Before the Cannon Fodder Eloped Chapter 23

 Chapter 23: Conceal (2)

"No matter how the family is divided, they are still our elders. They are naturally one level higher than us. How strong are you to argue with them in the village? The secretary of the village chief would surely speak for them." Ye Ning took Ye Lan and let them sit down. Looking at Ye Qingshan's pile of clothes, she said: "You are going to take the senior high school entrance examination soon. When the high school entrance examination is over, Xiao An will also finish this semester. We will go to the city together. When we are stable in the city, we will choose a day to set up a burial place for Father. Before that, we will find someone to make a memorial tablet for Father and worship him at home. If Father has a spirit in the sky, he will not blame us and will protect us."

When she heard her sister, Ye Lan knew it was because of her and Xiao An. Her eldest sister is a high school student and over eighteen years old. She didn't really have to care about her relatives at home.

Ye An is still young. Although he was listening and didn't have the opportunity to interrupt, he knew that his eldest sister was thinking about them.

"What about our fields?" They have no family to support them. Now that Ye Qingshan is gone, and Ye An is still young, they may not be able to keep their fields.

"Sell it." Ye Ning said in a deep voice.

Sell ​​it? Ye Lan's widened red and swollen appeared particularly funny.

"It can't be sold. That's the lifeblood of the family. What do we eat after selling it?" Ye Lan looked at Ye Ning anxiously, and she believed that the eldest sister really wanted this idea.

What is a field? It is the life of ordinary people. Without it, what will they eat and drink?

Ye Ning glanced at her. "Don't worry, I will find a job in the county town. I can support both of you. Besides, if we don't sell it, can we keep the land? It's better to sell it than be taken away by that old woman's family, or would you rather give it to them?"

"Sell it to Er Mazi. He is rich and his family is powerful. If we sell it to his family, Ye Fangming and Ye Qinghe will not dare to fart out." When Ye Lan heard the old woman's family, she gritted her teeth and agreed to sell. "Have you found a job? Are you not going to college?"

In the past, when Li Fang was still there, she would always say that studying was the only way out. Therefore, although she did not like Ye Lan, all three children in the family were sent to study. In the whole village, the siblings were the only ones who went to school, and Ye Ning was the only girl who went to high school. When she was admitted to senior high school, Li Fang expected her to go to college and even told her she would give out everything for her. And thus, the former Ye Ning had always considered herself a future college student. She often talked at home about where to go to college in the future, which showed her expectation for college.

"Well, I have been absent from class for too long. I am afraid I can't pass the exam. So I might as well work early. Do not think too much. Let's have a simple lunch, then I'll look for Er Ma Zi in the afternoon. 

Going to college was something that Ye Ning had been thinking about for a long time. To be honest, she has had enough schooling in her previous life. But she couldn't deny that the diploma was really useful. However, she has been out of the society for many years. The bits of knowledge her teachers taught her are completely gone now. In a few months, she will take the college entrance examination, and she will not be able to pass it with her present foundation. Besides, the 1980s were the golden age of money, and she wanted to start her own business when the policy was more relaxed.

Ye Ning can cook, but she can't heat a stove, so their lunch was made by Ye Lan. Their father had just passed away, and no one was in the mood to eat, they only had noodles and took a few mouthfuls. The two sisters sorted out Ye Qingshan's things and put them away. Ye Ning then began to ask Ye Lan about the family's fields.



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