is there anything else?" He asked unscrupulously.

"Oh, oh, then...then I'm leaving." After observing him for so long, she didn't notice any difference in the way he looked at her.

Lin Yao was depressed. As she walked out, she carelessly bumped her head against the glass wall, accompanied by a loud bang.

"Are you all right?" When Yan Luji heard the noise, he came up and asked.

 "It's nothing. I'm okay." Lin Yao said embarrassedly, covering her forehead.

Yan Luji inadvertently glanced at the glass that had just been hit, and then his facial muscles trembled uncontrollably.

"I'm really fine." Lin Yao raised her head and found that Yan Luji was staring at the glass in a daze, so she followed the other's line of sight, which made her want to find a hole in the ground.

"Cough... Don't put on too much foundation in the future." The poisonous tongue couldn't hold back in the end.

Lin Yao looked at the visible mark of foundation on the glass, which had her facial features. She suddenly wanted to die. This is the day I die!!

Yan Luji looked at Lin Yao, who had fled and couldn't help but let out a low laugh. Then he pulled out a few paper towels and carefully wiped the marks off the glass.

Yan Liji looked at the thick layer of foundation on the paper towel and sighed again: "It's really thick."

The first thing Lin Yao did when she ran out of the office was to go to the washroom and remove all the makeup on her face.

 "It's so embarrassing! I will never face him again today." Lin Yao cried and said, "How can I show myself in front of him with makeup on in the future?"


After Yan Luji got the data of Lin Yao and Dr. Liang, he put all the data into the finished APP system that afternoon. He also set up a compulsory operation to fill in the survey report once a week.

Once done, Yan Luji took out his mobile phone and downloaded the latest APP to test himself first.

He logged into the system and registered his account. Then the first thing to do is to fill out the survey report. Yan Luji answered one question after another carefully. When he reached the tenth question, the APP started to alarm, and an emotionless electronic voice prompts: "Hello, you have insomnia."

Well, it's pretty accurate. Yan Luji continued.

Question 16.

"Hello, you may have an upset stomach."

Question 30.

"Hello, there may be something wrong with your liver."

 Question 42.

"Hello, there may be something wrong with your kidney."

 Question 56.

 "Hello, your body's immunity is weak." 

The last question.

"Hello, your total score is 28 points. Please get hospital treatment in time. Please get hospital treatment in time. 

Yan Luji looked at the black skull alert sign on his mobile phone, and his face was as black as the bottom of a pot.

"Are these things accurate? Do I look like someone who needs to be hospitalized?" Yan Luji angrily said.

"What's that noise?" Xiao Dong, who came to invite Yan Luji for a drink after getting off work, heard a sharp alarm as soon as he entered his office.

"Nothing?" Yanluji wanted to leave the APP interface, but he created a limit that one can't quit with a score lower than 40. It was really self-inflicted, and Yan Luji can only force it to shutdown.

"Is it done? Let's grab a drink?" Xiao Dong said.

"Drink?" The lively beating black skull emerged in his mind.

"Didn't you agree yesterday?"

 "Um...I'm a little tired today. I want to go home and rest."

"Are you okay?" Xiao Dong was concerned.

 "It's nothing. I'm okay. I'll go first." Yan Luji left in a flurry with his mobile phone and car key, leaving Xiao Dong with an inexplicable look.




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