Small Medicine Packet Chapter 11

It has been a week since Lin Yao came to Teng Feng. In addition to sorting Chinese herbal medicine, Zhang Gong, who had a stiff neck, was her first patient.

Lin Yao flipped through her appointment book, and it was still as clean as the washed dishes. It seems that today is another day of leisure. It's really a shame to just get paid and not work every day.


Lin Yao sighed and turned on the computer to sort out the data. Lin Yao plans to put a "Health Test Form" in the community of the company's TOS system.

This health test form mainly investigates the common living habits of ordinary people by asking questions. And analyzes the physical condition of the tested person according to several results. If the body has health risks, it can also roughly analyze the type of disease.

This test sheet was developed for fun when Lin Yao was in college. At that time, she thought that if she opened her own clinic in the future, she would ask the patients to take the test first, so as to analyze the causes in advance and make the patients realize which of their living habits are unhealthy.

Lin Yao was writing smoothly when a message flashed out from the lower right corner.

 (You have an appointment message.)


At last, a patient came to the door. Lin Yao excitedly opened the appointment book and immediately approved the other party's appointment.



Department of International Trade.


Liu Bing locked his computer screen, rubbed his immobile arm, pushed aside the chair with his foot, and stood up.


"Liu Bing, are you really not going to the hospital?" Asked a concerned colleague next door.


"I have to receive Lao Mei in the afternoon. No time to visit the hospital." This is a case that he had worked on so hard for a month. How can he ask for leave to go to the hospital at this time?

 [T/N: Lǎo Měi 老美 (colloquial) an American; a person from the United States]

"But you can't lift your arm. You can't present the product when you go to the factory in the afternoon."

 "I just made an appointment with a TCM doctor." Liu Bing said, "I saw her column about being good at acupuncture and massage."


"Oh… The new doctor? She’s Doctor Lin. I read her resume. It seems that she has just graduated. Her medical skills are certainly not much better."


"It's just for emergency. Once the deal today is settled, I'll visit the hospital tomorrow." With that, Liu Bing covered his sore right arm with his left hand and walked out in pain.



Lin Yao cleaned up the table for pulse diagnosis and set it in place. For the first patient with great vision to make an appointment on his own initiative, Lin Yao vowed to make the other party feel at home. No, he should be cured.

"Doctor Lin." Looking at the young woman in front of him, Liu Bing can't help but be disappointed.

"Are you Liu Bing? Take a seat." Lin Yao smiled and pointed to the chair next to him. When the other party sat down, Lin Yao asked again, "I've read your message. You said you can't move your right arm?"

"Well, it was just a little sore a few days ago, but I don't know what happened. I suddenly couldn't move after getting up this morning. I had trouble getting dressed." Liu Bing said sadly.

"Let me see. " Lin Yao stood behind Liu Bing and raised her hand to squeeze Liu Bing's arm. During this period, she would ask him where it hurt and where it didn't.

"Have you carried anything heavy recently?" Lin Yao asked.


"Something heavy?" Liu Bing recalled and said, "I helped a friend move and lifted a refrigerator last Saturday."

"It's quite hot these days. Did you have the AC on all night?" Lin Yao asked again.

"Yeah." Liu Bing wonders, "Isn't it normal to turn on the air conditioner when it's hot? Does that have anything to do with my immobile arm? "

"You must have strained your muscles when you were carrying the heavy object. Coupled with the long-term use of computers and mobile phones, your body lacks exercise, and your shoulders and neck are not good. When you sleep, the AC  is turned on too high, and you catch a cold. That's why your arm hurts and you can't lift it up." Lin Yao’s analysis.

"Is it something serious?" Liu Bing asked.


"It's not serious. I'll give you a massage later. When you go home, you can do some hot compresses. Pay attention and keep it warm at night. It will be okay after some time." Lin Yao said.

"Can I move my arm after the massage?" Liu Bing asked.

"It won't be that fast. It'll be at least two days." Lin Yao replied, "You have to pay more attention to yourself these two days."

"What should I do? I'm driving clients to the factory this afternoon, and I have to show them our products." Liu Bing said with a bitter face.


"Can't someone else go for you?" Lin Yao asked.


"I have been following this CASE for a month. Finally, the clients from the United States are interested in signing the bill. I can't let others go for me." If his achievement is taken away by others, he will not be satisfied. However, if the company loses customers because of his poor presentation, the leaders will not give him a good face. What to do? 

"Dr. Lin, is there any way to relieve the pain? Can I go to the factory to show the product in the afternoon?"

He's been following this client for a month, so these visitors must be very important clients. When Lin Yao saw his earnest eyes, she's gone soft and said, "Well, I'll help you with acupuncture, which can appropriately relieve your pain."

 "Doctor Lin..." Liu Bing said excitedly.





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