Before the Cannon Fodder Eloped Chapter 10

 Chapter 10: Buying ticket (1)

Ye Ning followed the people out of the platform and waited quietly at the exit. After about 10 minutes, the train for Yangcheng set off. After waiting for a while, several working personnel came out. It seemed that Sun Yaojun got on the train and left.

With a sigh of relief, she turned around to ask people about the ticket office. She first asked if there was a train to Nanjiang province. A long delay means trouble, so the sooner she went back, the better.

After waiting in line for a while, it was her turn. She took out her household registration book and letter of introduction. Ye Ning asked, "Do you have a train ticket to Lishan City, Nanjiang Province? What's the earliest time?"

"There's no train to Lishan City. There's one from Haidong City to Lishan City. It's 7 a.m, the day after tomorrow. Do you want it?" The ticket agent asked Ye Ning.

"The day after tomorrow? Isn't there any earlier than that?" Ye Ning was a little anxious. This time will not be the same as 20 years later, with hotels and guest houses all around the railway station and no letter of introductions.

"No, this is the only one that goes through Lishan City."

There's no other way. She must go back, even the day after tomorrow.

"Yes, do you have a Hard Sleeper?" She doesn't want to have a Soft Sleeper. It is a treatment that can only be enjoyed by senior cadres. And it takes nearly 30 hours to reach Lishan City, so it would be nice to have a hard sleeper.

The ticket agent glanced at Ye Ning, "No, this is not the departure station. We only have station tickets. So hurry up if you want it. There are still people waiting behind."

Ye Ning was taken aback. She can't even have a hard seat? Seeing the ticket agent's impatient expression, she nodded quickly, "Yes, I want it." 

The ticket agent took the household registration book and the letter of introduction. He focused on the letter of introduction, and then looked up at Ye Ning, "Comrade, your letter of introduction is wrong!"

"What's wrong?" Ye Ningxin was surprised. At this time, the letter of introduction is equivalent to an ID card. This letter of introduction was issued by the school, so it should be fine.

"It says Lishan City to Anqing City. How did you get to Dongshan City?" The ticket agent informed his colleague, withheld Ye Ning's household registration book and letter of introduction, and said he would wait for the police to deal with it.

Ye Ning was dumbfounded. She thought it would be fine if she had that letter of introduction. Did it specify the specific address? No, didn't Sun Yaojun buy a train ticket?

No, in former Ye Ning's memory, Sun Yaojun seems to have asked someone to help them buy train tickets. She was careless. She won't be labeled as a Blind Flow, will she?
[T/N: Blind Flow 盲流 - people who migrate from rural areas to cities without stable occupations and permanent residences to escape famine, asylum, or make a living, are called blind influxes, or "blind flow" The term "blind flow" is a discriminatory term for migrant workers and peasants under the dual urban-rural system in China.]

"Comrade, please follow me." The Police came quickly, took the stunned Ye Ning to the police room not far away, "Well, what is going on?"

When she heard the question, Ye Ning looked up at the Police Officer with a frightened face. "I... I went to Anqing. No, I am going back to Lishan from Anqing but I took the wrong train."

At first, she wanted to squeeze out some tears and pretend to be miserable. As a result, her eyes turned red, and her tears fell down. The former Ye Ning's body is made of water. As long as she deliberately thought of grieving or sad things, its tears would come down in a flash.

"Hey! Comrade, don't cry." The Policeman who asked the question was only in his twenties and has just started working. When he saw such a soft and weak girl crying, he immediately panicked.

At this time, an Old Police Officer in his forties came over with a teacup, stared at the young policeman, and motioned for him to give way. Putting down his teacup, he opened Ye Ning's household registration book and the letter of introduction. "This letter of introduction was issued by your school?"

"Yes, our School Principal issued it. I have the school phone number. You can call to verify it." Ye Ning choked up. "I really didn't mean it. I am a villager from Anren Township in Lisan City, Nanjiang Province. And I am currently attending high school in the county. A few days ago, I received a call from my father's worksite, saying that my father had an accident. I...'' Ye Ning couldn't help sobbing. "I asked for leave from our teacher and was issued this introduction letter. I didn't know until Anqing City that my father went to work in a mine to make more money. He went in but never got out, and his body couldn't be found. My mother is a sent-down youth and hasn't come back after returning to the city. Now my father is dead, and I was left alone with a younger brother and sister back home. What should I do? What will happen to us now?"

Ye Ning buried her face and wept bitterly, which was fake at first. But when she thought of her sudden death from overworking at such a young age and although she had picked up 19-year-old Ye Ning’s life, she came to this completely strange world and era. Suddenly, her fake cry turned into a genuine cry. The more she cried, the sadder she was. She let out all her grievances, uneasiness, and fears.



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