Small Medicine Packet Chapter 11 Part 2

"But..." Lin Yao warned, "After acupuncture, you can't put too much force on your arm. It will be very troublesome if it is strained the second time."


"Doctor Lin, please help me with acupuncture. As long as I pass the test today, it will do." Liu Bing promised quickly.


Lin Yao had no choice but to help Liu Bing with the massage. She took out her own acupuncture bag and put needles on Liu Bing's arm. After a while, Liu Bing's arm was covered with tiny filiform needles.

"Dr. Lin, I always thought acupuncture was very painful, but it turned out to be a little sore." Liu Bing said strangely.

"It is sore because your meridians are not smooth." Lin Yao replied, "I just found that your shoulder and neck are very hard when I was massaging them. Now you are young, and there is nothing wrong with it. When you are old, your body will ache everywhere. You should pay more attention to it."

"I know, but I can't take care of it when I get busy at work."

"Also, young people nowadays earn money from their health, and then treat their illnesses using the money they've earned." Lin Yao remembered what her teacher used to say when she was in school.

"I can't help it. Shanghai houses are so expensive. If one wants to marry a wife, one has to work hard." Liu Bing said with a smile, "If the form can be signed in the afternoon, my down payment will be settled."

Lin Yao shook her head with a smile. When the time came, she took out the needle and motioned for the other party to move his arm.

Liu Bing tried to move. He found that his arm, which was painful when moved, enough for him to shed tears, could now move freely. He looked at Lin Yao with surprise and said, "Dr. Lin, I don't feel pain anymore. You're amazing."

"Acupuncture and moxibustion can only relieve the pain. Your arm injury still exists. Remember what I've said, don't use too much force." Lin Yao added, "Remember to apply hot compress when you get home at night, and..."

 "Don't catch a cold, I know." Liu Bing shook his arm and said happily, "Dr. Lin, wait until I sign the order. I'll invite you to dinner."

Lin Yao smiled and said, "Well, then I wish you success."


Liu Bing ran out excitedly. He returned to his office to pack up his stuff, grabbed his coat, and planned to pick up Lao Mei at the hotel for lunch before visiting the factory.



Ever since she saw the pantry of the R&D department, Lin Yao has completely abandoned the pantry on the eighth floor. Who makes the snacks upstairs? Even the quality of the coffee was different. The eighth floor's coffee is instant, while the twelfth floor is freshly ground.

After having lunch that day, Lin Yao took a cup and went to the R & D department for coffee. As a result, she didn't know what happened to the coffee machine, but it didn't work. Lin Yao looked left and right and didn't know what to do.

Yan Luji was carrying a cup to the pantry when he saw Lin Yao beating the coffee machine.


"What are you doing?" Yan Liji asked with a frown.


"Ah?" Lin Yao looked up and found that it was Yan Luji and his face was not very good, "Can't you see it? I'm making a coffee."

"That's how your coffee machine works at home?"

"You..." Lin Yao took a deep breath. She remembered that he had lent his umbrella this morning, so she replied patiently, "This coffee machine seems to be broken, I pressed the switch but it won't work."

Yan Luji glanced at Lin Yao and then at the coffee machine. When Lin Yao began to slap the coffee machine again, he couldn't help but walk over: "Step aside."


Lin Yao glanced at him and moved a few steps beside Yan Luji. Since you are so great, then you do it!

Yan Luji checked the coffee machine up and down and found no problems. Finally, he squatted down to check the power supply and discovered that the power supply was loose. After plugging in the power supply, he restarted the coffee machine. Just after hearing a buzzing sound, the coffee machine immediately started working.


"It's fixed?" Lin Yao asked in surprise.


Yan Liji glanced at Lin Yao as if she had never seen such a stupid woman.


When the coffee was brewed, Yan Luji picked up Lin Yao's coffee cup and handed it to her, replacing it with his own.


"Thank you." Lin Yao said happily.


"No, I just don't want you to break the coffee machine, making it useless for others."


"You... It's great that you... know how to use a coffee machine." Lin Yao angrily said.

"It's nothing great to know how to use a coffee machine, but it's really stupid if one doesn’t know how to use it." After saying this, he took the brewed coffee and left the pantry.

"You... It's none of your business whether I can use it or not. " Lin Yao is a very eloquent person, but she doesn't know why she couldn't beat this pesky man every time.

"You're right. It's really none of my business whether you're stupid or not."

 "" Lin Yao stomped angrily, "Drink coffee, you drink more. Serves you right that you can't sleep."


As soon as Lin Yao's voice fell, Yan Luji suddenly stopped and turned around, staring at Lin Yao, and asked, "How do you know I can't sleep?"

"Haha..." Lin Yao gloated. "You have insomnia, it's written on your left cheek, and kidney deficiency is written on your right. I am not blind."

"You can see it?"


"What? Please, I am a kind-hearted person. If you ask me, I will treat you." Lin Yao said proudly.

"Humph..." Yan Luji gave Lin Yao a sneer before turning around to leave.


"You won’t find a girlfriend because of kidney deficiency!" Lin Yao shouted from behind.

 [T/N: Kidney deficiency 肾虚 refers to insufficient kidney essence of Yin and Yang. One of the symptoms for males: Sex function loss, impotence, premature ejaculation, prone to prostatitis and so on;]

"Who? Who has kidney deficiency?" In the office, the programmers who took a nap looked up one after another.

Yan Luji threw a sharp look towards Lin Yao.


She stuck out her tongue and withdrew from the pantry.


Yan Luji's face turned blue. This stupid woman and her big mouth.


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