Before the Cannon Fodder Eloped Chapter 17

 Chapter 17: Arrived at last (2)

The woman turned pale and confessed the whole process.

That morning, when the man opened his wallet, she saw him pressing it under his pillow and she couldn't help but be greedy. When he went to the toilet, she quickly stole more than 100 yuan by shaking the quilt. She went back to bed and lay down. The woman and Ye Ning were head to head, and she thought that one has taken, another one can also be taken. She couldn't help but rummage through Ye Ning's bag. Just after she started, the person from the opposite bed came back, so she stopped. They will arrive at the next stop in ten minutes, so she planned to pretend to sleep for another minute or two and then pack up and leave immediately. The woman didn't expect the man to come back so quickly, and the first thing he did was open his wallet. 

"Comrade Police, this is my first time. I didn't mean to steal it. It was all his intention to count the money to tempt me." The woman pointed at the man and shouted injustice.

Not to mention the man, even the police and Ye Ning were shocked. So, it was the owner's fault now that she had stolen the money?

In this era, the crime of stealing things is not a small topic. No matter how she cried out, she was detained by the police when she arrived at the site. Another Police Officer asked Ye Ning to go back first, leaving the man to make some records.

"Did she really go through your bag? Asked the girl on her left.

"Well, I can't speak up if I have not lost anything." Ye Ning took a look at her but didn't continue to talk. It was only a few hours before she arrived at Lishan City, and as the saying goes, the closer you were to your hometown, the more uneasy you felt. Even before she reached her hometown, Ye Ning began to be nervous.

It’s okay to face those relatives and friends. The former Ye Ning has been attending high school in the county. Therefore, it is reasonable for her relatives to not see her changes for the past two years. Especially when her father has just died, her temperament change will not be suspicious. But what greatly bothered her was former Ye Ning's younger siblings as she was at a loss on how to get along with them.

Besides, there is still a hard battle to fight once she returns. Ye Qingshan and the fellow in the same village did not work in the same place. But they would later or sooner know what had happened to her father and the compensation she received from the mining company. Once the people in the village knew, so will her grandfather and step-grandmother.

Former Ye Ning’s step-grandmother would surely encourage her grandfather to ask for the money. Besides, her two uncles, who both came out from her step-grandmother’s belly, had no self-respect, so they probably also wanted to take a bite of her father's compensation.

The relatives are like this. It would be good if the village people won't drop stones on someone who has already fallen down the well.

The people in rural areas were unsophisticated. She doesn't know who propagated this idea, but Ye Ning grew up in the countryside, and she clearly knew what was going on within.

When there is no interest, the villagers are really warm and hospitable. Once the issue is linked to their own interests, they would definitely fight back to death. The villagers often quarreled or even fought over the fields and water, and people sometimes would die for it. 

Influence, fussing over minor matters, bullying the weak and fear the strong, and the love of petty gain. In rural areas, the weak would certainly be oppressed.

Without Ye Qingshan as the mainstay of their family, it would be not easy for them to live in the countryside as their elders were not united. Fortunately, the means of communication are underdeveloped. The news of Ye Qingshan's accident must not have reached back to the village. Ye Ning wondered if she should hide the news first and send out an obituary later, wait until she brings her younger siblings to the county town to settle down. Otherwise, the village wouldn't let them go if there was a dispute over her father's compensation.

At 1: 30 in the afternoon, she finally arrived in Lishan City. Ye Ning got off the train with her luggage and took a deep breath. Anyhow, she received the memory of the 19-year old Ye Ning, so she had to shoulder her responsibilities. She would raise her younger siblings no matter what and would look forward to their future ahead.

It's easy to ask around when you get to Lishan City. You can walk to the bus station in seven or eight minutes. There are two buses from Lishan City to Huanshan County, and Ye Ning was just in time for the last one.

"Where to?" The conductor asked indifferently.

"To Huanshan County." The attitudes of various service personnel are surprisingly poor in this era, and Ye Ling has been used to it these days.

It takes an hour and a half from Lishan City to Huanshan County. With her heavy coat around her arm, Ye Ning looked at the scenery along the way through the window. There are no tall and towering buildings but farmland everywhere. Ye Ning looked at some places and could tell the future buildings. If she bought a piece of land in these places, she would have made a fortune after the demolition.

Well, sixty thousand yuan is quite a lot but it's not enough to buy a piece of land.



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