Before the Cannon Fodder Eloped Chapter 7


Chapter 7: Leaving (1)

 [T/N: Train conductor is changed to train chief]

Originally, the train crew didn’t agree to take her to see the train chief. But she couldn't stand Ye Ning's begging. "Comrade, you see I am not a bad person, nor do I want to ask the train chief for something. I just want to thank him in person. After thanking him, I will leave."

"Alright. Our chief is very busy. You can see him and leave when you're done thanking him." The train crew is a woman in her early forties, who was easy to talk to. If not then Ye Ning's begging would be useless. 

When he saw Ye Ning, the train chief smiled, "Is your health better?"

"Thanks to the chief and the doctor. Otherwise, it would have been really dangerous." When Ye Ning saw the train chief, he was as kind as she had expected, and pondered how to tell him her story.


The former Ye Ning eloped with Sun Yaojun. So no matter how she explains it, what they did is wrong. It is absolutely impossible, to tell the truth, and she has to think of a good reason.



"It’s what we should do. Don't be so polite. You just got sick and it's chilly outside. Go back and have more rest. If you have any difficulties, you can ask for Xiao Lin." The train chief pointed to the train crew standing beside Ye Ning. 

"I would also like to thank this comrade for her enthusiastic help. She was worried that I will disturb your work. I asked for a long time before she agreed." This not only explained why the train crew would bring outsider but also put in a good word for her.

Sure enough, the train crew named Lin looked at Ye Ning more kindly.


"You and the doctor are the people who have saved my life. I should thank you personally, both emotionally and logically. I am now well so quickly, thanks to the porridge you gave me." Ye Ning saw the train chief smiling, so she didn't guess wrong. The porridge was not asked by Sun Yaojun at all but given by the train chief. "Now that I'm well, I'll go back to my seat. I've occupied your lounge for so long that you haven't had a good rest."

The train conductor looked at the little girl who was about the same age as her daughter and smiled kindly. "It's okay. I can rest in the office, be at ease to use that room"

Ye Ning thanked him again, afraid of delaying the train chief's work, and went back with Xiao Lin.

Just now, Ye Ling's mind has never stopped. Different times and different ideas make it normal for men and women to fall in love in the future. Divorce is a rare and common thing, but this time it's a big thing. So there is a possibility that she will lose her life because she eloped with her lover. She has already died once and was reborn. So this time around her life couldn't be over without a start.

Looking for the train chief didn't work. Ye Ning asks the train crew and inquires about the situation. "Comrade Lin, may I call you that?"

"Of course, the train chief has just explained it. If you have any difficulties, just ask me." Comrade Lin is obviously much more enthusiastic than before.

"Are you busy now? I'd like to ask you what's the next stop? " Ye Ling and Comrade Lin talked as they walked.

"I thought it was something else." Comrade Lin just thought of what convenience Ye Ning wanted. "The next stop is Dongshan City, where we will stop for 15 minutes. Are you tired after taking the train all day and night? When the time comes, you can go down and get some air on the platform but don't go too far. The train won't wait for anyone."

"Can I get a ticket reimbursement for missing the train?" A half-joked question from Ye Ning.

"Are you really going out for a walk?" Comrade Lin smiled gently. "If you miss it, you can't reimburse the ticket nor refund the money. You can only buy a new train ticket from Dongshan City to Yangcheng."

If she can still buy train tickets, then it means she can also buy a ticket back to Nanjiang Province.

"Does Dongshan City has a train going back to Nanjiang Province?" Ye Ning hurriedly asked.


"There should be a train from Dongshan City to Nanjiang Province. I just don't know the specific time." Xiao Lin looked at Ye Ning suspiciously. "Why? Are you going back to Nanjiang Province?"

"No, I'm just curious." As long as there’s a train, it will do.

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