Small Medicine Packet Chapter 1



Under the sun in the late spring and early summer, the scent of leaves and leaflets filled the streets and alleys. The smell is so refreshing and pleasant that makes people feel so relaxed.


Lin Yao is holding a cardboard box stuffed with her few books about Chinese medicine, her acupuncture kit, and her daily medical records. She walked resolutely out of the entrance of the "Shanghai Sixth Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine".


Starting from today, Lin Yao is jobless. Since she felt celebrating at the moment, she considered enjoying the moment of freedom before she faces the situation of financial distress.


After a year and a half, she was finally able to get rid of Liu Mande's grasps.



"Xiao Ming, your good friend has finally resigned, hahahahaha..." Lin Yao stepped out of the hospital door and immediately took out her phone to inform her best friend, Yue Mingyuan. She laughed frantically at the hospital entrance. The patients who are visiting the hospital noticed her and thought she was crazy, they even checked the place to make sure they have not accidentally gone to a mental hospital.



 "Are you still at the entrance of the hospital?" Yue Mingyuan, who knows Lin Yao very well down to her urinary tracts, can almost imagine a strange appearance of a neurotic woman laughing aloud at the entrance of the Sixth Hospital. "Miss, please pay attention to your image, and be careful not to be sent to the Psychiatric Department."



 Lin Yao smiled and looked around. Sure enough, many people were looking at her secretly. Lin Yao used the cardboard box to block her face and walked a little awkwardly.


 A little further away, she spoke again: "Like what I've said, we must celebrate once I resign. How about later? Are you free?" 


"Even if I am not free, I must have time." Yue Mingyuan smiled, "I have to celebrate too. I want to celebrate that I can finally stop listening to your exclaims and complaints about Liu Mande that mostly lasts for three days or two."



"Then you come here quickly, I tend to get hungry when I am happy."


"Your happy reaction is really different from ordinary people."


Ignoring his remarks, Lin Yao directly hung up the phone, stopped a taxi on the side of the road, and drove to the small restaurant where the two of them often went.


Because it is a normal working day and not in peak time, there were few people in the small restaurant with only one or two tables of guests. Lin Yao found a place by the window to sit down, she strode towards the table and put the box on its chair. While she starts playing with her phone, she decides to just order food for both of them.


About five minutes later, a tall and handsome guy dressed in unusual clothes arrived at the door. The man looked around inside the small restaurant and found Lin Yao by the window, he then strode towards her.


"Have you ordered?" Yue Mingyuan asked and pulled a chair and sat down.


As soon as Lin Yao looked up, she was almost blinded by the unusual dressing style of her friend: "Can you not dress like a peacock every day?"



"Do you not understand fashion? This is the most popular style this summer. Those well-known male models wear it like this."



"Those people walk on the runway while you press the road. The pheasant learns from the phoenix indeed." Lin Yao roasted him.



 "Lin Yao, if you are going to tease me again, I will not let you rent my house." Yue Mingyuan said irritably.



"What? I just quit my job, and the hospital dormitory would not let me in. If you do not rent it to me, what should I do? Where should I go? Do you have the heart to let a weak woman stay on the street?" Lin Yao looked at her best friend with pitiful and teary eyes.


 "A weak woman you say???" Yue Mingyuan snorted clearly.



Sure enough, she could not use a gentle method against Xiao Ming. Lin Yao took out the acupuncture bag from the cardboard box and opened it. She drew out a long needle, and with one stroke, threw it at her opponent with a "kind" smile.


 "You! What are you doing? I will call the police." When Yue Mingyuan saw the long needle in Lin Yao's hand, his legs became weak, and his face turned pale.



 "Why does your face looked so pale? And you appeared so sick too. Hold on. I will give you two needles." Lin Yao was going to help Xiao Ming with two needles.



 "No, stop. I do not want it. I will let you rent my house. I will rent it to you. You can also keep the rent fee." Yue Mingyuan succumbed sadly to Lin Yao's appetite.



 "I do not have to pay the rent? That is great then." Lin Yao put away the silver needle and raised her eyebrows, asking: "Hey! You are not renting it to me for free because...not have a crush on me, right?"


Yue Mingyuan was so shocked that he almost fell from his chair: "Buddy, please stop this kind of bad thoughts, I only like women."



 "Get lost!" Lin Yao could not help but curse.



This kind of familiar interactive dispute is their daily routine.


 After a while, the waiter began to serve the dishes, and slowly the two of them ate and chatted.



 "Do you not really feel bad? How many people wanted to join the Sixth Institution, but they cannot just simply join. You had the chance, but you surrendered it away." Yue Mingyuan still could not help but ask.



"That is right. I just made an opportunity for them." Lin Yao nonchalantly said, "I really do not want to see Liu Mande even just a glance."



 "Do you dislike him that much? He is one of the Associate Professors of the Traditional Chinese Medicine University."


"Associate Professor? He doesn’t have any morality at all." Lin Yao still feels annoyed whenever she thinks of it. "We, Interns are supposed to learn from our teacher, but he actually asked me to help him every day. It does not matter if I do miscellaneous tasks, which intern does not help their teacher? The problem is he won't teach me anything. And one day, I finally went to the clinic with him. Of course, I want to accumulate more experience, so I was elated. But then, I was directly asked to take the patient to the laboratory to get the medicine. I was never allowed to stay in the clinic even for three seconds!"


"What does a teacher supposed to do? He teaches and morally educates people. He preaches what he has learned from his profession. I do not want to be a student of that kind of teacher. Lin Yao angrily said: "If it was not for this year's work experience, to pass the practitioner exam and to get a doctorate certificate. I would be out of it already."


"Interns do not usually come here." Yue Mingyuan said. "If you stick to it and become a regular employee, you will be granted the Shanghai Residence Permit."



 "Speaking of Residence Permit, I got so angry. "Li Yao said furiously. "Do you know what he said to me yesterday?" 







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