Small Medicine Packet Chapter 13



 "Why are you here?" Yan Luji glanced and saw Xiao Dong standing at the doorway with a mean expression on his face.


"To verify the authenticity of the gossip." Xiao Dong cut to the chase.


"What gossip?" He kept his hands on the keyboard.


"The company forums are full of gossip about you. They said Director Yan whom they should never approach was taken by the new TCM Doctor." Xiao Dong asked, "Tell me, is it true?


"Isn't she your cousin's girlfriend? You shouldn't be indignant when you hear such rumors." He cast a glance at his friend.


"My cousin's girlfriend changes every three months, but you move once in a thousand years. If you like Dr. Lin, I will firmly stand on your side." Xiao Dong, the good brother, looked at Yan Luji with a righteous expression.

He gave his friend a glimpse: "Dr. Lin was hit by a delivery bike and twisted her foot. I happened to run into her , so I sent her back."


"Instead of gossiping here, it is better to call your cousin and ask him to pick up his girlfriend from work."


"Tsk. What a pity..." Xiao Dong shook his head disappointedly.



 Lin Yao massaged her ankle with her self-made medicinal wine. The afternoon passed, and although her ankle looked a little red and swollen, it didn't hurt much.


The subway is certainly not crowded, but Lin Yao went downstairs and still planned to take a taxi home.


"Yao Bao!" Yue Mingyuan, who had been waiting downstairs for a long time, saw Lin Yao limping out, hurriedly ran to support her.


 "Why are you here?" Lin Yao asked in surprise.


 "My cousin called and said that you were hit by a delivery bike and asked me to come and pick you up from work."


 "Director Xiao? How did he know?" Lin Yao wondered.


"Never mind how he knew. How could a grown up like you be hit by a delivery bike?" Yue Mingyuan couldn't help but scold while looking at Lin Yao's red and swollen right foot.


 "You stood outside the safety line first."


 Lin Yao thought of Yan Luji's words, biting back with some guilty conscience, she said: "Isn't it all because you left me alone in the coffee shop? Otherwise, would I have been hit?"


 "I just especially gave the lipstick to you. How come it's because of me? Was it delivered the wrong way?"

 "Lipstick??!!" Lin Yao remembered her lipstick, and suddenly wailed, "Oh, no! My lipstick..."


 "What? You lost it?"


"My precious lipstick!... I haven't even unwrapped it yet." Lin Yao wailed like she couldn't bear to live anymore.


"All right, all right. A colleague of mine is going to France next week. I'll ask him to bring you another one." Yue Mingyuan appeased and reassured.

In order to comfort his friend who suffered a double misfortune, Yue Mingyuan took Lin Yao to eat a good meal and then sent her home by car.

When approaching the entrance of Lin Yao's community, Yue Mingyuan glanced out the window and saw a small park and asked, "Is that where you met the male god?"


 "That's it." Lin Yao nodded.


 Yue Mingyuan raised his eyebrows and smiled without speaking.


 "Turn right ahead." Lin Yao said suddenly when she saw Yue Mingyuan's expression of disbelief.




 "To wait for my male god." Lin Yao said, "It's about this time that I met him last time. Maybe he's here today."


 "Stop making trouble, your leg is still hurting."


 "No, turn right. Turn right." Lin Yao forced Yue Mingyuan to turn right and drove to the small park.


Yue Mingyuan helped Lin Yao to her designated position, and then two people sat on the bench like a pair of fools, watching uncles and aunts walking back and forth.


 "We will have to wait until when?" Yue Mingyuan asked.


 Lin Yao looked at her watch: "Let's wait till the next half hour."


 "Half hour?!" Yue Mingyuan screamed.


 Lin Yao's eye-knife flew past, and Yue Mingyuan immediately yanked.


Just as Yue Mingyuan was feeding mosquitoes and waiting for half an hour to pass, Lin Yao on the side suddenly became excited and pointed incoherently at the front and shouted: "There... Look!"

"What's wrong?" Yue Mingyuan raised his head and looked forward, but found nothing.


 "That was him. He just ran past." Lin Yao said, annoyed.


 "Who? Your male god?" Yue Mingyuan said in disbelief.


 Lin Yao nodded desperately with excitement.


 "Such a coincidence?" Yue Mingyuan couldn't believe it.


 "It's him! quickly think of a way." Lin Yao grabbed Yue Mingyuan's hand anxiously.


"Fine, fine."

Three minutes later, Yue Mingyuan stood on the edge of the track, waiting for Lin Yao's park male god to pass again: "This is for your happiness."


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