Before the Cannon Fodder Eloped Chapter 25

 Chapter 25: Selling land (1)

Er Mazi’s father was the Village Accountant, and his mother has a physical strength that earns 10 work-points a day. Their family has always been more affluent than the others. The sister had married into the town, and his brother, who had taken his father's place, is now the Village Accountant. Afterward, Er Mazi's daughter was introduced to a flourishing family in the city. After his son graduated from high school, his son also became a workman. Now, Er Mazi's family is the richest in the village.

China has thousands of years of farming culture. Farmers' desire for land is engraved in their bones, so when they have money, they want to buy more land because they believe it is better to have more.

Because of everyone's attachment to their lands, no one wants to sell even after Er Mazi had announced it for so long. When he heard Ye Ning's words, Er Mazi's eyes lit up.

"Your family wants to sell it?" When the land was divided, Er Mazi followed along to measure it and knew how good Ye Qingshan's fields were. Two good paddy fields were caught by him. If it were not for fear of reports, he believed the Village Head and Secretary would want to keep those two fields.

Ye Ning mused a little and said the words that had been in her mind several times before, "Who doesn't know about our family affairs in the village? Yesterday, our relatives went to my brother and sister to ask for the fields. As you know, my mother has returned to the city, and it is not clear when she will come back. My father went out to work, where the salary is passable. You know what's going on in our family. I'm about to go to college. My sister is going to high school, and Ye Yu is in primary school. In all respects, we need money. Unfortunately,  our home was thrown into a panic because of the fields. It's not good if we let someone else plant it nor let the old house have it. I talked it over with my father, and we decided to sell the fields."

"Does your father really agree? Er Mazi took out a cigarette and lit it.

Why didn't Ye Qingshan come back personally for such an important matter? Er Mazi suspected that Ye Ning had made the decision of her own. No matter how much she could read, she's still a little girl. Ye Qingshan would not be able to entrust such a big matter to her.

He thought it was because she wanted to sell the land for money. But this was a great opportunity for him. As long as she signed the contract and he gave her the money, there was nothing Ye Qingshan could do once he came back and learned about it. If the worst comes to worst, he would redeem it with money. The question is, does Ye Qingshan have money?

"Don't worry, my father said so himself." Ye Ning had thought about it before she came. She was still young and a girl. Er Mazi certainly does not believe that Ye Qingshan will give her such a big matter to deal with. He must be thinking that she was a black sheep who wanted to sell their land for money to spend. With Er Mazi's character, he must be more anxious than her to complete the deal.

Looking at her slightly guilty expression, Er Mazi was even more convinced that it was Ye Ning's own idea. He must seize this opportunity to buy the fields while Ye Qingshan is not at home.

 "Which land are you going to sell? Let's talk about it first. The fields beyond the pit are not worth much." Er Mazi said unperturbedly.

The fields in Dakeng are good, but they are too far away from their village. It takes three hours to go back and forth. One will take a lot of time on the road just to get to the farm. 

"Yes, I have sorted it out. These are the fields we intend to sell." Ye Ning took out the piece of paper on which the fields were written and handed it to Er Mazi. "There are good and bad, both near and far. You know the fields on the mountain better than I do.  They are not sold separately. You give me a price, and if it suits me, I'll sell it. I will sign it with my brother and sister."

When Er Mazi took the paper, he noticed that the prodigal daughter had sold everything except for a field near the roadside and a few private plots. If Ye Qingshan knew, he would die of anger. But of course, it would be a good thing for him. The five members of Ye Qingshan's family had been allotted many lands, and all of them would become his.

"I can't make any immediate decisions on such a big matter, so I'll talk it over with my family and get back to you tomorrow."Er Mazi mulled it for a while and gave no price.

 "Sure, but could you hurry it up? I took a leave of absence from school, and I have to go back to class. Tell me if you don't want to buy it. I'll ask my father’s uncle instead. His family seems to have said they wanted to buy some land, too."

"Alright. I will come to you after our discussion." Er Mazi hurriedly said after Ye Ning announced she would look for her father’s uncle. 



Small Medicine Packet Chapter 17 Part2

"I want to ask, how do you design your final scores?" Yan Luji pointed to the computer and said, "How many points represent that they are not healthy?"

Lin Yao leaned over to Yan Luji and pointed to the computer to start explaining. But at the moment when Lin Yao leaned over, Yan Luji frowned imperceptibly. Doctor Lin used to smell like traditional Chinese medicine, which smells quite comfortable. Why does the makeup smell so strong today?

"I designed it on a 100-point scale. A score above 80 points indicates very good health. A score of 60-80 means you are in good health and just pay attention to exercise. A score of 50-60 means you have some problems and need to pay attention to your habits. A score of 40-50 means you may need to take care of your body. Anything under forty must call me in the infirmary." Lin Yao said.

"What about 30 points or less?" Yan luji asked curiously.

"You may need to be taken to hospital for emergency treatment." Lin Yao replied.

"Oh, I see, thank you." Yan Luji said.

"You're welcome." Lin Yao replied with a smile.

Yan Li Ji looked up and smiled at Lin Yao, and in his mind was: We're already done here. Why is Doctor Lin still not leaving?

Lin Yao also smiled back at Yan Luji, and in her mind was: I don't know if I look good when I smile, is it beautiful or not?

"Is there anything else?" He asked unscrupulously.

"Oh, oh, then...then I'm leaving." After observing him for so long, she didn't notice any difference in the way he looked at her.

Lin Yao was depressed. As she walked out, she carelessly bumped her head against the glass wall, accompanied by a loud bang.

"Are you all right?" When Yan Luji heard the noise, he came up and asked.

 "It's nothing. I'm okay." Lin Yao said embarrassedly, covering her forehead.

Yan Luji inadvertently glanced at the glass that had just been hit, and then his facial muscles trembled uncontrollably.

"I'm really fine." Lin Yao raised her head and found that Yan Luji was staring at the glass in a daze, so she followed the other's line of sight, which made her want to find a hole in the ground.

"Cough... Don't put on too much foundation in the future." The poisonous tongue couldn't hold back in the end.

Lin Yao looked at the visible mark of foundation on the glass, which had her facial features. She suddenly wanted to die. This is the day I die!!

Yan Luji looked at Lin Yao, who had fled and couldn't help but let out a low laugh. Then he pulled out a few paper towels and carefully wiped the marks off the glass.

Yan Liji looked at the thick layer of foundation on the paper towel and sighed again: "It's really thick."

The first thing Lin Yao did when she ran out of the office was to go to the washroom and remove all the makeup on her face.

 "It's so embarrassing! I will never face him again today." Lin Yao cried and said, "How can I show myself in front of him with makeup on in the future?"


After Yan Luji got the data of Lin Yao and Dr. Liang, he put all the data into the finished APP system that afternoon. He also set up a compulsory operation to fill in the survey report once a week.

Once done, Yan Luji took out his mobile phone and downloaded the latest APP to test himself first.

He logged into the system and registered his account. Then the first thing to do is to fill out the survey report. Yan Luji answered one question after another carefully. When he reached the tenth question, the APP started to alarm, and an emotionless electronic voice prompts: "Hello, you have insomnia."

Well, it's pretty accurate. Yan Luji continued.

Question 16.

"Hello, you may have an upset stomach."

Question 30.

"Hello, there may be something wrong with your liver."

 Question 42.

"Hello, there may be something wrong with your kidney."

 Question 56.

 "Hello, your body's immunity is weak." 

The last question.

"Hello, your total score is 28 points. Please get hospital treatment in time. Please get hospital treatment in time. 

Yan Luji looked at the black skull alert sign on his mobile phone, and his face was as black as the bottom of a pot.

"Are these things accurate? Do I look like someone who needs to be hospitalized?" Yan Luji angrily said.

"What's that noise?" Xiao Dong, who came to invite Yan Luji for a drink after getting off work, heard a sharp alarm as soon as he entered his office.

"Nothing?" Yanluji wanted to leave the APP interface, but he created a limit that one can't quit with a score lower than 40. It was really self-inflicted, and Yan Luji can only force it to shutdown.

"Is it done? Let's grab a drink?" Xiao Dong said.

"Drink?" The lively beating black skull emerged in his mind.

"Didn't you agree yesterday?"

 "Um...I'm a little tired today. I want to go home and rest."

"Are you okay?" Xiao Dong was concerned.

 "It's nothing. I'm okay. I'll go first." Yan Luji left in a flurry with his mobile phone and car key, leaving Xiao Dong with an inexplicable look.



Before the Cannon Fodder Eloped Chapter 24

 Chapter 24: Conceal (3)

It is not that they will not return home. Ye Qingshan must be buried here. Therefore, they have to come back to sweep the tomb during the Qingming Festival every year. So the house cannot be sold. When they get enough wealth, they will come back to build a two-story house. And who knows, Ye An may return to this hometown when he gets old, so the house should be kept.

They have to keep the private plot, which is close to their home. The main private land is not much, and it is not worth much. A large field has a good and bad part, and Ye Qingshan was lucky enough to get a good lot. There were more good ones than bad ones. This was also the reason why her uncles and their family wanted their land so much. The two paddy fields were close to home and next to a stream. Every day they had a load of more millet than the others. Fortunately, they moved out first before the fields were divided. If they have not separated from the old house when they are dividing the land, would their family still get this round of good land?

Ye Ning wrote down all the fields and private plots in her notebook. She marked the distance and size and ticked the private lot in the back mountain: "Reserved as a graveyard."

"Here, Father told me that he will be buried here when he grows old." Ye Lan often followed Ye Qingshan up the mountain. She knew all the fields that belonged to their family and its division. 

Ye Ning nodded and ticked that piece of land, and the rest will be sold.

"How about leaving a paddy field?" Ye Lan looked at the fields written in the notebook. These are all their family's. If they are sold, they will be gone.

People in Ye Ning's era could no longer understand the farmer's sentiments for lands. In those times, most of the young people in her hometown went out to work. Many lands have been abandoned, and only the nearby ones are still planted by some old people. She looked at Ye Lan and smiled: "It is troublesome to keep it. If we lend it to someone else and not to Grandfather, we will be accused behind the scenes. It's better to sell it without worries."

They can just say that all three children are going to school and will not be at home in the future, and they would sell the land to pay their tuition fees. 

In the end, Ye Ning left a piece of land by the side of the road. Most rural homesteads are family land. If Ye An wanted to build a house in the future or build a house for his children, he would still have this land to build a residence.

Figuring the time, most people would have finished their lunch by now. Ye Ning took her notebook and IOU and went to Er Mazi's house with Ye Lan. 

"Second aunt, are you at home?" Ye Lan shouted outside the courtyard.

 "Yes, at home." The second aunt picked up her apron and wiped her hands, and opened the door. "It's Xiao Ning and Xiao Lan from Brother Qingshan's family. Come in quickly. Have you eaten yet?"

 "Thank you, we already ate. Father called me a few days ago and told me to come back and return the money to Uncle Youcai." Ye Ning came in and saw Er Mazi, who was Ye Youcai sitting at the dining table. She was embarrassed and said: "It's a bad time for us to come here. You should eat first and we will come back later. "

"Need not. You are a cultural person, and you're different from us, so much attention is paid to it. Wife, why are you standing there? Go get the bowls and chopsticks." Ye Youcai beckoned Ye Ning and Ye Lan to find a stool to sit on.

"No, no, no. We've really taken our lunch." Ye Ning quickly refused, found a chair and sat down, and said: "Father borrowed fifteen yuan from uncle when he went out. He sent me the money a few days ago and asked me to pay it back."

"Your father is too polite. He could have used the money first. I know it's not easy for him either."

Ye Ning smiled and did not answer, but when her second aunt entered, she pressed her lower lip and asked: "Uncle Youcai, I heard that you want to buy some land?"

In addition to returning his money, another reason why she sought Er Mazi was that, a year ago, he said he would buy land.


Small Medicine Packet Chapter 17

The next day, the first thing Lin Yao did when she arrived at the company was to recheck the materials she had already sorted out. She even tried to perfect the typesetting and punctuation marks.

"Not right." Halfway through the check, Lin Yao soliloquized, "Should I leave some mistakes, so that Yan Luji has an excuse to find me?"

"No way." Lin Yao immediately denied herself. "He already disliked me for being stupid. If I make low-level mistakes again, wouldn't he hate me more?"

"What should I do to create more contact opportunities?" Lin Yao scratched his head and shouted, "It's so hard to pursue a man. How should I chase him?"

Lin Yao struggled for a long time and could not think of a suitable method, so she could only call for off-site support.

(Xiao Ming, help me.) With a desperate emoji.

(The confession was rejected?) Yue Mingyuan sent the reply with happy emoji.

 Lin Yao returned with a beating emoji.

(What's up?) Yue Mingyuan said seriously.

(I do not know how to pursue him.) Lin Yao hates typing too slowly, so she simply deleted it and immediately voice messaged: "Xiao Ming, ah! How do I chase him? I've never chased anyone."

"Is that all?"

"Answer me quickly, how do I chase him?"

"It's simple. Chasing people is to let them know that you like them. There is a simple, direct and effective way."

"What method? Say it quickly." Lin Yao said anxiously.


"That's too direct. What if he refuses?" Lin Yao asked.

"Then I can only send you six more words. Don't give up. Don't give up."

"What a cheek I must have!" Lin Yao said anxiously, "Is there a way to make my confession more successful?"

"You have to rely on ambiguity." Yue Mingyuan pointed, "Dress up prettily and show yourself in front of him more. If you think he likes you a little, then you can confess."

Be prettier? Lin Yao quickly opened her bag and took out the cosmetic mirror inside. She glanced at herself in the mirror and immediately gasped: "Shoot! When did my hair get so messed up?"

After doing her hair for a long time, Lin Yao took out her foundation and added a layer of makeup to herself, which seemed a little too white. Then she had some blush, her lips were too light, and put on a little lipstick, too.

Lin Yao used the cosmetics in turn. After more than half an hour's dallying, she picked up the USB flash disk containing the data and went to the 12th floor.

"Dr. Lin is so beautiful today." Code Farmer No. 1.

"Dr. Lin must have a date today." Code Farmer No. 2.


Receiving countless cordial compliments from the lovely code farmers along the way, Lin Yao confidently came to Yan Luji's office door and with a burst of energy, she raised her hand and knocked.

"Please come in." The voice of Yan Luji came from inside.

Lin Yao took a deep breath and then walked in carefully: "Director Yan."

"Doctor Lin? What can I do for you?" Yan Luji asked in surprise when he saw that it was Lin Yao.

 "I... I'm here to give you the health survey report." Lin Yao showed a USB flash drive in her hand.


"Thank you, but you don't need to come and deliver it here, just send it to my email address."

How does direct email create an opportunity to meet?

Lin Yao smiled and said: "I just thought you might not understand some areas. I personally sent it over, so you can directly ask me."

 "I see, you are so thoughtful. Then I'll take a look now." Yan Luji took the flash drive in Lin Yao's hand and directly connected it to the computer.

Yan Luji carefully read the investigation report compiled by Lin Yao. While Lin Yao stood by and stared thoughtfully at Yan Luji, her mind slowly flew to the clouds.

My male god's ears are so beautiful, it's pinkish, and their shape is as attractive as the Arobo number three.

His eyebrows and eyes are good-looking. Is this the Sword eyebrows-Star eyes often mentioned in wuxia novels?

[T/N: Sword eyebrows Star eyes  剑眉星目 adjectives, generally describe the appearance and grace, full of righteousness, very heroic.]

And his lips, when will I be able to kiss them? It's a bit dark, but once I get them back in shape, I'm sure they'll be pretty pink, too.

He has a handsome face, sharp and angular. Although the skin is a little dark, I can recuperate it. It must be white and tender after conditioning. No, it's too feminine to be white and soft, but it doesn't matter. He looks good at everything.

And his hands. Xiao Dong said that he can play the piano and guitar. No wonder his hands are so beautiful...

"Doctor Lin? Doctor Lin?" Yan Luji noticed that Lin Yao was staring at his hand in a daze. He couldn't help shaking his hand in front of Lin Yao and shouted, "Doctor Lin."

"Ah?" Lin Yao woke up from her dream, "Are you calling me?"

 "I have a few questions to ask." Yan Luji said.



Before the Cannon Fodder Eloped Chapter 23

 Chapter 23: Conceal (2)

"No matter how the family is divided, they are still our elders. They are naturally one level higher than us. How strong are you to argue with them in the village? The secretary of the village chief would surely speak for them." Ye Ning took Ye Lan and let them sit down. Looking at Ye Qingshan's pile of clothes, she said: "You are going to take the senior high school entrance examination soon. When the high school entrance examination is over, Xiao An will also finish this semester. We will go to the city together. When we are stable in the city, we will choose a day to set up a burial place for Father. Before that, we will find someone to make a memorial tablet for Father and worship him at home. If Father has a spirit in the sky, he will not blame us and will protect us."

When she heard her sister, Ye Lan knew it was because of her and Xiao An. Her eldest sister is a high school student and over eighteen years old. She didn't really have to care about her relatives at home.

Ye An is still young. Although he was listening and didn't have the opportunity to interrupt, he knew that his eldest sister was thinking about them.

"What about our fields?" They have no family to support them. Now that Ye Qingshan is gone, and Ye An is still young, they may not be able to keep their fields.

"Sell it." Ye Ning said in a deep voice.

Sell ​​it? Ye Lan's widened red and swollen appeared particularly funny.

"It can't be sold. That's the lifeblood of the family. What do we eat after selling it?" Ye Lan looked at Ye Ning anxiously, and she believed that the eldest sister really wanted this idea.

What is a field? It is the life of ordinary people. Without it, what will they eat and drink?

Ye Ning glanced at her. "Don't worry, I will find a job in the county town. I can support both of you. Besides, if we don't sell it, can we keep the land? It's better to sell it than be taken away by that old woman's family, or would you rather give it to them?"

"Sell it to Er Mazi. He is rich and his family is powerful. If we sell it to his family, Ye Fangming and Ye Qinghe will not dare to fart out." When Ye Lan heard the old woman's family, she gritted her teeth and agreed to sell. "Have you found a job? Are you not going to college?"

In the past, when Li Fang was still there, she would always say that studying was the only way out. Therefore, although she did not like Ye Lan, all three children in the family were sent to study. In the whole village, the siblings were the only ones who went to school, and Ye Ning was the only girl who went to high school. When she was admitted to senior high school, Li Fang expected her to go to college and even told her she would give out everything for her. And thus, the former Ye Ning had always considered herself a future college student. She often talked at home about where to go to college in the future, which showed her expectation for college.

"Well, I have been absent from class for too long. I am afraid I can't pass the exam. So I might as well work early. Do not think too much. Let's have a simple lunch, then I'll look for Er Ma Zi in the afternoon. 

Going to college was something that Ye Ning had been thinking about for a long time. To be honest, she has had enough schooling in her previous life. But she couldn't deny that the diploma was really useful. However, she has been out of the society for many years. The bits of knowledge her teachers taught her are completely gone now. In a few months, she will take the college entrance examination, and she will not be able to pass it with her present foundation. Besides, the 1980s were the golden age of money, and she wanted to start her own business when the policy was more relaxed.

Ye Ning can cook, but she can't heat a stove, so their lunch was made by Ye Lan. Their father had just passed away, and no one was in the mood to eat, they only had noodles and took a few mouthfuls. The two sisters sorted out Ye Qingshan's things and put them away. Ye Ning then began to ask Ye Lan about the family's fields.


Before the Cannon Fodder Eloped Chapter 22

 This chapter is dedicated to maggierevilla 💜

Chapter 22: Conceal (1)

"What do you mean not coming back?" Ye Lan grasped Ye Ning's hand, her dark yellow face full of panic. "You can't say that, eldest sister."

"I also wished it's not true." Ye Ning choked. "To make more money, Father went to work in a coal mine together with a good uncle instead. But he went missing... after going down to the mine. I received a call and went to the place where Father worked, only to find this bag of his work clothes."

Ye An was only 8 years old. At such a young age, he has witnessed his father's hard work and experienced the hardships of life. He knew what it meant to lose their father. So he held Ye Ning's other hand and cried out that his sister was lying. 

Ye Lan still didn't believe it. A few months ago, he was just laughing and said he was going to make more money, and now he's gone?

"Are you out of money to spend? I still got my allowance from Father and another eight yuan. You can have it all. Ye Ning, there are some lies that can't be said!" Ye Lan stopped calling her sister and called her by name.

When Li Fang gave birth to Ye Lan, she had difficulty in giving birth. In addition, Ye Lan's appearance was ordinary, so she didn't like her very much. The least popular child is the wisest, and Ye Lan was like that. She has been very diligent since she was a child. Ye Lan knew it was not easy for her parents, so she would save all the pocket money given to her. However, the former Ye Ning would spend her allowance right after she received it. Then she would lie to get more money from Ye Lan. How she hoped that Ye Ning was just lying to get her pocket money this time.

Ye Ning looked at her brother and sister, and her tears never stopped. She sniffed, opened the luggage, and took out a larger cloth bag, which contained all of Ye Qingshan's clothes. After the New Year, when he went out, Ye Lan packed everything up. Seeing these familiar clothes and stuff, Ye Lan suddenly felt a burst of darkness surrounding her.

"..." Ye Lan opened her mouth, but her throat seemed to be blocked by something, and she couldn't make a sound.

And the poor Ye An. He had no mother, and now he had no father either. They were really unwanted children.

"I don't need new clothes. I don't want to eat meat, eldest sister. Please let Father come back." Ye An cried.

"What about Father’s body? How come there's no corpse? You cannot find Father's body, so you only brought back this bag of clothes?" Ye Lan held Ye Ling and shook her like crazy.

Ye Ning shook off her hand, picked up the bag that had fallen on the ground, and put it on the table carefully, "Dad went down to the mine. The gas exploded below and the whole mine cave collapsed. How do you dig it? Dig down... but they're gone. There were six of them, and none of them were found. It's not that we did not try to find their remains, but... Everyone has a certain destination. They are all gone and the mine owner looked for experts, but they could not find a way to dig."

Ye Lan and Ye An held each other and cried for a long time. Ye Lan's eyes were swollen like steamed buns and asked hoarsely: "But you just lied to them about Father coming back, and now he can't come back. What will you do?"

Ye Ning sighed. No matter how fierce Ye Lan was outside, she is still a little girl in the countryside who hasn't gone out of society, let alone Ye An, a little boy who knows nothing.

 "I thought about this before. I originally planned to set up a burial mound for our father. But now we have to wait. If they knew Father was gone, not to mention the people in the village, our uncles and their family would then exploit and oppress us."

"Then let Father be a lonely ghost? That won't do. Besides, we had already separated from the old house. They can't control us anymore." Ye Lan angrily said.


Before the Cannon Fodder Eloped Chapter 21

 Chapter 21: Home (3)

Ye Ning hid the news of Ye Qingshan's death and pretended that he was only out of town. People in this hometown are bullies. If they knew Ye Qingshan was gone, they would have no qualms at all.

"Don't be ignorant of people's good hearts. Let's go." When she heard that Ye Qingshan would come back in two days, the aunt stopped talking.

Ye Qingshan looked simple-minded, but this simple-minded man was terrifying when he's angry.

She used to bully Ye Qingshan and often took advantage of his family. Ye Qingshan did not pay any attention to her and gradually began to push her luck. Once for some unknown reason, she quarreled with former Ye Ning's mother, Li Fang, and shoved Li Fang in the end. That was the first time Ye Qingshan lost his temper and directly beat her with a shoulder pole. She then brought Ye Qinghe to fight, but Ye Qinghe came useless at all. After that incident, her aunt would behave well whenever she saw Li Fang. She didn't dare to think Ye Qingshan was easy to bully like before.

Since Ye Qingshan will come back to plant the fields himself, they really have no reason to continue to ask for the land.

"Why leave... Leave. Don't leave, you call... Call your father and tell him... We planted the fields. We... Talked about it during New Year." The eldest uncle, Ye Fangming, shouted.

"Um... Xiao Ning, your father indeed came to the old house when he left after the New Year and said that if he could not return this year, he would let us farm the fields." The old man, who had been silent, finally spoke.

Ye Ning believed this. After all, the three children in the family were not enough to manage a home on their own. Ye Qingshan hoped that his father and brothers would take care of his children. He was aware of their virtues, so he would just let them cultivate the land and take advantage of it. Unfortunately, Ye Qingshan will never be able to return home. If he could not return, then the supposed borrowed land will not be returned to them as well. Therefore, she can't let them borrow the fields.

"As you also assumed, only if he can't come back. Father told me he would come home. I have said it three times. We want to cultivate the fields by ourselves. Grandfather, my father is your biological son. It doesn't make sense to help outsiders and neglect your own son." The old man turned red.

The eldest uncle's face was even redder. He was so angry and glared at the Ye Ning with his big eyes. "Still... In high school, you... That's what your father taught you... Talk back to... Your elders?"

"I'm telling the truth. My father is not at home. You, uncles, are supposed to take care of us, but you're bullying us instead. How can there be such uncles? Don't you say anything, Grandfather?" Ye Ning stared at the old man until he turned red from anger.

"That’s enough, let's go back. When your father comes back, let him visit the old house." He knocked on his pipe and left with his two sons and daughter-in-law.

As soon as they left, Ye Lan snapped the door shut.

"Father, look at their attitude. As I told you, these three children have been corrupted by Li Fang. They have no respect for their elders at all." Ye Qinghe pointed to the door and said unhappily.

"That's enough. Let's go back." Old man Ye said unhappily.

This time, Ye An encircled Ye Ning, incessantly exaggerating how powerful his sister Ye Ning was. Ye Lan carefully looked at Ye Ning. She invariably felt that her elder sister had come back differently this time and dared to challenge their relatives.

Ye Ning patted Ye An's head and said, "Let's get inside first."

"Eldest sister, is father really coming back?" Inside the house, Ye Lan asked immediately.

Ye Qingshan didn't even have enough money when he went out, so he borrowed money from Er Mazi in the village. It's uneconomical to go back and forth.

Ye Ning looked at them, her eyes turned red immediately, "Father... He's not coming back."