Before the Cannon Fodder Eloped Chapter 6

 Chapter 6: Memories (3)


"I begged for a long time to get this, so hurry up and have some." Sun Yaojun pressed his lower lip. Fortunately, he met the train chief who was having dinner in the dining room. He not only invited him to have dinner with him but also asked him to bring a bowl of porridge to Ye Ning.


She glanced at him suspiciously. The original body might be deceived, but she wouldn't. Sun Yao Jun cared a lot about his reputation and would never ask for help.


No matter how he got the porridge, her body desperately needs to be replenished, so she must eat first.


After drinking a bowl of porridge, her sense of panic slowly disappeared, and her whole person became more energetic. Ye Ning carefully looked at Sun Yaojun during the meal. She had to say that he did have the right to be the male protagonist, with fair skin, thick eyebrows, and big eyes. His appearance was very much in line with the aesthetic taste of this time.


"Do you want more?" Sun Yaojun saw Ye Ning put down the bowl and asked.


"No, I'm okay. Oh, have you eaten? I should have saved some for you." Ye Ning said rather sheepishly.


"I'm not hungry, I just feel bad for you." Sun Yaojun raised his hand and touched Ye Ning's forehead, "Hey, why is it so hot? I'll give you some medicine to eat, and then sleep for a while, alright?"


She felt her forehead. It wasn't hot, and she felt herself getting better. "No, I'm much better. I just need some cold medicine."


"It's still so hot, so it's fine." Sun Yaojun glanced outside and approached Ye Ning's ear and said, "Little fool, you can't even pretend. You have to go back to that hard-seat compartment once you recover. How comfortable is it to have a bed now? I am distressed that you have just been ill, so lie down quickly."


Ye Ning was stunned when she was pushed back to the bed by him, urging her to continue occupying the bed.


"This isn't a guest bedroom, is it?" No guest bedroom is of this kind.


"It's the train chief's lounge. Anyway, he is busy and seldom comes back to rest so you can lie down at ease."


Ye Ning shook her head, and she couldn't dominate the bed anymore. It's hard to work on the train, and one has to rest. When she took up the bed, the conductor had no place to rest. Now, her conscience couldn't accept this kindness with ease. 


"I've been lying for more than ten hours. Now my bones are aching. I want to go for a walk. You took care of me all night, you should lie down and have a rest."


Sun Yaojun was a little hesitant. Last night, he was really scared by Ye Ning. If something really happened to her on this train, he would be finished. So, he took care of her very carefully last night, and now he is tired.


"Then I will have a rest. Don't go far. When you are tired, come back and wake me up." Sun Yaojun reluctantly lay down and fell asleep.


Ye Ning closed the door quietly and met a train crew within a few steps. She hurriedly asked, "Hello, comrade. How long is it until the next stop?"


Their hometown is Nanjiang Province, and Sun Yaojun's relatives are in Yangcheng. They have to take a 42-hour train. They have been on the train for a day and a night, and now they don't know where they are.


"We have more than an hour to the next stop. What can I do for you?" The train crew looked at Ye Ning. "You are the woman who was in a coma due to high fever last night. Are you all right now?"


 "A lot better. Thanks to the train chief's help and fellow comrades. Otherwise, I'm afraid there will be more bad luck than good." Ye Ning said with sincere gratitude.


"You're welcome, this is what we should do. The chief has told me that the bed is left for you to recuperate, so you don't have to rush back to your compartment." The train crew smiled.

"That won't work. The train chief is such a good person and I can't just ignore it. Now that I am in good health, how can I still occupy the chief's lounge? That is why I want to ask where the train chief is as I want to thank him in person." Ye Ning wanted to meet the kind-hearted chief and see if she could get a return train ticket from him. Otherwise, it will be difficult for her to buy it herself.



  1. Now I'm getting worried for her too. For an unmarried woman to travel together with a man during those times...I don't think it's something she can get away with lightly if anyone else realises that about them.


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