Xiao Dong personally sent Lin Yao to the Department of Human Resources the day she was officially employed.

"Tina, this is our new TCM Doctor. Help her get through the Entry Procedures. And while you are at it, you may also present the company's background to her." Xiao Dong's peach blossom eyes glistened as he talked.

[T/N: Entry Procedures - the 3rd step out the six major steps of the New Employee Orientation Process.]

"No problem. Leave it to me, Director." Tina quickly agreed.

"I'll be busy in a minute, so you can just follow Tina." Xiao Dong notified Lin Yao.

"Okay, thank you." Lin Yao responded and thanked him.

Xiao Dong nodded, then cast a wink at Tina before leaving.

"The Director is indeed very handsome." Tina said idiotically in the direction where Xiao Dong had left.

Lin Yao looked at Tina in shock.

"Isn't he?" Tina suddenly asked the silent Lin Yao.

"Eh?" A love-struck woman asked her if she finds her Male God handsome or not. How would she answer?

"Is Director Xiao not handsome for you?" Tina repeated.

 "You... have a crush on him?" Lin Yao asked carefully.

 "It's not just me." Tina nodded frantically. "Half of the women in our company have a crush on him."

Oh, he turned out to be a popular Male God. Now, this question is easy to answer. Lin Yao immediately said: "Yes. He's very handsome."

"Right?" Tina agreed happily and was in a good mood after being supported. She worked effortlessly and quickly helped Lin Yao complete the Entry Procedures then begun introducing the company.

"This TOS system is the internal office system of our Teng Feng Group, which was independently developed by the IT Department. This is your account and password." Tina handed Lin Yao a sticky note with an account and password and continued: "The TOS system is different from the general office system. In addition to all the functions that other office systems have, its biggest highlight is the Employee Community feature that helps our colleagues understand each other."

Tina logged into her account, clicked on her electronic business card, and said: "Some information in the TOS system is required. You can fill in a few of your skills here. Write down the illnesses that you are skilled at so our colleagues can visit you for medical treatment based on the content you fill in."

This is like a division in a hospital. Lin Yao nodded with understanding.

"And this is the appointment feature where you can set a reasonable time for consultations and patient visits."

 "Online registration?" Lin Yao understood.

"That's right." Tina took out a white card and handed it to Lin Yao. "Also, here is a meal card. The company will put 500 RMB in it as a food subsidy every month and that can only be used in the staff canteen."

[T/N: RMB or CNY - the Renminbi is the official currency of the People’s Republic of China, and translates to “people’s money.” Its international symbol is CNY (Chinese Yuan)]

Tina also added some other precautions and said that if Lin Yao still doesn't understand, she can ask her at any time.

She first briefly discussed the company's constitution with Lin Yao before taking a tour.

 "The recent health data showed that the floor with the worst health condition is the IT R&D department on the 12th, and the Department of International Trade on the 18th floor. I think most of your patients in the future will be the people from both departments."

Lin Yao raised an eyebrow.

She had been to the 12th floor during her interview, so Lin Yao is no stranger here. But today's office seemed to be half crowded as it was yesterday.

"The R&D department has just finished a CASE, and the company has given them three days off, so there aren't many people here today," Tina said.

"Excuse me." A somewhat unfriendly, flat voice suddenly rang behind them.

Lin Yao turned her head and looked around. A super handsome man with a sharp-angled face suddenly burst into her eyes. The unprepared Lin Yao seemed to have heard her own heart beating faster at that instant.

"Good morning, Director Yan." Tina blushed and pulled Lin Yao aside to make way for the man.

"Morning." The man nodded towards Tina, swept Lin Yao inadvertently, and then moved away faintly.

"He is..." Lin Yao couldn't help asking, "Who is he? Is he also from the R&D department?"

"Yes. He's Yan Luji, the head of the R&D department." Tina whispered, "One of the three Male Gods of the company."

"Yan Lu Ji!!!?" When she heard the name, Lin Yao was too surprised to control her voice. As a result, the three words "Yan Lu Ji" echoed throughout the large office for a period of time.

The programmers who were present raised their heads and looked around. Who dared to call their boss's name so carelessly?

Yan Lujji still had the coffee he bought on the road in his hand, and his black shirt made him cold and abstinent. There was a hint of displeasure on his pale and handsome face. His dark eyes were questioning as he turned around and looked at Lin Yao.


"Ahem...I...Uhm..."Lin Yao was so embarrassed that she couldn't wait to dig a hole in the ground and bury herself in, "I mean...Yán Yú Lǜ Jǐ."

[T/N: Yán Yú Lǜ Jǐ or Be strict with yourself is a (Chinese idiom) which means to restrain yourself strictly.]

Lin Yao couldn't even hear her embarrassing explanation. Nima, when you take a closer look, his eyes are really similar to those of yesterday's uncle. Isn't it because he looked handsome today that she finds his eyes so attractive?

"Then, do you have to shout? Do you want us to learn from you?" Yan Luji asked with a cold face.



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