Before the Cannon Fodder Eloped Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Arrived at last (1)

In 1982, a hundred yuan was a lot of money. His companion helped to find the money together, while the other went directly to the police.

Ye Ning has been observing the expression of the woman on her right. She had been pretending to be asleep, but when the middle-aged woman heard that someone had gone to the police, her body moved. After a closer look, Ye Ning could see that her eyes were moving all the time.

People in the entire train coach checked their own things, afraid that they might lose their valuables. As a result, the young man was the only one who lost his money. After a while, the police came. They first asked the man how much money he had lost, then asked him when he lost it, and next asked the people around him. During this time, the woman on the right has been pretending to sleep, which is even more unreasonable. How can one lie still with all this noise?

Ye Ning raised her hand. "Comrade, when I went to wash my face just now, I came back and found that my bag had also been touched, but I didn't lose anything, so I didn't say anything about it."

Hearing that Ye Ning's bag had also been turned over, the two police officers looked at each other and looked at the middle-aged woman between the man and Ye Ning.

"Comrade, wake up."

The police were even more suspicious because they couldn't wake her up no matter how they called. Given the difference between men and women, the police looked for a female train crew to wake the woman up.

"Oh, you scared me to death! What are you doing? I only got on the train at midnight last night, so I'm so sleepy. What happened for you to wake me up?" Said the woman, clutching her heart.

"Comrade, please cooperate with our investigation. Where were you between seven and seven ten in the morning? Are there any witnesses who can prove your whereabouts?" The police let the woman out of bed.

"I got in the train in the middle of the night. Everyone who was stuck here knew I was sleepy and slept all the time. Everyone in this coach can testify to that. What happened here that the police have been called?" The woman looked upset when she was woken up. She fiddled and pulled but could not get down.

In fact, many people in the carriage doubted her, and no one dropped anything in the entire coach. It happened that the passenger on her left said that her bag had been flipped. While the passenger on her right lost his money, and both were in the upper bunk. So, the first suspect was her.

"I don't know the specific time, but she got up just when the girl went to wash her face." The girl in the middle bunk opposite Ye Ning told what she saw.

No one can rest easy when a thief is around; he must be caught and brought to justice.

"Don't talk nonsense. When did I get up from 7: 00 to 7: 10?" The woman denied it outright.

"I said, I don't know the specific time because I only took a look at her when she went to wash her face. You have been shaking the quilt.  I just told what I saw." The girl was not afraid of her and loudly said.

 "I don't have a watch, so I don't know what time it was when I washed my face, but I came back at the same time with that comrade who lost his money." Ye Ning said truthfully.

This time, the woman's mouth is full of sophistry. The police let her down and prepared to search the bed. The woman not only refused to go down but also plopped down and howled, saying that the police had wronged the good people and she wanted to complain about them.

In the end, she was taken away forcibly. In this era, if you want to fight against law enforcement, you are making trouble!

The man who lost his money and Ye Ning also went with them. At first, the middle-aged woman refused to admit it. She waited for more than half an hour, but no evidence was found from her luggage, so she denied it. A policewoman came and took her to a room and searched her. At last, she found over a hundred yuan hidden in the middle-aged woman’s bra.




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