Small Medicine Packet Chapter 10 Part 2

Lin Yao looked up and found a pretty woman in a blue dress looking at her. She looked very familiar.

 "Don't you remember me? We came together for the interview that day. " The beauty reminded her.

"Right! As a Programmer Encourager?" Lin Yao remembered she was one of the girls who were interviewed together with her, "I can see that you have been accepted."

"Yes, I came to report last Wednesday, but how come I only saw you today? Didn't you train with us?" Asked the beauty.

"I didn’t. Let me introduce myself. My name is Lin Yao, the company's TCM Doctor." Lin Yao knew that the beauty had misunderstood that she was also a programmer encourager, so she explained, "I accidentally went to the wrong interview venue that day."

"Oh, you're a doctor?" The beauty was surprised and said, "Nice to meet you, my name is Feifei."


When Feifei noticed Lin Yao holding a cup in her hand, she asked, "What do you want to drink? I'll make it for you."


"It's alright. I'll do it myself."


"It's okay. I'm good at this. My job is to make coffee and tea for those programmers outside. Sometimes I have this illusion that I'm working in a coffee shop." Feifei explained.

"It looks like you've adapted well." Lin Yao said with a smile.


"Not bad." Feifei whispered, "More money, less work."

"Pfff......" Lin Yao couldn't help laughing.


"I'll boil it for you." Feifei asked, "Would you like coffee or scented tea?"

"No, I'll do it." Lin Yao showed Feifei the herbs in her cup and said, "I want to make a herbal tea."


 "Oh, that... I don’t know how."


"That’s why I said I'd do it myself." Lin Yao looked around and asked, "Can I borrow the pantry for a while? The brewed herbal tea might have a little Chinese medicine scent."

"It's okay. We have a range hood here." Feifei said and helped open the soundless range hood on the top of the cabinet. 


"This pantry really has everything." Lin Yao said in surprise.

"I know right? Don't you know? When we were training, the supervisor mentioned that everything in the 12th floor’s pantry is up to the highest standard, and this was all according to the programmer's wishes." Feifei added, "Well, I guess if the programmers say they want to take a bath here, the company will readily build a bathhouse for them."

After another chat, Feifei went to do something else. Lin Yao stayed alone in the pantry to make herbal tea. The scent of herbal tea was not so strong. Besides, there was a range hood so when Lin Yao finished boiling the herbal tea, there was no smell left in the pantry.

Lin Yao found a glass, filled the excess herbal tea, washed the teapot, poured herself a cup of herbal tea, and was about to return to the clinic.


Lin Yao had planned to leave as quietly as she would have, only to walk a few steps and be spotted by the sharp-eyed Feifei.

"Doctor Lin." Feifei stood behind a desk and waved at Lin Yao.

Lin Yao returned a smile.


"Doctor Lin, please help Zhang Gong. He seems to have twisted his neck." Zhang Gong is one of Feifei’s programmers. When he came to the company this morning, his whole head was crooked. According to him, he accidentally twisted his neck while sleeping.

Lin Yao took a breath and went over. She looked at Zhang Gong's state and said in silence: "He has a stiff neck. Twisting his neck will kill him."

"I... Sorry, Mr. Zhang. I just came back from abroad and my Chinese is not very good. " Feifei quickly apologized.

"No, no. It's Okay. It's stiff because I twisted my neck. You've done nothing wrong, haha..." Such a beautiful and kind girl, Zhang Gong cannot afford to get mad at her.



"Doctor Lin, can it be cured?" Feifei asked.


Stiff neck is not an incurable disease. So, Lin Yao handed the cup to Feifei: "Hold this."

 Feifei quickly moved away cleverly.

 Lin Yao stood behind Zhang Gong, clenched both her hands and exercised her wrists.


"Doctor... Doctor Lin." Zhang Gong was a little frightened by Lin Yao's preparations. This Doctor Lin wouldn't want to beat him up, would she? "Actually, this is will be fine in two days."

"Don't be nervous." Lin Yao put his hands on Zhang Gong's back, pressed Jianjing acupoint and Fengchi acupoint, then suddenly asked: "Zhang Gong, who do you like better, Fan Bingbing or Li Bingbing?"

CTTO Li Bingbing(left) Fan Bingbing(right) [T/N: Fan Bingbing is a Chinese actress, model, television producer, and singer. And Li Bingbing - PRC film actress and pop star. Click links for more info]
CTTO Li Bingbing(left) Fan Bingbing(right) [T/N: Fan Bingbing is a Chinese actress, model, television producer, and singer. And Li Bingbing - PRC film actress and pop star. Click links for more info]

"I'm more...ah..."


Lin Yao took advantage of Zhang Gong's distraction, wrapped her hands around his neck, turned around, and twisted his crooked neck abruptly. The programmer Xiao Wang next door was so frightened by the snap sound that he couldn't properly hold the cup in his hand and spilled his coffee on the table.

"Well, try to move it now. " Lin Yao let go.

Zhang Gong tried to move his neck. He was glad to find that his neck, which was painful just after moving, could rotate freely now: "Eh? I can move it now and it’s not painful anymore. "

"Doctor Lin, you are amazing." Feifei looked at Lin Yao in admiration.


"Extraordinary skill." With a frightened face, Xiao Wang next door also gave Lin Yao a thumbs up.



Lin Yao raised her eyebrows, took back the teacup from Feifei's hand, and walked away from the scene, leaving the R&D department with a profound appearance of deep merit and fame.


Through the glass wall of his office, Yan Luji witnessed the whole process. He unconsciously touched his neck. Thinking of Lin Yao's neat skill just now, he was a little scared and said, "Fortunately, she just spoke and didn't do it that day."



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