Small Medicine Packet Chapter 14 Part 2

Yan Luji couldn't say he had slept very well, but he really hasn't slept so peacefully for a long time. He woke up in a daze and raised his hand to see the time. It turned out that it was already half past one in the afternoon.

Did he sleep for three and a half hours? Yan Luji couldn't believe it.

There was a meeting at two, so he got up, straightened his messy hair and collar, and exited the screen. The man who was going to say hello to Lin Yao saw someone sleeping soundly on the desk.

The man raised his hand to confirm the time again, then turned back to the screen, took the blanket from the bed, and went to someone, carefully draped the blanket over the sleeping Lin Yao.

It's really enviable to sleep and drool.

Yan Luji moved the teacup out of Lin Yao's hand to prevent her from accidentally touching it. He picked up the post-it paper on the table and left a line of words. He got up, but before leaving the clinic, he adjusted the temperature of the air conditioning.

"BOSS." On his way back, Yan Luji happened to meet Assistant Zhang, who was looking for him.

"The person from the Orange Hotel is here?" Yan Luji asked.

"Already in the conference room." Assistant Zhang said.

"Bring the materials to the conference room." Yan Luji gave an order and turned to the conference room.


Lin Yao, who was full of sleep, woke up in a daze. As soon as she sat up straight, the blanket on her back snapped and fell to the ground. Lin Yao picked it up blankly. She obviously couldn’t remember putting it on.

"Huh?" Lin Yao saw the eye-catching note on the computer screen.

(The working time in the afternoon is 13:00.)

"How dare you talk about me?" Lin Yao tore off the note. "You come to bed at 10:00 in the morning, and I haven't gone to HR to complain yet."

After she had finished, Lin Yao glanced at the blanket in her hand and said unbelievably: "Could it be..."

"He didn't wake me up, knowing I'd overslept. But instead covered me with a blanket?" Lin Yao seems to have discovered the New World. "This typical duplicity and warm male style ah!"

Lin Yao laughed, folded the blanket, and put it back on the folding bed. Then she wrapped the tranquilizer bag on the bedside table and put it away.

 "It's not a waste of my packet medicine."


It was Monday when he slept well in the clinic. Since Yan Luji wanted to try it again after experiencing it once, he would run to the TCM Clinic at noon every day to check-in. Lin Yao knew that he doesn't sleep well, so naturally, she didn't stop him. And the relationship between them had eased during this period.

It's just that the two people see more and interact more. While the relationship between the two eased, Lin Yao's young girl's heart, which fell in love with the male god in the park, at first sight, began to beat restlessly again.

Today, when Lin Yao went back to work after her afternoon nap, Lin Yao couldn't bear it anymore and called her best friend, Xiao Ming.

"Do you think he was trying to seduce me?" Lin Yao asked, clutching her chest.

"Don't make excuses for your lewdness." Yue Mingyuan said without hesitation. 

"So he didn't seduce me by running to sleep here at noon every day..."

"It's obviously a sleep disorder. He wanted to have some sleep so he went to the clinic to rest. Don't turn the black and white upside down. If those people who were coming there just to sleep knew that you were thinking about them that way, they would be scared to death..."

 "Which side are you on?" Lin Yao questioned.

 "Alright, alright. Go on..."

"I thought about it recently. In fact, he is actually a good person. Look, when I fell asleep, he even covered me with a blanket, and he would smile at me and stop embarrassing me." Lin Yao counted them one by one. "And the last time I was hit by a delivery bike, he ran down from his car and took me to the side of the road. After sending me back, he carefully helped me with the medicine."

"Did you forget that he kicked you out of bed?"

"Isn't that a misunderstanding?" Lin Yao said.

"So, what do you mean?"

"Xiao Ming, I feel that I am about to lose control." Lin Yao wailed.

"No one will let you control either." Yue Mingyuan laughed loudly.

"Ask your cousin about his personal details." Lin Yao said while scratching the table.

"Is that why you're calling?" Yue Mingyuan rolled his eyes at the other end.

"Will you help me? Lin Yao asked.

"Do you really like him?" Yue Mingyuan asked in disbelief.

"You first ask your cousin for me, and then I'll see." Lin Yao said.


"Alright. I will make an appointment with my cousin tomorrow weekend, and then I will dig out all 18 generations of his ancestors for you." Yue Mingyuan said outright.

 "Xiao Ming, loyal enough!"



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  2. Cousing will think that Best Friend is trying to dig out his rival's information


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