Before the Cannon Fodder Eloped Chapter 14

 Chapter 14: Thief (2) 

The coat she was wearing was lent to her by the old police officer. It was too cold yesterday. She had to wear it first, but now she must return it. She had planned to buy some fruit for him, and after a turn round, she didn't find any. Once again, she realized the scarcity of goods and supplies. Ye Ning bought two packs of cigars in a store nearby, and the tobacco tickets she just got yesterday were used up.

"Is Uncle Liu here?" Yesterday, in the rear, the old police officer let Ye Ning call him uncle.

"Yes, I'll call him for you." Seeing Ye Ning, the young policeman quickly got up and said.

"No, it's too early. Don't disturb his sleep. I'm here to return the coat." Ye Ning put the folded coat on the table. "Thank you, otherwise I may not be able to go back."

"Wait a minute, the Master told me last night that you must call him when you come." The young policeman stopped Ye Ning and then went to the lounge to call for someone. 

As he walked and dressed, Old Liu saw Ye Ning and said, "Why are you here so early? Isn't the train scheduled for 7 o'clock?

"I'm afraid of missing the train." When Ye Ning saw Uncle Liu, she was not as scared as yesterday. She said with a smile: "I came to return the coat. Besides, I wanted to thank you once again."

Old Liu nodded and took out two bags from under his desk. "It's very cold in Dongshan city. You just had a fever. Don't catch a cold again. These are my daughter's clothes. If you don't dislike it, just take them and put them on."

"No, I don't dislike them. Thank you so much." To be honest, when she took off the coat lent to her by the old police officer. She shivered from the cold and has been holding it up. These clothes undoubtedly render timely help.

"The other bag is packed by your aunt, saying that it is for you to eat on the road. You're a young girl and alone. Don't talk to people after getting on the train. Don't bother with someone close to you. Hide your money. Don't ask the thief to steal it.

It's better to pack it separately, just leave a few for an emergency, and hide the rest. Don't let people see it, so as not to attract people's attention." The old police saw her as a delicate and weak girl and couldn't help but instruct her.

Ye Ning kept nodding and said: "Got it. Thank you."

Once out of the police room, Ye Ning turned around and bowed to the old policeman before running to the waiting room with her luggage.

When she first arrived in the waiting room, Ye Ning hurriedly opened the bag of clothes. There was a sweater and a thick coat inside. The clothes were still very new and had a faint soapy smell. She didn't care much, so Ye Ning put on the sweater and put on the thick coat and thin coat over her legs. Her whole person instantly warmed up, and her hands and feet that had been trembling had stopped shaking.

With a sigh of relief, she opened another bag of food. There were biscuits and soft sweets on top and a whole bale of dried meat below. Ye Ling smelled it and found out that it was Beef Jerky. Such a big bag must have cost a lot of money. It was too expensive that Ye Ning planned to take it back to Uncle Liu.

At this time, the train began to check the tickets. Ye Ning pressed her lower lip. She will instead keep their kindness in mind and would come to see Uncle Liu in the future.

At the same time, Old Liu found two packs of cigars in his pocket when he was sorting out his coat. He took it out and looked at it. It was floriculture tobacco, a pack of twenty, and one couldn't buy it with money. He was sure that he had never bought these cigars. The coat was returned by the little girl Ye Ning. She must have purchased them and put them in his pocket.

"The kid is spending her money foolishly." Old Liu rushed to the railway station with cigars, but the train for Lishan had just left.

"Master, what's the matter?" The young policeman chased after him.

Old Liu waved his hand, "It's nothing. Let's go back."

Ye Ning searched for a long time before finding her bed, which was in the upper bunk. It would be safer for her to sleep on the upper bunk, considering she's a young girl and alone.

After saying hello to the people in the lower and middle bunks, she was about to put her luggage into her own bed. The young man opposite the bed was very enthusiastic and wanted to help her take it up, but he was turned down by Ye Ning. She didn't have much stuff, and her belongings were not too heavy to carry.



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