Small Medicine Packet Chapter 16 Part 2

After a while, Yan Luji opened his laptop, clicked on a PPT, and began to continue the meeting.

"When the physical examination report came over, the advice given by the hospital was to let the company employees exercise more." Yan Luji said, 

"So I made this APP, the Running APP, which has a very simple function. It records the kilometers you run and walk every day. I plan to take 5,000 CNY out of the department's funds every month as a reward fund. In other words, the person who runs the most kilometers every month can get an extra 5000 CNY." 


Lin Yao looked up. Five thousand CNY just for running? Just how good was the benefit of these people?

"I thought that this would improve everyone's physical condition. But it doesn't seem to be enough because many of you don't seem to know much about your health." Yan Luji looked at Lin Yao and Doctor Liang sitting in the back of the meeting room and said, "So I want to add some physical self-assessment tips to the APP. I wonder if Dr. Lin and Dr. Liang can provide some support."

"Ah?" Lin Yao was still immersed in the monthly running bonus and didn't react for a short while.

Doctor Liang pondered for a while and said: "I can sort out some of the usual health concerns. Including some lifestyle habits, so our colleagues can take a look at it from time to time. It will be helpful to them."


"Thank you, Doctor Liang." Yan Luji looked at Lin Yao again.


"I have a health survey report. I originally planned to post it in the TOS

system." Lin Yao introduced, "The health report is made up of 60 questions. If all the questions are answered, a simple health report will be produced, which will cover some common sub-health conditions, such as insomnia, excessive fatigue, gastrointestinal disorders and so on."


"That's good. I will put that in the APP and force them to fill it out every day."Yan Luji immediately had an idea.

 "It doesn't have to be so frequent, just once a week." Lin Yao was sweating


"When can I have it?" Yan Luji's style of doing things has always been vigorous.

Fortunately, Lin Yao has been reorganizing it for a long time, so she answered, "I'll sort it out again later. It should be ready tomorrow morning."

Dr. Liang also replied: "Then I will also find a way to organize mine tomorrow morning."


"Thank you both." Yan Luji looked at the rest of the group and announced, "When you get back, you pass this message to your team members. Everyone must download this APP. Anyone who runs no more than 15 kilometers a week...will be fired. "

After speaking, he closed his laptop, pushed the door, and left without waiting for them to respond.

Fifteen kilometers a week? That's two kilometers a day. Well, it's not bad. Lin Yao secretly calculated.


"Assistant Zhang, how can I run 15 kilometers a week?" The team leader complained, "My highest record was an average of 1,000 steps."

 "It's the same for all of us." The people on the same boat supported each other out of the meeting room.


Lin Yao silently scanned the faces of the remaining people. They all showed unhappy expressions on their faces. Lin Yao suddenly felt her life was all unreal. How could there be such people in the world?

"I have seen it for a long time." Dr. Liang is a man who has seen the world.


Lin Yao nodded.


"When I first came, I was also surprised and slowly got used to it. People from the medical circle won't understand the world of programmers."

"But it's five thousand CNY." Big money makes a brave man.


"They all have above average wages, so they don't care about such a small amount of money." Dr. Liang said, "The last time they completed a project, they

each got a bonus of 100,000."


"Their salary is that high? What about the Director?" Lin Yao could hardly imagine.

"He's a shareholder..." Dr. Liang sighed, "If I didn't see them all so miserable, I would like to change my career as a programmer."

My... My future boyfriend... Yan Luji is more expensive than I thought. 


(Xiao Ming, granted that I am a woman that chases a man, but Yan Luji and I have poor-rich disparities. Do you think I still have hope?) Lin Yao was vexed and sent Xiao Ming a WeChat message.


(Are you after his money?)


(Am I that kind of person?)


(Then you don't care whether he has money or not.)


(That's right. No, I have to work hard to make money, too.) Lin Yao clenched her fist. Chasing a man is a very expensive thing, let alone chasing a rich man. Well, I'll put a new shop in Taobao tomorrow, and try to save more money.


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