Before the Cannon Fodder Eloped Chapter 24

 Chapter 24: Conceal (3)

It is not that they will not return home. Ye Qingshan must be buried here. Therefore, they have to come back to sweep the tomb during the Qingming Festival every year. So the house cannot be sold. When they get enough wealth, they will come back to build a two-story house. And who knows, Ye An may return to this hometown when he gets old, so the house should be kept.

They have to keep the private plot, which is close to their home. The main private land is not much, and it is not worth much. A large field has a good and bad part, and Ye Qingshan was lucky enough to get a good lot. There were more good ones than bad ones. This was also the reason why her uncles and their family wanted their land so much. The two paddy fields were close to home and next to a stream. Every day they had a load of more millet than the others. Fortunately, they moved out first before the fields were divided. If they have not separated from the old house when they are dividing the land, would their family still get this round of good land?

Ye Ning wrote down all the fields and private plots in her notebook. She marked the distance and size and ticked the private lot in the back mountain: "Reserved as a graveyard."

"Here, Father told me that he will be buried here when he grows old." Ye Lan often followed Ye Qingshan up the mountain. She knew all the fields that belonged to their family and its division. 

Ye Ning nodded and ticked that piece of land, and the rest will be sold.

"How about leaving a paddy field?" Ye Lan looked at the fields written in the notebook. These are all their family's. If they are sold, they will be gone.

People in Ye Ning's era could no longer understand the farmer's sentiments for lands. In those times, most of the young people in her hometown went out to work. Many lands have been abandoned, and only the nearby ones are still planted by some old people. She looked at Ye Lan and smiled: "It is troublesome to keep it. If we lend it to someone else and not to Grandfather, we will be accused behind the scenes. It's better to sell it without worries."

They can just say that all three children are going to school and will not be at home in the future, and they would sell the land to pay their tuition fees. 

In the end, Ye Ning left a piece of land by the side of the road. Most rural homesteads are family land. If Ye An wanted to build a house in the future or build a house for his children, he would still have this land to build a residence.

Figuring the time, most people would have finished their lunch by now. Ye Ning took her notebook and IOU and went to Er Mazi's house with Ye Lan. 

"Second aunt, are you at home?" Ye Lan shouted outside the courtyard.

 "Yes, at home." The second aunt picked up her apron and wiped her hands, and opened the door. "It's Xiao Ning and Xiao Lan from Brother Qingshan's family. Come in quickly. Have you eaten yet?"

 "Thank you, we already ate. Father called me a few days ago and told me to come back and return the money to Uncle Youcai." Ye Ning came in and saw Er Mazi, who was Ye Youcai sitting at the dining table. She was embarrassed and said: "It's a bad time for us to come here. You should eat first and we will come back later. "

"Need not. You are a cultural person, and you're different from us, so much attention is paid to it. Wife, why are you standing there? Go get the bowls and chopsticks." Ye Youcai beckoned Ye Ning and Ye Lan to find a stool to sit on.

"No, no, no. We've really taken our lunch." Ye Ning quickly refused, found a chair and sat down, and said: "Father borrowed fifteen yuan from uncle when he went out. He sent me the money a few days ago and asked me to pay it back."

"Your father is too polite. He could have used the money first. I know it's not easy for him either."

Ye Ning smiled and did not answer, but when her second aunt entered, she pressed her lower lip and asked: "Uncle Youcai, I heard that you want to buy some land?"

In addition to returning his money, another reason why she sought Er Mazi was that, a year ago, he said he would buy land.


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