Small Medicine Packet Chapter 15

Early on Saturday morning, Yue Mingyuan appeared at Xiao Dong's door with a bright sunny face carrying a bunch of breakfast.

"Go ahead. Say it." Xiao Dong took a sip of soya-bean milk and asked, "What's the matter?"

Xiao Dong was also curious. Last night, this kid suddenly called to offer him a drink. When he heard that he was not free, he unexpectedly went to his door this early morning.

"I want to ask you something." Yue Mingyuan said with a smile.

"If you have something to say, say it quickly!" Xiao Dong glared at Yue Mingyuan, "I have to go to Hangzhou in a while."

"Then I will be direct. Are you familiar with the Director named Yan Luji in your company?" Yue Mingyuan asked directly.

"Lao Yan? Yes, he was my classmate back in high school. Why are you asking about him?" Xiao Dong was puzzled.

"Then, is he single?" Yue Mingyuan asked again.

"He... You..." The soya-bean milk in the horrified Xiao Dong's hand dropped.  "Aunt said that you've been looking for girlfriends every day, but none of them have been taken home. It turns out that you..."

"Guess what?" Yue Mingyuan interrupted his cousin's paranoia and said straight to the point, "Well, I have a friend who has a crush on your classmate and she asked me to inquire about his circumstances."

"Someone has a crush on Lao Yan?" Xiao Dong looked at his cousin and thought about it. He dared not believe his speculation. "It's your friend again. You're not referring to Doctor Lin, right?"

"Hmm." Yue Mingyuan nodded.

"Really? Dr. Lin?" Xiao Dong's eyes widened.

 "So cousin, can you answer my questions now?"

"Of course!" Xiao Dong slapped the table excitedly, "If there's anything you want to know, just ask me."

Therefore, the great battle of enquiring Yan Luji's details achieved complete success. Of course, with the help and full cooperation of the enemy and friendly forces. 


Lin Yao was sorting out anti-mosquito medicine in the living room while listening to Yue Mingyuan's relay of the information he had heard.

"According to my cousin, he has a clean family background, and his parents are senior intellectuals. He has great ability. You can see that as he graduated from university and took the position of Teng Feng R&D Director in just a few years." Yue Mingyuan added, "He's also versatile. It is said that he can play piano and guitar."

"He can play the piano? He doesn't look like one." Lin Yao was surprised.

"The most important thing is that he is single at the moment." Yue Mingyuan pointed out.

Lin Yao's hand holding the herbal medicine loosened. She turned around and said excitedly, "Then, can I start striking?"

"Didn't you say you want to observe first?" Yue Mingyuan said disgustedly. Yesterday she said she wanted to observe, but today she's saying she wanted to get to work.

"What's the harm?" Lin Yao choked embarrassedly.

"I haven't finished speaking yet." Yue Mingyuan continued, "The Director once had a girlfriend, a childhood sweetheart. It is said that they had a good relationship before."

"So what? They've broken up and over. So I don't CARE." Lin Yao added, “Who doesn’t have a few predecessors ah!”

"Then how many exes do you have?" Yue Mingyuan asked curiously.

Lin Yao's eyes dodged and her voice unconsciously became louder: "Why would I tell you? "

"When you are guilty, you tend to speak out loudly. Seeing you this way, I could tell that you haven't been in a relationship." Yue Mingyuan made a precise guess.

"Nonsense, I received a love letter when I was in the third grade of primary school."

"You still can't forget your third-grade stuff? I see you've been empty for a long time."

"It’s because I have high standards. I would rather go without than make do with a substandard substitute."

"Excuses. No need to explain."

"Yue Xiaoming, are you tired of living?" Lin Yao was so angry that she rushed to pick up the pillow and smashed it on Yue Mingyuan.

Yue Mingyuan finished his information and went on a date. Lin Yao worked hard to make 300 anti-mosquito packets at home.

Then she took out her mobile phone and clicked on YanYuLuJi's Taobao ID message (The medicine packet has been made and can be delivered this afternoon.)

(Thank you.) The other party was unexpectedly online.

(Can I take the liberty of asking you a question?) Perhaps it is because the ID of the other party is somewhat similar to Yan Luji's name, so by a curious coincidence, Lin Yao wanted to consult the other party about some things.

(Go ahead.)

(Well, I've recently fallen in love with a guy. Do you think it's too cheap for me to take the initiative to pursue this guy as a girl?) Lin Yao was perturbed.

(It's a good thing to be brave in pursuing your own happiness. Besides, the shop owner is so lovely, and the person you like must be very lucky. Come on.)

(I'm relieved to hear you say so. I'll send you an extra medicine package later. Take it as my thank you. It's a small gift, but it's the thought that counts.)

 (I wish you success.)

Yan Luji put down the phone, smiled, and shook his head, suddenly a little envious of those boys and girls who dared to chase love.



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