Before the Cannon Fodder Eloped Chapter 5

 Chapter 5: Memories (2)

The more she thinks about it, the more her headache gets intense. She was the youngest and the only daughter of the family so her parents favored her. Although her brother loved teasing her, he would still, in fact, let her have her way in everything. She was almost 30, so aside from being pressured by her parents to get married, she really had nothing to worry about. And suddenly, she has a younger brother and sister to raise? She also became the pillar of the family? It's really not quite the pressure.


Forget it, let's take one step at a time. Among those who became a character in a book, she got off to a good start. At least she had a sum of money in her hand. She was quite fortunate, compared to those who opened their eyes with nothing. 

"I'm done, come in." Ye Ning hid the passbook and jewelry, shouted outside, and began to look at the place where she was resting. The room was small, only about four or five square meters, with a high and low bunk. There are two stools on the opposite side of the bed, and a small table in the middle. It's very crowded and simple, but this was on the train and it was a train in the early 1980s, which was considered very good.

"I went to get a pot of boiling water. Would you like some hot water?" Sun Yao Jun put down the thermos and sat on the bed opposite Ye Ning. "You look so ugly. You are definitely not well. I will ask if there is porridge and buy you a bowl."

Ye Ning glanced at Sun Yao Jun, "Where would you get porridge on this train?"

“Just because they’re not selling it doesn't mean you can’t buy one." Sun Yao Jun approached Ye Ning and said softly:" The leaders on this train could open a small stove and we can spend a little money to buy from them. "

 “Won’t it be too troublesome?" They left in a hurry and did not prepare anything to eat. And she was sick, yet they spent day and night without food. Their stomach was burning like fire. So, of course, it’s good to have a bowl of hot porridge.

"It's okay. For your sake, this trouble is nothing. Take a rest while I buy you porridge, okay?" As long as Ye Ning gets well, he is willing to do everything.

If she hadn't read the book and knew the plot, Ye Ning would have thought Sun Yao Jun was gentle and considerate, that he was a man worthy of lifelong commitment.

Unfortunately, they are all fake. Sun Yao Jun is essentially a selfish person, and no one is as important as himself. This person knows a woman's mind very well. The original body owner couldn’t tell, but he deceived her out of her money and sex, and lost her life. In the book, there were also the 2nd woman and 3rd woman. They are smart, beautiful and capable women, and they all liked him. Why did he fall in love with the female lead? Those encounters in the book, heroes saving the beauty, she didn't think of it when she read the novel, but now it's too coincidence in retrospect.

Including the death of the former Ye Ning. Even for other reasons, at least Ye Ning herself didn’t believe she died of depression, that reason didn't make sense at all.


No matter what, she didn't believe that Sun Yao Jun was a gentleman. Besides, a gentleman would never eye for her ​​compensation.

"You’re making me hungry saying it like that." Ye Ning smiled. Now is not the time to turn against him. It is not good for anyone to make trouble in this era.

Although this is a parallel world, the overall historical development is similar. Ye Ning once heard her grandmother say that in the early 1980s, the punishment was particularly heavy. Thieves could be killed in a warehouse. If you are caught cheating on the relationship between men and women, you will be sentenced. Yes, and it is possible to be imprisoned for five years or ten years. There seemed to be a girl who was arrested and sentenced to death for disrupting the social atmosphere because she wore a skirt that didn't reach her knees. These punishments are unthinkable in the future.

As for her current situation with Sun Yao Jun, if she runs into someone unscrupulous, then it’s possible she won't escape death too.

After thinking for a while, Sun Yao Jun came back with a bowl of porridge...




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