Before the Cannon Fodder Eloped Chapter 11

 Chapter 11: Buying ticket (2) 

As an old police officer who had been working for several decades and had seen everyone, he could tell that Ye Ning is not lying. If her father had just died unexpectedly, it would have been a disaster for such a young girl and it would be plausible for her to take the wrong train.

The skeptical heart has disappeared, and the old police officer comforted Ye Ning. "The dead cannot be resurrected and your father is gone. As the eldest sister, you should be stronger."

Ye Ning sniffed, cried, and felt much more comfortable. She looked at the old policeman and continued, "Yes sir, I know. I packed up my father's clothes in Anqing and planned to go back to my hometown and set up a burial mound for him. My father had a good Chinese New Year. He said he was going out to earn tuition for us siblings. Only three months later, he was gone. My hometown didn’t have a phone, and my younger siblings didn’t even know. I was so sad that I bought the wrong train ticket and when I recovered, I found myself sitting on the wrong train. Comrade Police, I did not steal a ride. I gave all the money for the train ticket. I just found out that I was on the wrong train, so I got off at this station and wanted to buy a train ticket for Nanjiang province to go back home. My younger sister is 15 years old, and my younger brother is only 8 years old. My family has already separated. I have to go home. My parents are gone. If something happens to my younger brother and sister, how can I explain it to my father?"

Although it's not good to take advantage of other people's sympathy, she must have a good story as to why she suddenly got off the train and went to buy a ticket back to Nanjiang province. Otherwise, she would be arrested as a suspicious person. Once she's judged to be a spy, her life would really be over.

The old police officer nodded, and Ye Ning was still there crying, so he stopped asking.

In fact, there are still many doubts. For example, how did she buy a train ticket from Anqing to Yangcheng? Besides, it took so long for her to find out that she has taken the wrong train after so many stops day and night?

But she doesn't look like a fake. Still, she needs to be verified.

He made a phone call to Ye Ning's school and confirmed that there is indeed a Ye Ning in that school. The teacher thought about what happened to Ye Ning and heard that she had taken the wrong train to Yancheng. The teacher sighed.

"It may be to find her mother."

It turned out that her sent-down youth mother was in Yangcheng. The old policeman said a few words and hung up. 

"We have already contacted your school. There is no problem. I will give you a certificate later. Use this certificate to buy train tickets and go home first." Faced with a little girl whose father died suddenly, everyone would be tolerant a bit.

"Thank you. The ticket agent said that the earliest train to set off is in the morning after tomorrow. Is there any earlier one? I came out in a hurry. Now I don't know what happened to my brother and sister at home." Ye Ning said anxiously.

"I'll ask for you." The old policeman saw that her face was flushed and somewhat abnormal. "Are you sick?"

Ye Ning looked up. Feeling dizzy, she raised her hand and touched her forehead. Then she frowned and said: "I had a high fever last night, but I have taken the medicine, and the fever has gone this morning."

The old policeman noticed that she was wearing thin clothes,  so she was brought a clean coat, and then she was taken to a nearby clinic.

Last night, she took a pill and ran around in the morning. She spent so much attention on how to escape that she had a fever again.

At 39.2, Ye Ning felt uncomfortable after realizing it later and had just been thinking about dealing with the police.

She got a butt shot, and Ye Ning put on her pants shyly. She hasn't had this shot for a long time.

"You go to the office first and wait. It's said that we can accommodate you. They'll give you a train ticket for tomorrow morning." The young policeman who initially interrogated Ye Ning said gently.

 "Thank you, Comrade Police." Ye Ning said with sincere gratitude.

After an injection and taking medicine, Ye Ning only felt groggy and wanted to sleep. After a while, she saw the old policeman coming with a staff member of the railway station.

"The kid's still got a fever. Do you want a ticket for a hard sleeper?" The old policeman saw Ye Ning sitting alone in the office, drooping and looked pitiful.

"Old Xu has spoken, you have to have it if you don't have it."

Knowing that there was a Hard Sleeper, Ye Ning was in high spirits. It would be hard to go back standing on a nearly 30-hour train ride. Ye Ning was grateful to the Old Police Officer for his good words. Although he looked serious, he's got a good heart.

"As you are still ill, I'll give you a letter of introduction to spend the night in a hostel at the railway station and come over tomorrow morning." The staff of the railway station sent Buddha to the West. Even the place where she could stay was solved.

[T/N: Send Buddha to the West 送佛送到西 - is a proverb, explaining: it is a metaphor to do good deeds to the end]

Ye Ling watched them help her so much that her eyes were hot, and her tears came down again. She suddenly came to this world. Faced with a new body and a new life, Ye Ning was actually very scared. However, when she met so many kind-hearted people along the way, she suddenly became less afraid.

"Thank you." Ye Ning thanked the staff first, then turned and bowed deeply to the old policeman. "Thank you too."

 "We should go."

When Ye Ning left the railway station with an older sister, she looked back and wondered if Sun Yaojun had noticed that she was missing.



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