Small Medicine Packet Chapter 12


Yue Mingyuan sat quietly, waiting for Lin Yao in a coffee shop not far from Teng Feng Building.


 "Xiao Ming." Lin Yao saw Yue Mingyuan as soon as she entered the coffee shop.


 Yue Mingyuan smiled and waved.


"Have you been waiting long?" Lin Yao continued, "When I came down, I met a patient. So I got delayed for a while.”

"It looks like work is going well." Yue Mingyuan gave the coffee he had ordered to Lin Yao.

"Fortunately, there have been several patients every day these past few days." Lin Yao smiled, "Otherwise, I'll just get paid and not work."


"I know you can't stay idle." Yue Mingyuan took the bag on the table next to him and handed it to Lin Yao, "Here is your lipstick."

"Did you come here just to specially deliver this?" When Dior produced new products, Lin Yao took a fancy to one of their lipsticks, but it didn't have one in China. Lin Yao asked Yue Mingyuan's help to buy it.

"I just happened to pass by here and thought of delivering it to you." Yue Mingyuan asked, "By the way, is that super annoying man still causing you trouble?"


"It's okay. We don't work on the same floor. So we don't meet very often." Lin Yao said.


"What about your male god at the park?" Yue Mingyuan asked.


"I've been busy at work recently, and I had to allocate anti-mosquito medicine bags on weekends. So, I haven't been to the park for a while."

"Your persistence to your male god is nothing but just that?" Yue Mingyuan teased.


"Hey! Didn't you just suspect that I lied to you?" Lin Yao was not happy and said, "I'll go once I get off work today. I will find him and prove it to you."


"Okay, I'll wait for your good news then." Yue Mingyuan picked up the unfinished coffee cup on the table and said, "Your thing is delivered, so I'll leave first."

"Why are you in such a hurry?" Lin Yao said, "Are we not having dinner together?"

 "Not this time. I’ve got a date." Yue Mingyuan smiled ambiguously.


 "Go away." Abusing single dogs all day long, Lin Yao repeatedly waved her hand in disgust.

Yue Mingyuan chuckled and left the café.


After Yue Mingyuan left, Lin Yao ordered another dessert and finished her lunch with coffee. Seeing that it was almost time, Lin Yao carried the bag and planned to go back to the company.


The coffee shop and Teng Feng building are separated by an intersection. Lin Yao walked to the junction just in time for the red light that lasted a little longer. Lin Yao stands on the roadside with her head down, playing with her mobile phone.

Yan Luji had just finished a meeting with Party A and was driving back to the company. He waited for the green light at the crossroads in front of Teng Feng. He looked around bored and saw a woman on the pedestrian crossing next to him, playing with her mobile phone.


How's this woman standing outside the safety line?


Yan Luji frowned and rolled down the car window and shouted: "Miss! Madam? Hey!" 


When Yan Luji shouted for the third time, Lin Yao looked up in a trance.


 Is that... her?


Yan Luji pointed to the road and said, "Stand back."


"What?" Cars were passing by on the road, and Lin Yao couldn't hear him well.


"Be careful!" Yan Luji's pupils suddenly shrank as he shouted.


It was too late for her brain to figure out what to watch out for when all of a sudden, a tremendous rush of force took her forward and fell. 


When Lin Yao fell to the ground, and her whole person was knocked, the burning pain in her ankle and arm didn't reach her brain until half a sound.


Yan Luji only had time to turn off the car. And whether the car was still on the driveway, he didn't mind and pushed open the door and ran towards Lin Yao that was lying in the middle of the road.

When the traffic lights change, the cars blocked by Yan Luji's car can only change their lanes.


"Lin Yao, are you okay?" Yan Luji asked nervously.


"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. Is the lady okay?" The delivery boy ignored the delivery bike that fell to the ground and stood beside Lin Yao with a nervous expression.


It took a long time for Lin Yao to realize that she had just been hit by a delivery bike. She glanced at the location where the bike fell down. So, she was sent flying to the middle of the intersection thanks to this man and his bike?


Lin Yao got a chill on her back: "Don’t you know how to ride a bike?!"


"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I was in a hurry because the customer is rushing..." The delivery boy kept apologizing.


"Don’t yell. How are you? Do you want to go to the hospital? Yan Luji said worriedly.


Lin Yao then began to check her injury. Her right ankle was very painful. She probably twisted it. Her elbows and knees were burning, but it was not serious. She just scratched a little skin.

"I'm fine." Lin Yao replied.


"Do you want to call the police?" Yan Luji asked after looking at Lin Yao's wounds.


"Don't call the police." The delivery boy said with a worried face, "I just came out of my hometown. I can't do without this job. If you call the police, I will be fired. Can I compensate you instead? I have 180 RMB with me. I'll give it to you."

Lin Yao looked at the delivery boy who was about to cry, the scattered food, and a pile of change in his hand and asked, "Where are you from and how old are you? "

"Guizhou, I... I am 18 this year." The delivery boy honestly replied.


"Okay." Lin Yao sighed, stood up struggling, and said, "For the sake of a fellow-villager, I won't argue with you. Get going."


"Huh?" The delivery boy looked at Lin Yao with an incredulous expression.


"Ride slowly in the future, alright?" Lin Yao said.




 "Still not leaving?" Lin Yao said impatiently.


The delivery boy was stunned for a while but tentatively stepped back two steps. Seeing that Lin Yao really didn't plan to pursue him, he quickly picked up his bike and rode away.

 "Hey! Just told you to slow down." Lin Yao pointed to the direction where the bike disappeared and shouted incredulously.




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  1. Yikes, she's REALLY dumb. Dumb doesn't know that a coffe machine needs to be plugged, and even worse, dumb that doesn't respect traffic guidelines.


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