Before the Cannon Fodder Eloped Chapter 9

 Chapter 9: Leaving (3)

"As you know, my family's condition is not bad. My family is in trouble this time, but my father still left some money for me. Besides the cash and food stamps, my father also gave me..." Sun Yaojun glanced around and whispered close to Ye Ning. "Two small yellow croakers, so you don't have to worry about our livelihood when we get to Yangcheng. We'll stay with my relatives for a few days. When we get to know the place well, I'll find a house outside. I'll never let you depend on others. "

[T/N: 两根小黄鱼 Two small yellow croakers means gold bars here]

Sun Yaojun not only wanted to appease Ye Ning's heart but also wanted to tell her that he had absolutely no intention of coveting her money.

The former Ye Ning may not have known and may have been moved by Sun Yaojun's, but how can the 29-years-old Ye Ning not understand his little thoughts? She sneered at him in her heart but her face showed a lot of anticipation for their future. 

 "I know. It doesn't matter if I suffer a little, so long as I'm with you." She said, revealing a shy smile.


Isn't it just acting? Although she is not Cobain trained, it is still easy to deal with Sun Yaojun, who is only 20 years old now.


[T/N: 科班 Cobain/Coban/Keban, the old place where Chinese opera actors were trained. Keban is a group similar to a theater troupe. It also cultivates new talents and inherits the art of opera. ]

"Fool, how could I let you suffer hardship with me?" As he said, he took out a small stack of food stamps without even looking at them. "You take this first, mainly because it's not safe on this train. When we get to Yangcheng, I'll give everything to you."


Ye Ning hurriedly declined, "I can't take this, I have it myself."


Sun Yaojun simply gave them to Ye Ning and made all kinds of promises to her. The sweet words even flowed out like free money.

"What you said sounds good. Who knows if you can do it in the future." Ye Ning squinted at him.


"Don't you believe my words?" Sun Yaojun's face was full of sincerity, but he didn't swear by heaven.

There are few descriptions about Sun Yaojun and the former Ye Ning in the book. But Sun Yaojun was certainly busy going out early and returning late at the beginning of his business. Moreover, his business was not always smooth sailing. He was down and out at first. During those times, he was accompanied by the former Ye Ning. There seemed to be a paragraph where Sun Yaojun recalled his difficulties at that time. He couldn't even afford meat, and every day were green vegetables and bean sprouts.

Since he has eaten green vegetables and bean sprouts, she must have eaten them too. Her suffering possibly was more difficult than this. The former Ye Ning was absolutely the ruined wife of Sun Yaojun. Unfortunately, in the end, she couldn't even be a wife and tragically died.

 At this time, they heard the broadcast saying they had arrived in Dongshan city. Ye Ning simply packed her things and followed Sun Yaojun to the door to get off the train.

"After a while, you should hold my clothes and follow me closely. It's very dangerous to get lost here." Sun Yaojun scared Ye Ning.

"Don't worry, I will follow you closely." Ye Ning's eyes glistened, thinking about how to get rid of Sun Yaojun.


She followed Sun Yaojun and got off the train. There was a large crowd of people standing outside. At this time, the main means of transportation was the train. Even if it was not a holiday, there were still many people taking the train.


Ye Ning, holding a hot pancake, deliberately separated from sun Yaojun when she was hit by someone. There were many people between them. Ye Ning shouted at Sun Yaojun, "There are too many people here. I will go back and wait for you on the train. "


When Sun Yaojun wanted to pass by, he was separated by a huge number of people who came to catch the train. He could only wave his hand and say, "Then go back to the train and wait for me. I'll buy some food and be back."

Ye Ning nodded and handed a written letter to the train crew at the door. "Hello, Comrade, please give this letter to Comrade Lin Zhi. She will understand after reading it."

When she mentioned the name and told him to send the letter to Comrade Lin Zhi, the train crew at the door did not suspect her. He accepted the letter, turned around, indicating that he would hand it over.


There is a wall in the lounge, on which the pictures of the train crews and the shift schedule are hung, so Ye Ning knew Comrade Lin's name. Otherwise, she'd have to talk more about it. When the letter was delivered, Ye Ning glanced back in Sun Yaojun's direction and walked away quickly with the passengers who had got off the train.



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