Before the Cannon Fodder Eloped Chapter 15

 Chapter 15: Thief (3)

Only a few beds were left empty in the whole train coach. Ye Ning's left was a girl in her twenties, and her right side was vacant. She nodded at the girl first and then placed her luggage in the inside position and lay down with her eyes closed.

She spent the whole morning lying in her own bed. After dinner, she got up to get hot water and went to the bathroom. She ate two boiled tea eggs and a steamed bun with the hot water, and the meal was over.

Apart from going to the restroom in the afternoon, Ye Ning has never left the bed and lay down all the time. As for lying tired for too long, it will never happen. Ye Ning's biggest dream is to lie down quietly. Every weekend, she often spent the day at home and doesn't even bother to get up to eat. Dinner is still boiled tea eggs, steamed buns, and hot water. After eating, she walked twice in the aisle and went back to her bunk to lie down and sleep.

A man and a woman were sitting on the lower bunk opposite Ye Ning. The man was the one who wanted to help Ye Ning carry her luggage in the morning and kept looking up at her bed.

"What, have a crush on her?" The woman asked.

"Don't talk nonsense. I just wonder why she doesn't come down." The man said quickly.

The woman curled her lips. "So it's not because she's beautiful, it's just men have the same virtue."

The man glanced at her, frowned, and said: "Don't talk nonsense. Let's get some rest."

Ye Ning didn't know that she had become the subject of other people's discussions. She sleeps a little too much during the day and couldn't sleep at night. Ye Ning tossed and turned around. Now that she has no mobile phone nor computer, she suddenly felt that the night was particularly long and challenging.

Around one o'clock in the morning, a person came to the bed next to Ye Ning. A middle-aged woman in her 40s. At first glance, Ye Ning could tell she's the kind of woman not to be trifled with. Sure enough, she quarreled with the people in the lower berth in a short time. The reason was that the person in the lower bunk moved too much, which disturb her sleep. Ye Ning, who had a hard time falling asleep, was a little angry. Others didn't know it, but she knew very well that the woman next to her was tossing more, and her voice was louder.

On the lower berth is an old woman in her sixties. After listening to the woman's words, she apologized very kindly. However, the middle-aged woman was reluctant and kept making noises, making the whole coach unable to sleep.

The man in the middle bunk couldn't help but stand up and say something fair. "Auntie in the lower bunk didn't move much, but you were up there doing that, waking us up and making us unable to sleep."

The woman was not happy. She rolled up her sleeves and quarreled with the man in the middle bunk. It didn't end until the train crew walked over.

Finally, in the morning, Ye Ning got up and went to wash up. When she came back, she found that her luggage seemed to have been moved. She was in the upper bunk, and if anyone climbed up and flipped something, it would be obvious to everyone. No thief would be so bold to do that, and it's impossible for the young girl on the left since they are foot to foot. She would not come to her bed in front of so many people. That leaves the middle-aged woman on her right. Ye Ning didn't say anything. She opened the luggage first, and the things inside weren't touched. The food that was given by Uncle Liu is fine, and nothing was taken. It's hard to speak up if nothing was lost, or else she'll be making bogus accusations. 

"Oh dear, my money is gone." "Cried the man on the other side of the woman.

"How much was it? Did you forget where you put it? Look for it again." The man's companion said.

"I've searched all over, haven't I? It's more than 100 yuan, the cost of my business trip. I put it in my bag. It was there before I went to the restroom. It was gone when I came back." Said the man anxiously.


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