Small Medicine Packet Chapter 16



Lin Yao just returned to the health care room and saw Xiao Dong sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed.


"The employee who passed out was sent to Dr. Liang." Lin Yao thought he was visiting the employee who had fainted.

"I just went to see him, and Dr. Liang said it was nothing serious." Xiao Dong put his foot down and said, "So, I came here and waited for you."

He intentionally came here?


"What's the urgent matter that Director Xiao came looking for me?" The day before yesterday, she sent his cousin over to get Yan Luji's information. Today, he came to see her. What else can she do besides pretending to be confused?

"You're treating me like a stranger now?" Xiao Dong smiled cheerfully, "You and Xiao Ming are good friends, so just call me Brother Dong."


"Brother Dong." Lin Yao smiled.


"Yao Bao, I heard Xiao Ming call you that, so I will call you that, too."


"Whatever you like." How dare Lin Yao object? Her future boyfriend's best buddies, their girlfriends, and their girlfriend's best friend, they all can't be offended.

"I heard that you like our Lao Yan?" Xiao Dong smiled secretly.


 "Ah, ha ha ha..." Lin Yao giggled.


 "Good taste." Xiao Dong slapped Lin Yao on the shoulder, "Tell me what you like about him."


Lin Yao slightly stumbled, and said slowly, stabilizing her figure: "This... How do you say this, just... I suddenly thought he was pretty, ha ha ha..."


"Superficial." Xiao Dong finished the evaluation, and then laughed, "But... I really can't blame you."


"Yao Bao, Ah! When that brat Xiao Ming came over the day before yesterday, I was busy as I had to go to Hangzhou and simply said something about Lao Yan. In fact, the Lao Yan has many strong points." Xiao Dong sat down with Lin Yao. He shockingly chatted about Yan Luji and finally summed up, "Don't regard Lao Yan as a cold person and a cruel tongue. Actually, he was considerate and protective of his girlfriend. So... "

Xiao Dong held Lin Yao's hand and encouraged her: "You must hold on and marry Lao Yan... No, get a hold of him first, understand?"


"Oh." Lin Yao blinked. Something doesn't feel right. Did she do something that made Xiao Dong look at her differently? Why does he seem more concerned about making Yan Luji her boyfriend than herself?

When Xiao Dong left, Lin Yao quietly pulled out her mobile phone and sent Yue Mingyuan a WeChat message: (Is there something wrong with your cousin?)

(He has always been out of his mind.)


Lin Yao saw his response and nodded thoughtfully, feeling more relieved.


Three o'clock in the afternoon.


Lin Yao appeared in the conference room on time with a notebook, pen, and paper. Doctor Liang from the Western Health Clinic went in with her. They smiled and sequentially sat down.

After a while, a dozen people came into the meeting room one after another, half of them wearing rumpled shirts. At a glance, she could tell that they had not been home for several days.


Finally, Yan Luji came in with a laptop.


Yan Luji put the laptop on the conference table, pulled the chair open, and started the meeting without warning.

"There has been a fainting incident in the office today. I don't want that to happen again." Yan Luji glanced at the subordinates on both sides of the conference table. "Employees trading their health for the company’s performance. Such a selfless dedication. You guys should have gone to the Red Cross. Why come and work here?"

Lin Yao covered her mouth, trying not to laugh.

"Two months ago, the administration department showed me your physical examination report. All employees who have been working for more than one year were compared with the physical examination report of the same period last year. Congratulations, everyone's got something." Yan Luji's voice was so cold that they felt a chill in the air. "It's either a stomach problem or a liver problem."

"Is my R & D department an organ trading organization? You sell your livers and your kidneys in monthly installments?" He flung the papers on the table with a bang, and the group leaders in the second seat all shuddered.


It sounded so funny when the "poisonous tongue" didn't point at himself, and Lin Yao tried to keep her head down.


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