Before the Cannon Fodder Eloped Chapter 13

 Chapter 13: Thief (1)

Ye Qingshan's clothes are all packed in a cloth bag. She placed it on the left side of the luggage, and on the right side were her own dirty clothes and nothing else.

Ye Ning was worried when she took out the small bag she had been carrying. She was with Sun Yaojun before so they could take care of each other's belongings. But this time, Ye Ning is going back alone. She was still a young girl, so she had to be more careful. She sewed the passbook and jewelry inside her underwear and put them close to her chest. When the jacket is worn and the buttons are buttoned, even the thief has no way to reach it. But if one did manage to, then he's not a thief, but a rogue.

Also, there was the stack of food stamps that Sun Yaojun had given her. She was not able to check it before, so Ye Ning took it out and counted them. It was quite a lot. There are five tickets for 20 jin, four tickets for 10 jin, four tickets for 5 jin. There are also sugar tickets, tobacco and alcohol tickets. It seemed that Sun Yaojun's father prepared the tobacco and alcohol tickets for him to use as a gift to his relatives. But he gave it to her instantly without looking at it.

She has more than 10 jin of food tickets herself, which is definitely enough for her to go back to Nanjiang Province. All the coupons given by Sun Yaojun are folded and hidden in the pocket. Sugar coupons, cigarettes, and wine coupons are also carefully hidden. She will buy sweets for her younger siblings to eat. As for Tobacco and Alcohol tickets, she's not sure when they will be used. If she can't use it, she could sell or trade it with others. 

It was already past four o'clock when she finished packing. She had only eaten a bowl of porridge and a pancake in the morning. She was now hungry and went out to eat while it was not dark. She didn't dare to go out alone when it was late.

She took the thermos back to the front desk and asked about the place where she can eat.

"There are several food stores across the street. Go and have a look."

Actually, it's not many, just three small shops, but it's not bad. Two years ago, there were no restaurants outside except for state-run hotels.

There is a small fry shop, a steamed bun seller, and a noodle house. She just had a fever, and now her mouth felt bitter, so she wanted to have something with soup. Ye Ning went into the noodle house, and there were two tables inside, which was clean. She ordered a bowl of green vegetable noodles and spent money directly without food stamps.

Dongshan City is a big city, and you can buy a lot of things without food stamps. Most people in her hometown still need to use tickets, so she saved them. When the time comes, she can use them in exchange for food. 

After eating a bowl of hot noodles, her whole person was warm, and it was getting dark outside. Ye Ning stood at the entrance of the noodle house for a moment to have a look. Then she went back to her room to have a rest.

This was not a very peaceful time. Ye Ning is alone, a young girl with a good appearance, so she must be careful. 

The sound insulation of the hostel is not very good. The people next door can still be heard talking faintly. If it was before, she definitely wouldn't be able to sleep well. Today, she was too tired and maybe it was because she took some medicine, she fell asleep soon but didn't dare to sleep very deeply. Without a watch and alarm clock, she was afraid that she would oversleep and miss the train. She woke up at dawn in the morning.

She dared not continue to lie down. She obtained the return ticket with great difficulty. If she misses the train later, then she can only slap herself.  In the future, she will have more time to sleep in. It's not bad to endure it for today.

She went downstairs with her luggage and asked about the time. It was only 5:30, and Ye Ning didn't go back to the room to rest. She went to the train station early and waited to feel relieved.

She had breakfast on the opposite side of the street and bought ten boiled tea eggs and five steamed buns. These are her rations on her journey back to her hometown. 



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