Before the Cannon Fodder Eloped Chapter 19

 Chapter 19: Home (1)

A high school graduate in the 80s is not bad, but it wouldn't be easy to find a decent job. After all, one must rely on a backdoor connection to obtain decent work. She has no one to help her, and she can't even figure out how to make connections. 

Wang Yao's parents are both high-ranking government officials. If she could help her say a word or tip-off some information, it would be better than scurrying aimlessly.

Without further mention, Ye Ning's own father, a high school student in the early 80s, returned to his hometown to work as a farmer after graduation. As a result, one of his classmates went to town and became a town worker. Because his elder sister was in town, the classmate learned that a pharmaceutical factory was recruiting workers. His sister secretly notified him after she got the news.  And because her father had no source of information, the recruitment was over when the news reached him. Since then, he had missed a lot of opportunities. There are 22 students in their group, and only three are unemployed, just because they had no social associations and connections.   

[Checked the year. It really says that the father is a High school student in the 80s.]

When she finished packing, she glanced at Wang Yao and said, "Thank you. I'll go back first."

"When are you going back to school?" Wang Yao tied the bag and asked.

"I'll be gone for at least a week." Ye Ning took a week off, and if there is not enough time, she would have to come back to extend her leave.

Wang Yao nodded. "Class will begin in a while, so I won't see you off. You... I am sorry for your loss. Don't think too much."

"Yes, thank you." More than an hour after Ye Ning drove to the bus station with two bags of stuff, she finally returned to her hometown, Anren.

Looking at her familiar and unfamiliar hometown, Ye Ning took a deep breath and walked towards the home she remembered in her memory while carrying her things.

"Oh, isn't this Xiao Ning of Ye Lao Er's family? Why are you back?" The aunt of the same village saw Ye Ning and asked with a puzzled expression.

"Hello, Auntie. I haven't been back for a long time. I came home to visit my family." Ye Ning smiled and quickly greeted her. In the countryside, if you meet an acquaintance, you have to greet them. Otherwise, you are ill-mannered and will be gossiped behind your back.

"Yes, you must return home often and check on them, otherwise..." The aunt shook her head but didn't say anything further. She was clearly anxious for no reason.

Ye Ning frowned and went home. She will soon know why she necessarily must go home.

A grandma, who just came back from picking vegetables from the field, carrying a basket, saw Ye Ning and looked at her carefully. "Ah, it's Xiao Ning. You should hurry home. Your relatives are at your house. Don't let them bully Xiao Lan and Xiao An."

What are their relatives doing at their house? Ye Ning said hello to the grandma and ran home with her things. Before she reached the door, she heard her eldest uncle's slightly stuttering voice.

"I...I'm your uncle, and... I can hurt you."

"Precisely. As you said spring plowing is coming soon, and your family's land is all empty. We can plant it for you, and we can allocate grains to you every year, isn't that great? You're still young but you go to the fields and work all day. As your aunt, it pained me to see you like that."

The other voice came from their aunt, who loves to take advantage of everything. Whenever she comes into their house, she has no reason not to take anything out. Ye Ning dared to bet that if their field is really planted by her, it will be impossible to take it back in the future. 

It was inconvenient for Ye Ning to hold the stuff in both hands, so she kicked the door directly, and the clang startled the people inside. In addition to her uncles and aunt, their grandfather was also there. The step-grandmother cherishes her reputation. She will not come forward in this kind of situation. 

When they saw that it was Ye Ning, the people inside breathed a sigh of relief. They all knew that the eldest daughter was soft and would only cry if something happened. The most difficult to handle in this family was the second daughter, Ye Lan. She was like a mad dog. She would bite anyone she catches.



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