Before the Cannon Fodder Eloped Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Leaving (2)

She forgot that the train ticket was easier to buy this time. Ye Ning was worried that she could not get it, so she could only find a way out with the train chief. Now that it is possible, there is no need to ask the train chief, which saves her from looking for reasons.

Back in the lounge, Sun Yaojun was still asleep. Ye Ning poured some hot water and drank it leisurely. She took a glance at his luggage. When he went out this time, his father gave him a lot of money and food stamps, and there should be some gold and silver jewelry too. After all, his father came from a small village so he only knew how to hide some gold when raiding homes before, and he had no idea what was really valuable. How many historical relics were destroyed by these ignorant people?

Of course, she did not care about other people's money as Sun Yaojun did. After leaving today, they will become strangers and would never interact with each other again.

There is less than an hour left from the next stop. She has to plan how to leave. 


If she gets off the train, Sun Yaojun would definitely follow her. If she took the

opportunity to leave, Sun Yaojun would definitely find her and he might stay with her in Dongshan City. This was not the result she wanted. So when outside, she must let Sun Yaojun back on the train, while she stays. This is the first point.

Then she has to leave a letter to Sun Yaojun. If she disappears, the train crew might not notice that she's gone for so long but Sun Yaojun will find out immediately. If he can't find her, he will find the train crew or even the train chief, and most likely call the police. When that happens, the police will contact the Police in Dongshan city or her hometown. It is not good for her if things become too serious, so she had to leave a letter to Sun Yaojun, half threatening and half intimidating. She can't let him call the police nor let him come back to find her.


She took out a pen and paper from her bag and wrote a letter quickly. Then she wrote another letter to Comrade Lin, thanking her for her care and asking her to deliver the letter to Sun Yaojun.


When Sun Yaojun woke up, he saw Ye Ning, he said with a smile, "How long have I been sleeping? Why didn't you wake me?"


"Not long. I didn't wake you up when I saw you sleeping soundly." Ye Ning's eyes curved and she smiled very nicely. "It's almost the next stop.  I asked the train crew and she said we would stop for 15 minutes. I wanted to go outside for some air."

"Fifteen minutes is not very long and it's so crowded that it's troublesome to go down and come up. If you can't bear it any longer, you'll be fine when we get to Yangcheng." No one will take care of their luggage on the train so they have to take it with them when they get off the train. It's very troublesome.


"But I do want to get out for some air." Ye Ning was just trying to put on a show, but she didn't expect that these eyes would burst into tears.

Sun Yaojun couldn't bear to see her like this. He immediately said, "Okay, let's go down and get some air."

Ye Ning smiled through tears and then said, "We have a lot of luggage. Why don't you stay on the train and I'll go down by myself?"


"No, I'll join you. Dongshan city is a big station. There will be a lot of people, so as not to crowd you." Sun Yaojun got up and took out his personal bag. There was a small stack of money and a large stack of food stamps in it. She doesn't know how much they were but presumably, it's a lot.

 Aware of Ye Ling's gaze, Sun Yaojun not only didn't evade but also widened the opening of the bag to make Ye Ning see more clearly.




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