Small Medicine Packet Chapter 15 Part 2


 Ding Dong

Yan Luji picked up his mobile phone again with some doubts and found that Xiao Dong had sent him a WeChat.

(I'm walking around Hangzhou West Lake. I'm feeling it. Lao Yan, your peach blossom is about to bloom.)

(Psycho.) Yan Luji responded. 

Xiao Dong stood on the broken bridge and saw his friend's response. He gritted his teeth angrily and secretly decided: "I will go see Dr. Lin on Monday. I will serve her as a strategist throughout the whole process. I don’t believe we can’t get you."

On Monday, Xiao Dong arrived in a hurry to watch the excitement.

It's a pity that there are too many things to deal with on Monday. When Xiao Dong finished his work, he went to the health care room to look for Lin Yao for further discussion, but Lin Yao went to the 12th floor to see a patient.

Feifei pulled Lin Yao all the way from the eighth-floor health care room to the twelfth floor, squeezed out the crowd, and took her directly to a desk.

"Dr. Lin, take a look. Xiao Fang suddenly fainted." Feifei anxiously pointed to the unconscious man lying on the table.

"You all give way, don't surround him." When Lin Yao saw the patient, his face looked just. She first explored Xiao Fang's neck with her hand. She then grasped Xiao Fang's hand and began to feel his pulse.

"When I came in this morning, I found that Xiao Fang didn't look well. I asked him what was wrong. He said it didn't matter that he didn't sleep well because he was busy with the program over the weekend. I wanted to get him something to eat, but as soon as I brought it over, he suddenly fainted." Feifei took advantage of Lin Yao's pulse diagnosis and explained the cause and effect.

Lin Yao nodded and continued to check his pulse carefully. Xiao Fang's pulse was deep and weak, accompanied by regular stops. His face was sallow, and his eyes were dark, but his breath was long, and his heartbeat was almost flat.

"What's the matter?" Yan Luji ran over when he heard the news, "What happened to him?"

"He's okay." Lin Yao withdrew her hand, stood up, and said, "He was just too tired and fell asleep."

"Asleep?" Yan Luji said in disbelief.

"He seemed to be mentally stressed, plus he hasn't slept for a long time. But for some reason, he suddenly felt relaxed so he fell asleep at once." Lin Yao explained: "There is no serious problem. Help him sleep in the clinic and hang a bottle of glucose."

"Where is the patient?" At this time, Dr. Liang of the Western Medicine Health Care Department rushed over and greeted Lin Yao. "Dr. Lin, you are here. Have you seen the patient?"

"Yes, he is overfatigued." Lin Yao said.

Doctor Liang went to check again and found that there was no serious problem. He asked two people to help him carry Xiao Fang to the infirmary.

Before she left, Lin Yao thought about it, turned around, and said, "When I was taking his pulse, I found that Xiao Fang had some problems with his stomach and liver. He is still young and he may be able to take care of himself. But if the work pressure is always so heavy and there is no good rest, one will easily collapse."

Yan Luji was stunned and did not speak.

"I know it is a common thing in the IT industry to work overtime, but we can't consume our health endlessly. It's not something you can fix by having a couple of doctors repair it."

Yan Luji looked at Lin Yao who turned and left. He was silent for a while and called the team leader and asked: "What the hell is going on?"

"I asked Xiao Fang to design a front-end server. When I checked it last Friday, I found that there were many mistakes. I asked him to fix it and give it to me this Monday. Who knew when he gave it to me, he..." The team leader just wanted to finish the project on time and didn't expect this to happen.

He glanced at the employees in the office. Most of them had chicken nest heads and greasy faces. It's obvious that they had not gone home for several days.

"What project are you working on?" Yan Luji asked.

"Flying Fox's mobile App." Said the team leader.

"When will it be delivered?"

"Next week," The team leader said.

"How long have you been working overtime?"

"Half a month." The team leader whispered.

"I will ask three teams to come and help you, and for working overtime in the future..." Yan Luji saw their tired eyes and said: "It can't exceed 10: 30."

"Yes, thank you, Director." The team leader who hadn't been home in four or five days was excited.

Yan Luji went back to his office and called his assistant.

 "Director." Assistant Zhang knocked at the door and came in.

"Put off everything in the afternoon, and inform the heads of all departments, as well as the doctors of TCM Clinic and Western Medicine Clinic, to have a meeting in the conference room at three in the afternoon."


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