Small Medicine Packet Chapter 13 Part 2


"You deserve to be called a true friend." Lin Yao thumbs up.


"Here he comes, get ready." Yue Mingyuan saw a figure running over from a distance, and immediately turned around to remind Lin Yao, and then threw the lighter on the ground.


Yue Mingyuan and others ran past him and he immediately picked up the lighter on the ground and shouted, "Hey, buddy! Wait a minute."


Yan Luji heard someone calling him, he stopped and turned around doubtfully. He saw a fashionably dressed man chasing after him with a lighter and said: "You dropped your lighter."

Yan Luji shook his head and said, "I didn't drop it."


When Lin Yao saw Yue Mingyuan stopped someone, she immediately limped to the two men. As she walked, she pretended and asked, "Xiao Ming, what's the matter?"

Yan Luji heard a familiar voice, and unconsciously frowned when he saw a woman limping towards them.


Lin Yao, who walked closer, looked up and saw the other person's face. She immediately took a cold breath, covered her mouth with her hands, and her face was full of panic. "What the hell..." 


"Be reserved." Xiao Ming, who thought that she was just amazed by the male god's appearance, whispered in Lin Yao's ear.


"Is your foot better?" Although Lin Yao staggered, it was better than it was at noon.


"Y-Yeah... Much better." Lin Yao hasn't reacted.


"You ... know each other?" Yue Mingyuan asked in confusion.

"You are Xiao Dong's cousin." Seeing Lin Yao, Yan Luji immediately guessed Xiao Ming's identity.


"Yeah." Yue Mingyuan nodded blankly.


"The lighter is not mine, you can ask someone else." Yan Luji nodded, put on the earphones, and continued running.


"What the hell is going on?" Yue Mingyuan can't help but ask when Yan Luji ran away.


"Don't ask, hurry." Lin Yao urged Yue Mingyuan to escape from the park.

Thirty minutes later, Lin Yao's living room.


"In other words, the male god of the park is the director of the R&D Department who has always been looking down on you." Yue Mingyuan, who understood the cause and effect, concluded.


 "That's right." Lin Yao nodded.


"Dog blood." Yue Mingyuan commented.

 [T/N: Dog blood 狗血啊 Guo Xue means nonsense, exaggeration, and incredible. The so-called "dog blood" refers to the plots that are constantly remakes and imitated in TV dramas, to describe those similar plots, poor imitations, or very exaggerated and fake performances that often appear.]

Lin Yao pulled the pillow on the sofa and smashed it.


"But your preferences are consistent." Yue Mingyuan still remembers that Lin Yao told him that Yan Luji is her favorite type.

"What should I do now?" Lin Yao cried and collapsed on the sofa.


"What's so tangled about this?" Yue Mingyuan saw Lin Yao's expression as if she was bereaved and asked.


"The male god I fell in love with at first sight is actually Yan Luji." Lin Yao still couldn’t believe it.


"If you like him, then go after him." Yue Mingyuan encouraged, "It doesn't matter who he is..."


"But  a few days ago, I scolded and told him he can't find a girlfriend due to kidney deficiency." Lin Yao grimaced.


[T/N: Kidney Deficiency - sex function loss or impotence. Mentioned chapter 11 part2]

"Hahaha..." Yue Mingyuan's stomach ached from laughter. "The evils we bring on ourselves are the hardest to bear." 

"Get lost!" Lin Yao threw another pillow over.


"But you can take it yourself too so that you can save others from harm." Yue Mingyuan catches the pillow.

"Don't gloat and take pleasure in other people's misfortune." 

"Well, work on it yourself." Yue Mingyuan stood up and said, "I'll go back first. Tomorrow weekend, you will stay at home to recover and I will pick you up to work on Monday."


Lin Yao waved unbearably.


Sigh, why is it Yan Luji of all people? My budding love root died just like this?




Two o'clock late at night.


After tossing and turning in bed, Yan Luji got out, went to the kitchen, and poured a cup of cold water. After taking a drink, he picked up his mobile phone and clicked Taobao.

From his Favorites page, he found the store of mosquito repellent packs. He placed an order and purchased it.


 Ding! Ding!


(Sorry, the mosquito repellent packs are sold out and are out of stock for now.)


Yan Luji frowned and replied: (When will it be available?)


(It's going to take a week.)


(Can you speed it up? I need it urgently.)


(I'm so sorry. The owner's foot is injured and can't go out for a while. )


(Please deliver some to me as soon as you have them. I wish you a speedy recovery.)


 (Okay, thank you.) 

He put down his phone and felt the pain in his head worsen. His insomnia is getting worse and worse. Now he's out of stock of the only medicine that could improve his sleep. What will he do next week?



Thank you.