Before the Cannon Fodder Eloped Chapter 1

 Chapter 1: Traverse (1)

Ye Ning rubbed her swollen head, opened her eyes with difficulty, and listened to the clanging train.

She suddenly heard the voice of a man. No, it was the voices of men and women. Her surroundings were so noisy that caused her to have a headache.

 "Xiao Ning, are you awake? Is it uncomfortable? Would you like to drink water?"


A man's gentle voice came to her ears, and Ye Ning looked at him blankly, "Not awake."


Yes, this must be a dream. She is surely working overtime at the company, how could she be on the train?

Still, she hasn't taken this green-skinned train for years. She must have been under a lot of stress at work these days to dream of taking such a train.

Sun Yao Jun looked at Ye Ning who was asleep again, and a glint of impatience flashed through his eyes.


"Xiao Ning? Xiao Ning?" When Sun Yao Jun confirmed that Ye Ning had really fallen asleep, he leaned over slightly and tried to take away the little bag that Ye Ning had stuffed in her chest.

The fast asleep Ye Ning felt someone was getting close to her. She frowned uncomfortably and slapped her hand over, "It's uncomfortable, don't bother me." 

Sun Yao Jun covered his face and looked at Ye Ning in shock and anger. Confirming that she hadn't noticed it, nor did it intentionally, he got up and left with the teacup angrily.

The sleep was quite unpeaceful. Ye Ning felt that there were thousands of flies buzzing in her ears. 

Then, she was awakened by the harsh sunlight. 

Frowning, she opened her eyes and looked at the sun outside through the glass window.

She blinked blankly. Is she still dreaming?


Looking sideways at the crowded railroad car, Ye Ning pinched her thigh, and the sensation of the sting came in an instant, almost without a sound.


Not a dream?


No, she definitely worked overtime at the company. How could she be on the train?


Did her colleagues play pranks on her?



It's unlikely. 

Where can they find this kind of train from the 80s? 

Furthermore, people here were dressed unusually, as if they were in a play. They wore old-fashioned attire from a certain era, enough for them to be called Extras. Even their boss couldn't play such a big prank.

"Xiao Ning, you finally woke up. You had a fever not long after we got on the train. And I couldn't find a doctor. I was worried to death. You just wake up. Are you thirsty? I will pour you some water." A familiar and unfamiliar voice sounded.


Ye Ning followed the voice and saw a concerned face.

Upon seeing his face, she fainted with a thump of her head.

"Xiao Ning..." Sun Yao Jun shouted in dismay, and the noisy train went silent. Seeing someone fainted, everyone enthusiastically came over to help. Some people went to look for the train conductor, and Sun Yao Jun was not able to stop them.

With the help of everyone, Ye Ning got a bed, and a doctor came to help.

"39.8. High fever. She seems to have been burning up for quite a long time. You really should have asked someone for help sooner. A prolonged fever can kill people." The doctor measured Ye Ning's body temperature and looked at Sun Yao Jun with some reproach.

Sun Yao Jun choked up red, "Xiao Ning is afraid of causing trouble for everyone and kept me from asking for help." A great deal of regret arose in his heart. He shouldn't have called so loudly. Now he's ashamed.


They set off from Nanjiang Province, where the weather was warm, and the more they went north, the colder they got. He was wearing undergarments, but Ye Ning didn't bring any clothes, so she caught a cold and had a fever last night. Sun Yao Jun couldn't afford to humble himself and beg for medicine. Thus, he only gave Ye Ning a bit of hot water.

The train conductor and the doctor didn't know Sun Yao Jun's thoughts. Observing him with a worried frown, the two only made arrangements as soon as he got anxious and then asked him to take good care of Ye Ning and left.



Ye Ning, who was in a coma, did not feel well. Her head seems to explode as if there were tens of thousands of needles pricking her at the same time. She wanted to die to forget the pain, but she cannot move.

As if a century had passed, the pain gradually receded. Suddenly, a lot of scattered memories appeared in her mind. She was like recounting her own life, yet she was also like a spectator, watching a very long film.

Slowly, Ye Ning's brain regained its function. The feeling that she became another person slowly disappeared, and she became herself again.

This sounded strange, but she really felt that she had just become another person.


She is also called Ye Ning, also from the countryside of Nanjiang Province. Apart from that, they have no similarities, and they are not even a person of the same time and space.




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  2. Wow, the writer actually put some effort to merge the character of the transmigrated person with the original! This doesn't happen often, and I'm now quite interested in how things are going to go.


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