Before the Cannon Fodder Eloped Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: Conceal (1)

"What do you mean not coming back?" Ye Lan grasped Ye Ning's hand, her dark yellow face full of panic. "You can't say that, eldest sister."

"I also wished it's not true." Ye Ning choked. "To make more money, Father went to work in a coal mine together with a good uncle instead. But he went missing... after going down to the mine. I received a call and went to the place where Father worked, only to find this bag of his work clothes."

Ye An was only 8 years old. At such a young age, he has witnessed his father's hard work and experienced the hardships of life. He knew what it meant to lose their father. So he held Ye Ning's other hand and cried out that his sister was lying. 

Ye Lan still didn't believe it. A few months ago, he was just laughing and said he was going to make more money, and now he's gone?

"Are you out of money to spend? I still got my allowance from Father and another eight yuan. You can have it all. Ye Ning, there are some lies that can't be said!" Ye Lan stopped calling her sister and called her by name.

When Li Fang gave birth to Ye Lan, she had difficulty in giving birth. In addition, Ye Lan's appearance was ordinary, so she didn't like her very much. The least popular child is the wisest, and Ye Lan was like that. She has been very diligent since she was a child. Ye Lan knew it was not easy for her parents, so she would save all the pocket money given to her. However, the former Ye Ning would spend her allowance right after she received it. Then she would lie to get more money from Ye Lan. How she hoped that Ye Ning was just lying to get her pocket money this time.

Ye Ning looked at her brother and sister, and her tears never stopped. She sniffed, opened the luggage, and took out a larger cloth bag, which contained all of Ye Qingshan's clothes. After the New Year, when he went out, Ye Lan packed everything up. Seeing these familiar clothes and stuff, Ye Lan suddenly felt a burst of darkness surrounding her.

"..." Ye Lan opened her mouth, but her throat seemed to be blocked by something, and she couldn't make a sound.

And the poor Ye An. He had no mother, and now he had no father either. They were really unwanted children.

"I don't need new clothes. I don't want to eat meat, eldest sister. Please let Father come back." Ye An cried.

"What about Father’s body? How come there's no corpse? You cannot find Father's body, so you only brought back this bag of clothes?" Ye Lan held Ye Ling and shook her like crazy.

Ye Ning shook off her hand, picked up the bag that had fallen on the ground, and put it on the table carefully, "Dad went down to the mine. The gas exploded below and the whole mine cave collapsed. How do you dig it? Dig down... but they're gone. There were six of them, and none of them were found. It's not that we did not try to find their remains, but... Everyone has a certain destination. They are all gone and the mine owner looked for experts, but they could not find a way to dig."

Ye Lan and Ye An held each other and cried for a long time. Ye Lan's eyes were swollen like steamed buns and asked hoarsely: "But you just lied to them about Father coming back, and now he can't come back. What will you do?"

Ye Ning sighed. No matter how fierce Ye Lan was outside, she is still a little girl in the countryside who hasn't gone out of society, let alone Ye An, a little boy who knows nothing.

 "I thought about this before. I originally planned to set up a burial mound for our father. But now we have to wait. If they knew Father was gone, not to mention the people in the village, our uncles and their family would then exploit and oppress us."

"Then let Father be a lonely ghost? That won't do. Besides, we had already separated from the old house. They can't control us anymore." Ye Lan angrily said.



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