Before the Cannon Fodder Eloped Chapter 4

 Chapter 4: Memories (1)

"Xiao Ning, you're finally awake. I was so scared when you suddenly fainted. So I hurriedly asked the train chief for help, and after some difficulties, I finally got this bed for you. I was also able to get some medicine to make you feel better." Sun Yao Jun quickly said when he saw Ye Ning open her eyes. 


Ye Ning glanced at him sideways. Although she fainted, her consciousness was clear, and she knew that it was someone else's help. This man wasn't telling the whole story.

The corners of her mouth twitched, revealing a weak smile, "I'm sticky. Can you help me get a basin of hot water? I want to wipe my body and change my clothes."

Sun Yaojun nodded immediately and went out with the washbasin.

Looking at Sun Yaojun’s back, Ye Ning was lost in thought. In former Ye Ning's memory, the first day they boarded the train, Sun Yao Jun euphemistically mentioned the compensation. Saying that it was not safe to put it on her. If it wasn't for her sudden fever, she would have given him the money.

With this thought, Ye Ning quickly touched her chest. This was Ye Qingshan's life money. She had to settle down and live up her life in the future, and her younger brother and sister had to eat and go to school, so there is no room for any accidents.

After touching a small bag, Ye Ning breathed a sigh of relief. She feared that Sun Yao Jun had taken advantage of her unconsciousness, took the money, and would secretly leave when he had the time. He probably thought that the former Ye Ning would give it to him sooner or later, so he didn’t do it.

After a while, Sun Yaojun came back with water and said softly: "Your fever has just subsided, and your body is still weak. Do you want me to help you?"

Ye Ling pretended to glare at him shyly, "Get out of here, I can do it myself."

Fortunately, the former Ye Ning wasn’t that stupid enough. No matter how Sun Yao Jun coaxed her, she didn't give him her body.

Taking advantage of the time to change clothes, Ye Ning opened the small bag and took a closer look. In addition to the 60,000 yuan compensation, she also had the money that Ye Qingshan sent back home. 

There are twenty yuan odds and ends, a few food stamps, and a few cloth tickets. These are tickets saved by the former Ye Ning who wants to make a skirt for herself. There was also a small cloth bag inside. Ye Ning opened it and was shocked. Inside were an emerald green jade bracelet, a pair of gold earrings, and a gold ring. 

Gold earrings and gold rings are nothing unusual, but this jade bracelet? Even though Ye Ning is not a gem expert, she could tell it was a fine jade. With these, she could definitely purchase a new house in the future. 

She kept them together. However, afraid of scratching the bracelet, Ye Ning took out the gold earrings and gold ring and carefully re-wrapped the bracelet.

She explored former Ye Ning's memory and discovered that these were all gifts given by Sun Yao Jun to the original. Sun Yao Jun’s father was a small boss of the GW Group, so it was not surprising to have these things.

The 19-year-old Ye Ning who was a high school student, was regarded as a great beauty in ten miles and eight villages. Not to include those from the countryside, but she also had many suitors in the city. Therefore, Sun Yaojun spent a lot of money to catch her.

[Ten miles and eight villages (Slang) As the saying goes, Ten miles and eight villages do not refer to the specific distance and the number of villages, but means "near these villages" and "a few miles around the road".]

This money was worth a lot. She planned to share and spend these funds on her two younger siblings at home who were still attending school. As for herself, how many years has it been since she graduated from college? Letting her go to the college entrance examination is tantamount to making her die.

Once she returned, she would tell her teacher that she would finish school ahead of time. She believed the teacher would agree with the current situation in their family.

When the time comes, she will find a job. She cannot live on nothing. A senior high school diploma at this time should be very valuable, but she’s not sure if she could find a decent job.

She planned to work in the city and bring Ye An with her. The teaching quality in the village is definitely not as good as that in the city. And since the second sister, Ye Lan, was in her second year in junior middle school this year, then the following year, she would also have to go to the city to study in high school. Their house can't be too small by then, so it's best to buy a set herself. 

No good. 

It’s too expensive. What if something urgent happens at home? What would she do once the money was all spent?


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