Before the Cannon Fodder Eloped Chapter 21

 Chapter 21: Home (3)

Ye Ning hid the news of Ye Qingshan's death and pretended that he was only out of town. People in this hometown are bullies. If they knew Ye Qingshan was gone, they would have no qualms at all.

"Don't be ignorant of people's good hearts. Let's go." When she heard that Ye Qingshan would come back in two days, the aunt stopped talking.

Ye Qingshan looked simple-minded, but this simple-minded man was terrifying when he's angry.

She used to bully Ye Qingshan and often took advantage of his family. Ye Qingshan did not pay any attention to her and gradually began to push her luck. Once for some unknown reason, she quarreled with former Ye Ning's mother, Li Fang, and shoved Li Fang in the end. That was the first time Ye Qingshan lost his temper and directly beat her with a shoulder pole. She then brought Ye Qinghe to fight, but Ye Qinghe came useless at all. After that incident, her aunt would behave well whenever she saw Li Fang. She didn't dare to think Ye Qingshan was easy to bully like before.

Since Ye Qingshan will come back to plant the fields himself, they really have no reason to continue to ask for the land.

"Why leave... Leave. Don't leave, you call... Call your father and tell him... We planted the fields. We... Talked about it during New Year." The eldest uncle, Ye Fangming, shouted.

"Um... Xiao Ning, your father indeed came to the old house when he left after the New Year and said that if he could not return this year, he would let us farm the fields." The old man, who had been silent, finally spoke.

Ye Ning believed this. After all, the three children in the family were not enough to manage a home on their own. Ye Qingshan hoped that his father and brothers would take care of his children. He was aware of their virtues, so he would just let them cultivate the land and take advantage of it. Unfortunately, Ye Qingshan will never be able to return home. If he could not return, then the supposed borrowed land will not be returned to them as well. Therefore, she can't let them borrow the fields.

"As you also assumed, only if he can't come back. Father told me he would come home. I have said it three times. We want to cultivate the fields by ourselves. Grandfather, my father is your biological son. It doesn't make sense to help outsiders and neglect your own son." The old man turned red.

The eldest uncle's face was even redder. He was so angry and glared at the Ye Ning with his big eyes. "Still... In high school, you... That's what your father taught you... Talk back to... Your elders?"

"I'm telling the truth. My father is not at home. You, uncles, are supposed to take care of us, but you're bullying us instead. How can there be such uncles? Don't you say anything, Grandfather?" Ye Ning stared at the old man until he turned red from anger.

"That’s enough, let's go back. When your father comes back, let him visit the old house." He knocked on his pipe and left with his two sons and daughter-in-law.

As soon as they left, Ye Lan snapped the door shut.

"Father, look at their attitude. As I told you, these three children have been corrupted by Li Fang. They have no respect for their elders at all." Ye Qinghe pointed to the door and said unhappily.

"That's enough. Let's go back." Old man Ye said unhappily.

This time, Ye An encircled Ye Ning, incessantly exaggerating how powerful his sister Ye Ning was. Ye Lan carefully looked at Ye Ning. She invariably felt that her elder sister had come back differently this time and dared to challenge their relatives.

Ye Ning patted Ye An's head and said, "Let's get inside first."

"Eldest sister, is father really coming back?" Inside the house, Ye Lan asked immediately.

Ye Qingshan didn't even have enough money when he went out, so he borrowed money from Er Mazi in the village. It's uneconomical to go back and forth.

Ye Ning looked at them, her eyes turned red immediately, "Father... He's not coming back."



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